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The 9 Best Wine Totes in 2023

Meori's Foldable Six-Bottle Wine Tote is the top pick to transport your vino.

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Carrying your wine from point A to point B isn’t always so simple. Say you’re headed to a friend’s birthday in the park on a hot summer day with a nice bottle of bubbles in tow. The bottle would ideally be chilled when served, so having an insulated carrier, in this case, is essential. Or, maybe you’re carrying multiple bottles along with your other bags; a backpack designed specifically for bottles would help to take some of the weight off your hands (literally).

Any wine pro would tell you: There are plenty of reasons to invest in a wine tote, and there are many different designs and features to suit all kinds of scenarios. “I always say better safe than sorry with the precious cargo,” says Alycia Abreu, assistant manager of Brooklyn wine shop Liquid Assets. “A wine tote can definitely help prevent accidents, as well as help avoid plastic or paper bags ending up in the trash.”

Thanks to its versatility and durability, the Meori Foldable Six-Bottle Wine Tote is our top choice for carefully carrying wine and more.

To help you choose, we combed through the options available to bring you the best wine totes of the year.

Best Overall

Meori Foldable Six-Bottle Wine Tote

Meori Foldable 6-Bottle Wine Carrier

Courtesy of Amazon

Abreu's favorite wine totes are the ones that don't have to be wine totes all the time. “Some have [inserts] that are collapsible, which allows the bag to be used as a regular tote. I love having that versatility," she says. This is why this foldable, structured six-bottle tote by Meori is her pick: You can use all of its capacity for six bottles, or throw one bottle and some groceries in it.

"Durability and cross-utilization are key for me (sustainability is the future!), so having a design that allows for multi-functional use is important,” she adds. This tote features a collapsible divider and is available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Best Leather

Clava Leather Two-Bottle Carrier

Clava Leather Tote

Courtesy of IWA Wine

If you’re looking for a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing wine tote to give as a gift (or to use yourself), this Clava two-bottle leather wine tote is an excellent choice. It’s constructed from genuine leather and lined with soft faux suede, meaning you won’t have to worry about having to treat the interior or risking damage to it from condensation.

It also comes with a snap closure and a removable divider to accommodate larger bottles or other items outside of wine bottles. This carrier also features interior leather ties to further secure wine bottles at the neck.

Best Insulated

Tirrinia 4 Bottle Wine Carrier

white and black wine cooler bag


“I’m a big fan of lightweight, insulated wine totes with room for an ice pack—they come in handy at picnics or barbecues at the beach,” says Justin Ennis, winemaker for Joseph Phelps Vineyards. In addition to these criteria, Ennis looks for sturdy, well-made bags.

The Tirrinia Kato four-bottle insulated wine carrier certainly fits the bill, which is exactly what makes it a go-to for Vito Palumbo, brand manager at Tormaresca. Available in a number of colors, this insulated tote is leak-proof and features removable dividers secured by Velcro. The interior is generously sized for four bottles and leaves ample room for other necessities, such as a wine key, snacks and the like.

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Best Neoprene

Wine Enthusiast Three-Bottle Neoprene Wine Tote Bag

3 Bottle Neoprene Wine Tote Bag

Courtesy of Wine Enthusiast

Neoprene is a durable and ultra-lightweight insulating material—perfect for toting wine around, especially when more than one bottle is involved. Yes, the more the merrier, but multiple bottles can be heavy to carry, so ideally the carrier itself doesn't add to the load.

Wine Enthusiast is a long-trusted name in wine products and accessories, and its neoprene wine totes are among the best on the market. This three-bottle carrier, which is both practical and easy on the eyes, features a large exterior pocket, an adjustable strap, padded carrying handles and two gel packs.

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Best Budget

Heritage Lace Mode Crochet Wine Bottle Wrap

Heritage Lace Mode Crochet Wine Bottle Wrap

Courtesy of Walmart

If you’re looking for something simple, cute and cost-efficient, Heritage Lace’s Mode crochet bottle wrap ticks all three boxes. This soft, lightweight single-bottle tote is more than meets the eye, too—the yarn is water-repellent, colorfast, food-safe (FDA-approved) and bleach-resistant. Color options include charcoal, sage and tan.

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Best Splurge

Mackenzie-Hill Three-Bottle Wine and Champagne Cooler Carrier

Mackenzie-Hill 3 Bottle Wine and Champagne Cooler Carrier

Courtesy of Amazon

In the category of sophisticated wine totes, the Mackenzie-Hill three-bottle wine and champagne cooler case is a standout. Sleek and angular lines meet top-quality leather and elegant hardware, not to mention unique design: Open the top two sections to reveal the interior’s three bottle compartments, outfitted with a special lip to accommodate bottles of different sizes and shapes.

The carrier also comes with two gorgeous rocks glasses, a bottle opener and a premium stitched leather strap. 

Best Backpack

Corkcicle Eola Bucket Cooler

Corkcicle EOLA Bucket Cooler


As you could probably tell from the name, Corkcicle is somewhat of an authority on the art of keeping wine cold. From insulated drinking vessels and actual Corkcicles (a freezable bottle insert designed to chill your wine quickly without dilution) to smart, chic cooler bags, this brand makes chilling incredibly cool.

Take the Eola Bucket backpack, for instance. This easy-to-clean vegan leather pack features high-performance, space-grade foam insulation and a heat-welded liner. It has enough space to accommodate either 12 cans or two wine bottles plus eight cans (or one wine bottle and however many cans you can manage to fit). The two back straps are adjustable and the top handle is reinforced, as is the base of the bag.

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Best Single-Bottle

Baggu Nylon Wine Bag

Baggu Nylon Wine Bag 3-Pack

Courtesy of Amazon

“Baggu is a favorite of mine! They make cute single-bottle bags in a variety of prints. They also fold up really easily (and small), which makes them perfect for stashing in a purse or jacket pocket,” Liquid Assets' Abreu raves.

Stock up on these simple yet adorable nylon single-bottle bags in a variety of patterns, because you’ll definitely need them—not only are they great for stashing in your bag or car, but they’re also perfect for gifting.

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Best Design

CaddyO Leather Wine Tote and Iceless Wine Chiller Set

CaddyO Leather Wine Tote & Iceless Wine Bottle Chiller Set

Courtesy of Wayfair

Portable iceless wine bottle chiller, anyone? This wine tote is much more than just a bottle carrier; in fact, it’s designed to take any room-temperature bottle to a cool 53 degrees in 30 minutes.

Simply store the sleek leather carrier’s gel-infused, double-walled chiller in your freezer. Then, when you’re ready to put it to use, slide the chiller back into the carrier, pop your bottle inside, and close it up. When it’s time to serve, simply remove the bottle and chiller from the bag. The wine can live in the chiller on any surface while you serve from it, and your wine will remain cold throughout.

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Final Verdict

For a wine tote that's both durable and versatile, we highly recommend the expert-approved Meori Foldable Six-Bottle Wine Tote (view at Amazon). Use it to carry six bottles, or one and some groceries. Headed for the beach? Go for the lightweight, insulated Tirrinia Kato Four-Bottle Wine Carrier (view at Amazon). It's leak-proof and roomy enough for both your bottles and snacks.

Why Trust

Longtime wine writer Céline Bossart is typically hauling bottles from place to place and is all too familiar with the necessity of having a quality wine tote on hand at all times. Her favorite wine tote brands include Wine Enthusiast and Baggu, although anything built to survive a journey through New York City will do.

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