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The 5 Best Whiskey Stones in 2022

All chill, no dilution.

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The subject of whiskey stones is a somewhat controversial one: Many purists and experts tend to write them off as a contrived chilling method, but the overwhelming attitude of the bartending community is to drink what you want, the way you want it. Plus, whiskey stones have other uses besides just cooling down your spirit without dilution, according to Maggie Eckl, an NYC-based bartender.

“They’re super useful when you’re sitting outside and enjoying some wine during warmer weather,” she shares. “They bring some environmental sustainability while giving more control to consumers who don’t want an overdiluted drink.” Lastly, Eckl notes, the flavors present in any spirit or wine vary at different temperatures, so stones are a great way to expand your palate.

We combed through the many options available to bring you this list of the best whiskey stones.

Best Stainless Steel

Rabbit Whiskey and Beverage Chilling Stones

Rabbit Whiskey and Beverage Chilling Stones

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Excellent quality and shape

  • Very chilling

  • Great for on the go

  • Perhaps too simple for those looking for something unique 

Rabbit is a trusted name when it comes to quality beverage accessories, and these jumbo stainless steel chilling cubes are no exception. This set comes with two 1.5-inch cubes, though only one is needed to cool down your drink in seconds.

It also comes complete with a storage case, which is perfect for safekeeping in the freezer. These durable cubes, which are ideal for use in a rocks glass, are also odor-resistant and dishwasher safe. Custom engraving is also available.

Testing Insights - The Rabbit Jumbo Chilling Stones look great! The two stones come in a small box. Upon opening, the stones are stored in a small plastic holder. These are definitely great for those on the move, as well as those looking to travel with their chilling stones.

The Rabbit Jumbo Chilling Stones note that they only need one hour to chill. I did two and they were absolutely ready to go. The size of the cube fits perfectly in a standard tumbler. Only one is needed per glass. This is a perfect set for a couple or two roommates. The stones look great in the glass: neutral in color and fit perfectly. 

The liquid is chilled to perfection in a matter of seconds! Very cold almost instantly. There are zero off-flavors or aromas from the freezer or stone. Incredible quality!

These stones are super easy to clean. They fit well in the hand and can be washed quite easily. Rabbit denotes that these are dishwasher safe. While I did not test them in the dishwasher, I'd be confident that they are. 

Overall, I found Rabbit Jumbo Chilling Stones to be the best stones out of all five products tested. The size is perfect, the durability is great, and the carrying case is an added bonus. The stones chill the drink perfectly in a matter of seconds and only needed an hour in the freezer, plus the price point is spot on (around $25 for two). I suppose this could be slightly pricey, but for the quality, it's absolutely worth it. Highly recommend!

Material: Stainless Steel | Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches

Rabbit Stones

Timothy Fatato /

Best Value

BROTEC Whiskey Stones and Glass Set

BROTEC Whiskey Stones and Glass Set


  • Attractive

  • Nice packaging

  • Coasters included

  • Not as cooling

  • Some external aromas

Brotec's set of six disc-like whiskey chilling stones are made of granite and come with their own wooden display tray, plus two coasters. You can keep the entire tray in the freezer for storage.

Treat these stones like you would any other, and use three or so in your drink of choice after freezing them for at least several hours. Rinse after each use, air dry, and return them to your freezer. This set also makes for a great gift for the spirit or chilled wine enthusiast in your life.

Testing Insights - At first glance, the stones look great. They're nicely shaped and come in various colors (grey,  white, speckled, etc.) The wooden holder is practical and attractive, and the package's two bonus coasters are also a nice touch... although the branding slightly reminds me of an old Texas saloon. Perhaps that's what they're going for. 

The stones don't come with any sort of instructions in the package or on the box, which could be frustrating to novice consumers. The stones cooled down the drink less quickly than the other options, though they looked nice in the glass. In theory, one could fit the entire package of cubes in the glass, though that's likely not necessary. 

The temperature of the drink is less chilled than with other stones. Similar to AREAWARE, these stones give off a semi unpleasant aroma, though zero unwanted flavor. I would imagine with stronger drinks that these aromas would likely be masked. However, my biggest turnoff with these stones was the way they sat in the glass. If using just one, the shape of the stone (more disk than cube) make them rather unsteady. I was worried the stone was going to hit me in the face when I was sipping my drink.

The whiskey stones are indeed easy to clean. Each stone is unique in shape and color, which is a nice touch. Brotec advertises the stones as dishwasher safe and made of "lightweight, durable, non-slip and water resistant silicone."

Overall, I thought this product was fine. I was turned off by the aromas that the stones imparted on the liquid, but was pleasantly surprised that they did not add unwanted flavors. The shape of the stone (disk-like) was also not ideal, though I wouldn't totally write off the product. At $22, I think the product is fine.  

Material: Granite| Dimensions: XX


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Best Small

Kollea Stainless Steel Reusable Chilling Whiskey Stones

Kollea Stainless Steel Chilling Cubes Reusable Ice Cube Whiskey Stones f

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Very chilling

  • Great tongs/rubber grip

  • Best value (quality to price ratio)

  • Simple

  • Not ideal for those who prefer larger rocks

If small and simple is the game, then Kollea is where you want to look. Deemed the first whiskey stone set on the market, this budget-friendly, easy-to-find set comes with eight stainless steel cubes, non-slip tongs and a convenient box.

Kollea notes that its stones are dishwasher safe and perfect for a variety of drinks, including whiskey, vodka, white wine and beyond. The company also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, as well as a two-year warranty. 

Testing Insights - The Kollea Ice Cube Whiskey Stones' packaging is simple yet sleek. The stones come in a tray (equipped with tongs with rubber grips) in a simple white box with an illustration on the front and instructions on how to use / chill on the back. Very functional and to the point.

The size of the Kollea Ice Cube Whiskey Stones is smaller than most, and even smaller than your average ice cube. However, too small is better than too large here, as they stones are great for smaller snifters or those with more narrow openings. You could technically fit all six into a standard tumbler, which seems unnecessary. They look great in the glass – simple, sleek, and to the point. 

Small yet fierce! These stones are tiny in size but mighty in power. I tried using two and the liquid was properly chilled almost instantly. I'm very impressed by the functionality and chilling ability of these small cubes. 

Simple! Dishwasher safe and made from food-grade 304SS material. The package apparently comes in six or eight-cube options. I have the six and I think it's perfect. At $13.99, these stones are an absolute steal.

This product is absolutely killer, especially for the value / price ratio. Compared to the other more "fancy" looking stones, these simple yet functional cubes get the job done in the best way possible at the smallest price. What more could you want? These and the Rabbit cubes are very similar in functionality (Rabbit is just bigger), so it comes down to a matter of preference. I tend to like larger cubes more, so I chose Rabbit as my favorite product of the five, though these incredible stones were a close second. Bonus points for the grippy tongs!

Material: Stainless Steel | Dimensions: 0.8 x 0.8 x 0.8 inches


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Best Splurge

Eliská Whisky Cubes

Eliska Whiskey Cubes

Courtesy of Wolf & Badger

For those searching for stones that are the cream of the crop (and those for whom the price tag is no issue), these smoky quartz stones by Eliská are the best in the game. Produced at the RabLabs design studio, these hand-sculpted cubes are some of the most gorgeous options for keeping your drinks cool.

The stones are handmade in Brazil from locally sourced smoky quartz marked by gorgeous wisps of color that radiate through the crystal. Chill for four hours in the freezer before use, add the jewels to your glass, and get ready for a touch of simple luxury. 

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Best for Gifting

Uncommon Goods On The Rocks Set

Uncommon Goods On The Rocks Set

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Solid chill

  • No external flavors or aromas

  • Best for gifting

  • Not as chilled as stainless steel

For the whiskey drinker who wants to shake up their drinking experience, look no further than On the Rocks, a set of whiskey stones from Uncommon Goods. These beautiful stones are crafted from hand-collected stones from New England beaches in conjunction with recycled materials. “Serve your drinks on actual rocks with these handsome granite drink chillers," founders Arra David and Anne Johnson say.

The disks are crafted with a 1.5-inch diameter and come in a beautiful wooden tray, equipped with two sleek tumblers. Note: Due to the product’s recycled and handmade nature, each stone will be uniquely different. 

Testing Insights - Uncommon Goods' 'On the Rocks Set' is nicely packaged. The external box is a bit busy, though it has all that you need: imagery, how to use the set, the brand's backstory, and what makes the rocks better than real ice cubes. Out of the box, the set is beautiful. The stones are of various colors / patterns and sit nicely in a wooden tray. The two glass tumblers are slightly smaller than your average glass, but very nice. Good quality.

The stones chilled well and instantly made the liquid in the glass cool. Unlike the disk shape of many other granite/soapstone-based stones, these stones are larger and more cylindrical. 1-4 stones technically fit in the glass, but only one is needed. They look beautiful, fit well, and are fully functional. 

The liquid has sufficiently chilled, and unlike other granite/soapstone-based stones, there are no external aromas or flavors from these stones. I'm very pleased! These are my favorite non-stainless steel stones thus far. The glassware is also likely a bit smaller to accommodate the unique size of the stone. Overall, they are a great fit and look / feel wonderful. 

The instructions say to simply rinse down and do not denote whether dishwasher safe or not. Simply washing by hand under water will do. 

Overall, I loved this product. After my experience with the other two non-stainless steel options, I was skeptical and worried about shape and external aromas / flavors with these stones. I was pleasantly proven wrong! These are incredibly made and the two tumblers are a huge added bonus. I'd say this is definitely the best option for a go-to gift, as the tumblers, uniqueness of the stones (handmade from hand-collected stones in New England) are beautiful and functional. at $36 a pop, this is a great set.

Material: Granite, recycled glass, wood | Dimensions: Stones: 1 x 1.5; glasses: 3 x 3 inches and 5 oz. capacity 

Uncommon Goods

Timothy Fatato /

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Final Verdict

For an affordable and accessible option, the longstanding Kollea brand offers a budget-friendly solution (view at Amazon); Brotec's granite stone set is another value pick that functions both as a great table display piece and a pretty way to chill your wine (view at Amazon). For the whiskey lovers in your life, Uncommon Goods’ set provides the most all-encompassing gift pack (view on the site). 

Group Selects

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How do you clean whiskey stones?

Whiskey stones are some of the easiest products to clean. Simply wash them with warm water and dish soap, then hand-dry with a soft cloth. Note that certain materials (e.g., quartz) are naturally occurring materials, and their colors or patterns may therefore be affected by the use of certain soaps. 

Can you use whiskey stones in other drinks?

Yes! Whiskey stones may be used to chill down any other beverage that is best enjoyed cold and not diluted. Use them in lemonades, juices and sodas the same way that you’d use them in whiskey. Whiskey stones can also be used to keep your favorite hot beverages (such as tea and coffee) warm. Simply microwave the stones for approximately one minute, then carefully place in your hot beverage of choice. 

How many whiskey stones should go into a glass?

The amount of whiskey stones that you should use is dependent on the size and/or pour of the drink, as well as the size of the stone. Generally speaking, using larger cubes will only require one stone per glass, though using smaller stones in larger pours will demand between one and three stones. 

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After seven years of covering all things wine and spirits, Céline Bossart has had plenty of conversations about chilling and dilution methods. Though whiskey stones tend to be pigeonholed as a default Father’s Day gift, she can confirm that they work just as well in any other time of year.

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