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Best Vodka of the Month Clubs

These subscriptions put a premium on quality

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There are few things better than having your favorite spirit delivered to your doorstep on a regular basis. No matter your go-to, there’s a club for you, from quarterly deliveries of cute-sized tasting vials to a full-sized bottle or box of cocktails every month.

When it comes to vodka, however, there aren’t quite as many clubs to choose from as there are for whiskey or tequila lovers—but it’s merely a case of quality over quantity. We’ve scoured the world of booze subscriptions for the best options suited to fans of vodka across the country, so read on to find out which one is right for you.

Best Vodka of the Month Clubs of 2021

Best Overall: Flaviar

Flaviar Vodka of the Month

 Flaviar Vodka of the Month

Why We Chose It: Thanks to its rave reviews, brand popularity, and 850,000 registered spirit lovers, Flaviar was an easy choice for our best overall category.

What We Like

  • Combination of full-sized bottles and tasting vials
  • Highly personalized
  • Member perks
  • Cancel anytime
  • Free shipping on subscription boxes

What We Don't Like

  • Subscription is delivered once per quarter, but you can fill in the gaps with bottles from the Flaviar shop (members receive an exclusive discount)

When you join Flaviar, the curated experience starts at signup—the user-friendly interface guides new members through a personalized setup of their ideal spirits club, beginning with your payment preference. Choose from quarterly or annual billing ($95 and $300, respectively), then select your favorite spirits. From there, you’ll be asked to indicate a few of your favorite brands before finalizing your purchase.

All Flaviar subscription deliveries go out quarterly and consist of a box of tasting vials and one full-sized bottle. Members can also purchase bottles, accessories, and more, directly from Flaviar. Shipping on all orders is either free or discounted, depending on the brand, and members also enjoy a 50 percent discount on shipping for purchases made in the online shop. In 2020, Flaviar had a new offering—Quarantine Vodka.

Best Budget: Taster’s Club

Taster’s Club Vodka of the Month Club

Taster’s Club Vodka of the Month Club

Why We Chose It: Taster’s Club offers a straightforward, no-frills, and no-commitment membership for monthly deliveries of full-sized bottles.

What We Like

  • Shows estimated ship date at beginning of the checkout
  • Easy, straightforward checkout process
  • Shipping included
  • Fair pricing

What We Don't Like

  • No option to pay in advance

While perhaps best known for its whiskey subscriptions, Taster’s Club covers nine different drink categories, including a monthly club for vodka lovers. This site bills monthly, meaning you’re only obligated to pay for one shipment at signup ($59 plus applicable taxes). Paying in advance to save money on a longer-term membership is not an option with Taster’s Club. Either way, your signup doesn’t lock you into anything at all, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be able to cancel at any time during your membership (or, if you only intend to do a specific number of shipments, you can just plan to cancel accordingly).

Part of the hook here is the element of surprise, which is why Taster’s Club doesn’t preview its upcoming bottles. If you like that kind of spontaneity, then this is the subscription for you. Shipments are available to all states except Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Utah.

Best Splurge: Universal Fine Wine and Spirits

Universal Fine Wine and Spirits’ 12-Month Vodka of the Month Club

 Universal Fine Wine and Spirits’ 12-Month Vodka of the Month Club

Why We Chose It: Supporting small businesses is always important, and this Florida liquor store happens to have a great monthly vodka subscription.

What We Like

  • Ships free to anywhere in the contiguous United States
  • Small business

What We Don't Like

  • Website appears dated

In Holiday, Florida (located north of the Tampa Bay area), Universal Fine Wine & Spirits is an everyday local liquor store, except that it had the foresight to provide its customers far and wide with multiple monthly subscription experiences. On the vodka front, Universal offers a 12-month club available in all 48 contiguous states at a flat rate of $800 (shorter versions are available as well). The price includes shipping, which is a huge bonus because alcohol shipping can be quite costly.

Best for Gifting: Spirited Gifts

Spirited Gifts Vodka Trilogy Club

Spirited Gifts Vodka Trilogy Club 

Why We Chose It: It’s simple and quick to gift this straightforward-priced, three-month vodka subscription.

What We Like

  • Flat rate price includes everything (no surprise fees at checkout)
  • Makes a thoughtful and highly personalized gift
  • One-time payment

What We Don't Like

  • Only ships to 29 states

Spirited Gifts’ Vodka Trilogy Club is a short-term subscription that delivers one hand-selected, standard-sized bottle each month over a three-month period. The vodkas primarily come from France, Poland, Russia, and the United States. The selections change based on availability, but the price remains stable at a flat rate of $199, which includes all three bottles, shipping, taxes, service fees, and a personalized gift note.

If you want to take your gift to the next level, opt to add glassware (shot glasses, mini Mason jars, or copper mugs) as well as coasters, a variety of cigar kits, or a curated gift basket. These add-ons range from $25 to $75, and bottle engraving is available upon request. The only downside is that Spirited Gifts ships to just 29 states plus the District of Columbia because of state liquor laws.

Best for Cocktails: Cocktail Courier

Cocktail Courier

Cocktail Courier

Why We Chose It: Cocktail Courier is one of the top monthly cocktail subscriptions, and the selections are based on members’ preferred spirit(s).

What We Like

  • Customizable
  • Collaborates with a diverse set of professional bartenders
  • Ultra-fresh ingredients
  • Flexible membership
  • Spirit-free options for non-drinkers

What We Don't Like

  • No settings for food allergy or sensitivity (you’ll have to check the ingredient preview each week)

If you’re looking to explore your love of vodka through craft cocktails and build your home bar in the process, Cocktail Courier is your best bet. This monthly club brings you all the ingredients necessary to make between six and 12 servings of each month’s featured cocktail. Recipes are all designed by industry experts, so you can count on every box to be just as exciting as the last.

When you sign up for a Cocktail Courier membership, you’ll be prompted to enter your spirits preferences, and your boxes will be based on those settings. You can skip a delivery or cancel at any time without penalty, and if there’s a drink you think you won’t be wild about, you can swap it for another. The standard box (spirit minis and mixers) costs $49.99, and if you decide to either use your own spirits (with or without alcohol), you can still partake by ordering the mixers-only box for $29.99 per shipment. Shipping is included on all subscription boxes, and you can also shop for additional supplies such as barware, gifts, and more boxes.

Final Verdict

Preferences and priorities are key in choosing the right vodka of the month club for you or your recipient. For example, if your checklist includes free shipping, full-sized bottles, and customization options, knowing and identifying this before starting your search can be extremely helpful. But it’s safe to say that whichever club you select from this list, you’ll have made a great choice.

If cocktails are more your speed than bottles of spirit alone, consider going for a cocktail-specific club (like Cocktail Courier), or plan to stock up on mixers, garnishes, and recipe books before your monthly bottle shipment. Drizly, Minibar, and Instacart are excellent options for last-minute ingredient shopping, so keep that in mind when you’re in a martini mood but find that you’ve tragically run out of olives.

What Is a Vodka of the Month Club?

Almost all monthly liquor clubs can be described as services that bring bottles of your chosen spirit to your doorstep on either an ongoing basis or for a set period. Vodka of the month clubs are no different. Variables to consider include length of membership, cost, shipping fees, à la carte options, and more, so once you find a club that checks all of your boxes, go for it. Just make sure there’s a penalty-free cancellation option in case you want out.

Are Vodka of the Month Clubs Good for Gifting?

Vodka of the month clubs are great for gifting. In fact, some make it incredibly easy to send a subscription to someone else. For example, the Vodka of the Month Club with Spirited Gifts is designed to be gifted, and the checkout process reflects that.

How Much Do Vodka of the Month Clubs Cost?

On the low end, vodka of the month clubs cost around $65 monthly including taxes and shipping. Prices go up, of course, if you’re selecting or upgrading to premium spirits, and some long-term clubs offer an option to pay upfront, which naturally has a higher price tag.

How We Chose the Best Vodka of the Month Clubs

We strive to be as discerning as possible when selecting the best of the best booze-related products and services. When it comes to vodka of the month clubs specifically, we’ll be honest—there isn’t much to choose from given the category’s niche nature. Still, we’ve meticulously examined the ins and outs of each vodka-specific club out there, and the ones on this list met our stringent criteria around quality, price, and the fairness of policies (e.g. cancellation).

When choosing the top membership clubs in the world of wine, spirits, and cocktails, we also keep variety in mind on all fronts, from the bottles themselves to cost, duration, gifting capabilities, and more. In short, we make sure there’s something for everyone.

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