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The 9 Best Wine Accessories in 2023

Find out why our favorite is the Coravin Bottle Opener and Preservation System.

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Being a wine lover is about much more than simply stocking great bottles—a true enthusiast or connoisseur understands the multitude of key ways to optimize the wine drinking experience, and there are plenty of accessories out there that do just that. In fact, ask any wine professional, and they’ll tell you about their essentials, which can range from a reliable double-hinged corkscrew to a trusty decanter, or even an investment-worthy wine preservation contraption that sommeliers sometimes can’t live without like our top pick the Coravin Model Three Wine Bottle Opener and Preservation System.

Thanks to the Hispanics in Wine community along with a few of our other go-to wine experts, we’ve compiled a list of the pros’ most useful and beloved wine accessories to get right now.

Best Overall

Coravin Model Three+ Wine Bottle Opener and Preservation System

Coravin Model 3 Wine Preservation System

Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

"The first time I used my favorite wine accessory was in 2015, when I was working for a luxury cruise liner, and I was in charge of the Champagne and wine bar on board,” says Andrea Martínez Sandoval, sommelier and wine buyer for Astoria Wines & Spirits and Underground Wines and Spirits in New York City.

“The team was called for an important training Saturday morning to introduce us to Coravin—since that day when they explained how it works, I fell in love with that fantastic tool! The most amazing thing is that we started serving our guest wine flights, but not just any wine—we were serving the five first growth of Bordeaux by (the) glass. The way Coravin works is actually quite simple: the device pierces the cork in the wine bottle with a hollow needle, and you can pour as much wine you desire and then save the rest of the bottle for weeks, months, or even years! All this because the natural cork will close back up once the needle is removed.”

Best Portable

Reduce Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Reduce Stainless Steel Wine Cooler


Jesica Vargas, founder of and a WSET-certified wine expert, shares her new favorite wine accessory for casual drinking: “When working in the wine industry there are a few accessories that bring out the best characteristics of a wine or make a professional wine tasting easier. A decanter, double-hinged corkscrew, aerator, and wine preservation systems are very useful, but when it comes to enjoying wine with friends and family, there is one amazing accessory I recently discovered: a stainless-steel wine bottle cooler," she says.

"A friend of mine gave it to me as a birthday gift, and it’s amazing. It keeps wine at the right temperature, and it's perfect for a picnic or any outdoor gathering. Also, it’s very easy to use. I just leave the bottle of wine in the fridge until it reaches the desired temperature and then put the bottle inside the cooler. The cooler is very lightweight and is just a little bit bigger than a 750-milliliter bottle. I can carry it around in my backpack or handbag. Last summer, I took it to the park several times, and the red wines were still cold after four or more hours.”

Best Glass

Zalto Denk'Art Bordeaux Wine Glass

Zalto Denk'Art Bordeaux Wine Glass

Wine Enthusiast

“My favorite wine accessory would have to be the most important accessory: the wine glass,” says Jesse Katz, winemaker and founder of Aperture Cellars in Sonoma County, California. My favorite I have found to date has been the Sophienwald Bordeaux hand-blown stem. The unique shape of the bowl and very thin lip for the glass allows aromas in red and white wines to greatly open up more compared to your standard wine glasses and seamlessly glide across the palate. I love these glasses so much that I knew I had to use them at the Aperture Estate as our preferred glassware during our private tasting experiences we offer our guests. Each glass is hand-blown and has a beautiful look in our new modern hospitality space in the middle of the vineyard.”

While Katz’s go-to fine glassware brand is not widely available in the United States, Zalto is an excellent alternative beloved by wine experts worldwide thanks to its striking quality, clarity, and thinness. Zalto wine glasses are certainly an investment but a worthy one for the die-hard wine drinker.

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Best for Still Wines

Repour Wine Saver Repour Wine Saver

Best Wine Stoppers of 2022
Courtesy of Amazon

Advanced sommelier Jason Caballero, wine director for What If Syndicate restaurant group, recommends stockpiling a few of these useful and affordable stoppers to help make the most of leftover wine’s lifespan.

“I have to say that Repours are pretty damn handy. Besides being able to do higher end glass pours for by the glass, Repour is also good for on-the-fly tasting menus to throw some really cool wines out and be able to hang on to them for other uses. It really helps the wine program be versatile and engaging while remaining business viable.”

While the at-home drinker might not be hosting official tastings, it’s always good to have a quality stopper on hand for your still wines.

Best for Sparkling Wines

Le Creuset Champagne Stopper

Le Creuset Champagne Stopper

Williams Sonoma

When it comes to sparkling wines, a regular bottle stopper just won’t cut it—you’ll need a solid and effective sealing stopper to keep those bubbles as fresh as possible (and to avoid losing an eye).

May Matta-Aliah, a certified wine expert and educator who specializes in Italian sparkling wine franciacorta, among many other styles and categories. “Sparkling wine bottle stoppers are designed specifically due to the high pressure in the bottle and preserve the quality. If you try to use a normal closure, after a while it will simply fly out of the bottle. Additionally, you will notice that all different designs of closures for sparkling wines have a method of securely anchoring the closure to the lip of the bottle so that it can stay put given the pressure build-up on the closed bottle.”

One of our personal favorites is the Le Creuset Champagne Crown Sealer, which uses a simple valve system and an airtight rubber seal to lock in any sparkling wine’s effervescence.

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Best for Older Bottles

Monopol Westmark Germany Steel Two-Prong Cork Puller with Cover

Monopol Westmark Germany Steel Two-Prong Cork Puller with Cover


“Presenting [to] a table a trivet filled with cork confetti [doesn’t] exactly instill confidence in a guest, so being able to get bottles open from the ‘50s without demolishing the cork is reassuring,” says Caballero of the two-prong style of wine opener.

These are made for older, more fragile corks and are commonly referred to as a Durand, an Ah-So, or a Butler’s Friend. This is a perfect accessory or gift for serious collectors.

Best Budget

Pulltap's Double-Hinged Waiters Corkscrew

Pulltap's Double-Hinged Waiters Corkscrew, Black and Stainless Steel


“As a wine professional who has been in many different roles throughout the industry, my favorite wine accessory of all time is a double-hinged wine key (preferably with a serrated blade),” says Alycia Abreu, an industry veteran who currently works as an assistant manager for Brooklyn wine shop Liquid Assets.

“I have all of mine on a magnetic strip next to my front door so I can put one in my pocket on my way to work. In a retail setting, while I'm not opening bottles as often, I'm certainly opening a lot of boxes! A wine key blade is perfect for cutting through the tape while also feeling safe enough (and small enough) to keep in my pocket at all times. Plus, I'm always prepared to open bottles when it's time!”

There are many quality double-hinged wine keys out there, but Pulltap’s is always a safe bet. Best of all, they won’t break the bank.

Best Set

Rabbit Glass Wine Decanter and Wood Base

Rabbit RBT Wine Decanter

Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

This recommendation comes from Pedro J. Rodríguez and Julio Robledo, co-founders of Washington, D.C. wine shop Grand Cata: “A decanter at home is always an advantage to let those wines open and express themselves. Patience is always a good practice to better understand and enjoy the wines to their full expression.”

Rabbit’s sleek RBT line is known for its top quality and stunning aesthetic, and this decanter set is no exception—complete with an acacia wood coaster and a black-and-gold aerating funnel, you’ll find yourself decanting wines for the sake of both function and form. Pro tip: to dry your decanter after washing by hand, simply use a standing paper towel holder (minus the roll of paper towels) to hang the vessel upside-down.

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Best Splurge

Hisense HWS54029SS 54-Bottle Stainless Steel Built-In/Freestanding Wine Chiller

Hisense 54-Bottle Wine Chiller


“Temperature control is key,” Caballero shares. If a wine is too hot, you just taste the alcohol which drowns out nuance, and if the wine is too cold, everything is closed off. Keeping it right in that sweet spot is tantamount to seeing in color for the first time when it comes to drinking wine at temperature. Go buy a wine fridge!”

The Hisense 54-bottle freestanding wine fridge is one of our absolute favorites, thanks to its soft-close shelves, digital display, elegant appearance, and approachable price point.

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Longtime wine and spirits writer (and half French person) Céline Bossart is a wine-obsessed journalist covering all things potable. Over the past decade, she has tested many a wine accessory and co-signs each of these expert picks (particularly the Coravin, which is a game changer).

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