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  • mkevinf posted 1 year ago

    I love brandy Manhattans. Today, I ordered one at a fairly nice restaurant in Delaware. The drink came - it was huge, by the way, for only $10 - and I took a sip. Very sweet, I said to my wife. She said, thank you. I said I meant the cocktail, darling. So I called the waiter over and asked him if maybe this was a regular Manhattan. He said, no it was made with B&B. My wife said that's a liqueur, not a brandy. So I asked the waiter to have the bartender make one with Christian Brothers brandy. Unfortunately, they were out of CB brandy. So, now I'm home, Googled B&B, and promptly told me wife that, again, she was right. But I still like my brandy Manhattans

  • keithinglewillyahoocom13026559 posted 2 years ago

    I love how gemgemsew always has to "educate" the liquor stores in her area, the superior state of California, about Benedictine, but then asks a question in a public forum that could be answered via a simple google search.

  • gemgemsew posted 2 years ago

    I love Benedictine, although I always have to educate the liquor stores here that it's not B & B.
    I'm from California, and have to special order it here. What is the alcohol%/volume of Benedictine?

  • Will.Paige.DDG posted 3 years ago

    Alexandre Le Grand invented the recipe himself, helped by a local chemist, and he told this story to connect the liqueur with the city history of pesky Monks to increase sales. Another great Christian hoax like "That is absurd! The cardinal has no interest in children." Later rumor has it that the Monks were fed to the lions (not verified)

  • Tiny Dancer posted 4 years ago

    There are few liqueurs that reach the sublime; for me this is the apex of such a category.

    Stated simply, it tastes as though you are drinking....flowers. The pure essence of the most wondrous flowers ever to bloom in any place imagined or real.

  • wishwa br silva posted 4 years ago

    how i can buy in sri anka

  • Brandon posted 5 years ago

    Benedictine smells like wart remover.

  • Liquor.com posted 5 years ago

    Bénédictine is 80-proof, like most straight spirits, which means it won't "go bad" and become unsafe to drink. However, if your bottle has been open for a while, it has probably become oxidized and lost flavor. Here's some more info on when to keep and when to toss old bottles: http://liquor.com/articles/taming-your-liquor-cabinet/.

  • James DeMartino posted 5 years ago

    Please reply. Does Benedictine go bad over time?

  • LARRY LEDFORD posted 7 years ago

    No Benedictine that I have purchased in the U.S. has come close to the golden velvet of that bought at Monte Cassino in Rome. Can it be purchased online from the monastery and from what website? Thanks

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