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The 8 Best Wine Stoppers of 2023

Don't let your leftover wine go to waste.

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The 8 Best Wine Stoppers of 2022

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Sometimes, finishing a bottle of wine is just not in the cards. So you recork it, set it on the counter or in the fridge, and come back to it when you’re ready. If more than a day or two has passed, you might smell or taste the wine and wonder if it’s still OK to drink. Using the right stopper or preservation tool can help extend the life of many different wines, minimizing waste and worry in the process. Here are the best wine stoppers to keep bottles fresh for days, weeks or even years.

Best Overall: Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump

Chances are that a majority of sommeliers and wine enthusiasts will recommend Vacu Vin as their go-to for sealing wine bottles. Victoria James, Beverage Director at Cote in New York, is no exception. “Their vacuum seal really does help preserve delicate aromatics and flavors that are otherwise lost,” she says. Anita Musi, Fine Wine Specialist for specialty importer Evaton, agrees: “If you don’t disturb the wine, it can usually last three to four days with this stopper, depending on the structure of the wine—lighter wines will last about three days, while a heavier red will last closer to four days.”

These particular stoppers are relatively easy to use and double as pourers when not sealed. To use, place the stopper in the bottle and use the pump to vacuum out the air from inside (this helps slow oxidation). Plus, Vacu Vin lays claim to the first vacuum wine saver on the market.

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Best Preservation System: Coravin Model 3

Coravin's wine preservation system is the ultimate tool for maximizing your wine's life. Unlike most traditional wine stoppers, the system lets you enjoy wine without opening the bottle at all. Before using, make sure there’s an inert gas capsule in the chamber, then insert the needle into the cork, tip the bottle and align the spout with your wine glass, and push the trigger to start pouring (to stop pouring, just tip the bottle back upright). The system works by using inert gas to access the wine through the cork without ever pulling it out, meaning the wine inside is never exposed to oxygen, and once the needle is removed, the cork will reseal itself.

There are many different models available, but the Coravin 3 features the brand’s SmartClamp for easy angling when inserting and removing the needle. It’s also one of the more reasonably-priced options compared to other models. This system comes with two gas capsules and one screw cap.

Best for Champagne: Le Creuset Champagne Stopper

Le Creuset, known for their sturdy and aesthetically pleasing craftsmanship, offers a metal stopper that preserves Champagnes and other sparkling wines. Designed in France, this tool uses a switch-style valve and an airtight, food-safe rubber seal to lock in bubbles. To use, screw the curved base onto the crown of any standard bottle (this works for still wines, too) and simply flip the switch to seal or reopen. Note that this stopper is hand wash only.

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Best Personalized: HappyTopperStore Wine Stopper

Etsy Engraved Wine Bottle Stopper

Though monogrammed products can risk looking cheesy, this personalized, handmade stopper offers a stylish alternative. The simple, yet effective wooden corks feature a plethora of modern and beautiful engraving options—you can add names, dates, messages, and even custom logos or designs to them. Whether you're looking for a gift or a creative favor for weddings or other events, these thoughtful and budget-friendly wine stoppers are the way to go.

Best Value: Rabbit Wine and Champagne Sealer

Rabbit Stainless Steel Wine and Champagne Sealer

“I like having two different styles of wine stoppers to choose from, depending on how long the wine needs to be preserved,” says Musi, sharing that one of her top choices is the Rabbit Stainless Steel Sealer, namely for wines she plans to reopen the next day. “It has really good quality material and doesn’t allow any air to get into the bottle,” she adds. This stopper's ergonomic design and reliable construction offers great value for a low price tag, and it's also quite easy to use—just place it on the bottle’s opening, push down and twist until sealed. This stopper is hand wash only.

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Most Stylish: MDRN Home Glass Bottle Stopper

MDRN Home Glass Bottle Stopper

Add a touch of design to any wine bottle with these chic, fun glass stoppers by MDRN Home. Both elegant and functional, the stoppers have three styles and two color options to choose from: a diamond, cat or dog shape in either smoky gray or clear. They are also eco-friendly and feature a silicone seal for effortless recorking.

Best Expanding: OXO Perfect Seal Bottle Stoppers

The size of a wine stopper is an often overlooked, yet important feature—fitting a recorked bottle inside your fridge can sometimes be tricky, especially if you’re storing it in the door or up on a shelf. OXO’s expanding wine bottle stoppers are the perfect solution to tight fridge spaces, thanks to their smart design and slim disc-like tops. Best of all, these dishwasher-safe stoppers expand within the bottle when the top is pulled up, sealing tightly enough to prevent leaks when bottles are placed on their sides.

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Best Splurge: Michael Aram Calla Lily Set

This bottle stopper and coaster set from award-winning artist Michael Aram is a collector’s dream. Backed by a team of over 200 artisans, Aram's beautiful, sculpturesque pieces will dress up any bottle, countertop or display case. The designs from the Calla Lily collection are a standout, perfect for any gifting or gathering scenario. With all handmade pieces, this collection is specifically inspired by a photo of a woman holding a bouquet of lilies—one that stuck out to Aram for its contemporary romanticism.

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Though she doesn’t often have leftover wine to store, wine and spirits writer Céline Bossart understands the importance of preserving a wine to both extend its life and minimize waste. And thanks to Victoria James and Anita Musi, this list brings together perspectives from different corners of the industry for all types of wine drinkers.

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