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We Tested the Best Stemless Wine Glasses—Here's How They Stacked Up

The Riedel O Wine Tumbler was the clear winner.

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The 8 Best Stemless Wine Glasses of 2022

Liquor / Chloe Jeong

Wine professionals will often say that holding a glass by its stem is typically ideal, as it keeps your wine’s temperature by avoiding heat transfer from your hand to the bowl of the glass. In certain situations (think opening a special vintage), this rule of thumb should be honored, but ultimately, your personal preferences matter the most.

Many experts agree, including Christy Bors, head of brand at “I have the pleasure of working and chatting with dozens of winemakers a day, so I always get to pick their brains with questions like these.” She elaborates, “The best advice I’ve received is to drink wine in a way that makes the wine most enjoyable for you—that could mean a fine Riedel, a stemless glass, a vintage coupe or a tumbler you have nearby.”

Because there are so many options to choose from, we're here to help break down the best wine tumblers available, from super-insulating options made for the outdoors to extra large sizes. We've carefully home-tested the top brands and have selected our favorites. Some of the attributes in which we rated each item include design, durability, the quality of materials, the effectiveness to keep drinks hot or cold, and the overall value.

After extensive testing, and thanks to its ideal proportion, its swirl-ability, and lightness in hand, the cult favorite Riedel O Wine Tumbler was our top choice. It was clearly the best quality for the price, and elegant to boot!

Read on to see our favorite stemless wine glasses after testing.

Best Overall

Riedel O Wine Tumbler Cabernet/Merlot

Riedel O Wine Tumbler Cabernet/Merlot, Set of Two

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Excellent quality

  • Perfect dimensions

  • Light as a feather

  • Fragile

"I love Riedel stemless wine glasses because they never knock over or break unexpectedly and are easy to cup in your hand," says Bors. "This set is crystal and keeps cool for a while. I personally love sticking them in the freezer wrapped with a wet paper towel for 30 minutes before using—then you can really enjoy the perfect glass of chilled wine on a hot summer night." These glasses often come in a value set (which is never a bad thing) and though they’re pure crystal, the glasses are completely dishwasher safe (also never a bad thing).

Our at-home tester found the Riedel O Tumbler to be the perfect size and weight for a stemless wine glass. The product was easy to swirl and felt light in the hand. The Riedel O is ideally proportioned. 

Similar to its dimensions, we also found during testing that the lip of the Riedel O Cabernet/Merlot Tumbler was also ideal. The glass rested lightly on the lips and allowed the wine to glide gracefully from glass to mouth. Overall, the drinking experience was quite elevated. 

The glass was very easy to clean in our tests. It did require the user to be careful, though the glass seemed durable enough to handle minor dings in the sink. The product claims to be dishwasher safe, though we would not recommend putting crystal in the dishwasher. 

What Our Testers Say

"There’s a reason why Riedel has long been a go-to brand for novices and pros alike—the products are just that good. At just over $10 a glass, the product absolutely merits the price. The drinking experience is elevated and the product allows the wine to show its best. I would absolutely recommend this product." — Vicki Denig, product tester

Riedel O Wine Tumbler Merlot/Cabernet

Liquor/Tim Fatato

Capacity: 21 ounces | Material: Crystal | Height: 4 x 7/8 inches

Best for White Wine

Stolzle Lausitz Power Stemless White Wine Glass

Stolzle Lausitz Power Stemless White Wine Glass

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Unique design

  • Light in the hand

  • Narrow opening

  • Slightly heavy on the lips

Calling all minimalist white, rosé and sparkling wine lovers: these architectural crystal glasses by Stölzle Lausitz have won multiple design awards for a reason. While their clean lines might look simple to the untrained eye, the elegantly sloped walls are ideal for aromatic expression, making these stemless glasses excellent for many different wines (including fuller-bodied reds). Think of these as an almost universal glass, and round out your collection with a few varietal-specific styles to cover all bases.

Our at-home tester noted that the Stölzle Lausitz stemless glass was much thinner than other options (Riedel or Nude) but looked and felt ultra sleek. The glass was easy to hold and swirl and was also light in the hand. Our tester loved the shape and design of the glass, finding it simple yet chic—more triangular and cone-like than your average rounder bowl.

Similar to the Nude stemless glass (and like most stemmed wineglasses), the opening to this glass is drastically more narrow than the widest part of the bowl, which allows for the transfer and retention of aromas, with no dissipation. While the glass felt slightly heavier on the lips than the Riedel glass, it was by no means unpleasant. 

Although the glass was more narrow than some of the other models, it was still easy to clean. While the product claimed to be dishwasher safe, we opted to handwash these glasses.

What Our Testers Say

"I think this is an excellent product. The design is spot on and the size is perfect. The glass feels lightweight in hand (heavier than Riedel, though still light enough). I wish the glass were slightly lighter on the lips, but overall this is an excellent product that merits the price. For those looking for a smaller stemless wine glass—or even just one with a more unique shape, I’d recommend this brand."Vicki Denig, product tester

Stolzle Lausitz / Timothy Fatata

Capacity: 12.75 ounces | Material: Lead-free crystal | Height: 3-1/2 diameter x 4 inches

Best for Outdoor Sipping

BrüMate Uncork'd XL Wine Glass Tumbler

BrüMate Uncork'd XL MÜV - 100% Leak-Proof 14oz Insulated Wine Tumbler with Lid - Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Wine Glass - Perfect For Travel &...


  • Temperature control

  • Great for on-the-go

  • Clunky lip (plastic)

Stemless drinkware and outdoor sipping go hand-in-hand—particularly when the material of the vessel is durable and insulating. Available in various colors and patterns, BrüMate’s XL wine tumbler features the brand's BevGuard technology, which keeps your wine (or other chilled drink) ice-cold without imparting any metallic flavor to it. These 14-ounce stemless tumblers and their splash-proof lids are ideal for outdoor drinking in any scenario.

During at-home testing, we found this to be very comfortable in the hand and easy to hold. We loved that the lid had a seal-tight lock, great for on-the-go transport of your wine. We didn't detect any temperature through the exterior, though the beverage’s temperature inside was kept intact. The glass swirled easily and comfortably. The plastic lip felt a bit clunky, which was to be expected, though the material felt fine on the lips. The tumbler did not dribble when sipping, which we appreciated. The tumbler felt very durable. It will not be damaged from clinking around in the sink, a bag, etc. 

The tumbler was incredibly easy to clean. We just removed the top and cleaned both pieces (lid and tumbler). Note that while the lid is dishwasher safe, the tumbler itself must be hand-washed. We also recommend washing before using, as some chemical smells were detected upon opening the box.

What Our Testers Say

"Overall, I think the product is great for its purpose—if traveling or sipping outdoors, the product is a top choice. The quality merits the price and I confidently stand behind this brand as an excellent on-the-go option." Vicki Denig, product tester

Brumate / Timothy Fatata

Capacity: 14 ounces  | Material: Triple-insulated stainless steel interior / plastic exterior (glass free) | Height:  4 6/8 inches

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Best Dishwasher-Safe

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Forte Universal Tumbler

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Forte Universal Tumbler


  • Great size

  • Comfortable to use

  • Durable

  • Slightly heavy

When we think of classic stemless wine glasses, the silhouette of these Schott Zwiesel universal tumblers may come to mind. The 19.1-ounce glasses are lightweight, gossamer-thin and crystal clear. Still, no matter how many times they’re put through the dishwasher, the tumblers hold up well, thanks to the ultra-durable Tritan crystal material. As its name suggests, these universal glasses are extremely versatile and can help any wine shine, all while holding their own in both indoor and outdoor settings.

During testing we found the Schott Zwiesel stemless wine glass to be a great size and comfortable in the hand. It was slightly heavier than the other stemless wine glasses—perhaps due to the Tritan crystal and its durability. Despite its weight, the lip of the glass felt very light on the lips. Aromas were conveyed correctly from the bowl, as the narrowing of the opening allowed for optimal transfer. 

The glass was very easy to clean, and due to its durable nature, we weren't worried about breakage in the dishwasher.

Schott Zwiesel Universal Tumbler / Timothy Fatato

Capacity: 19.1- ounces | Material: Tritan™ crystal (company calls it “a hard glass that’s resilient to chipping and breakage”) | Height: 3.75 inches in diameter, 5.25 inches

Best Budget

Bormioli Rocco Bodega Mini 7.5-Ounce Glass Tumbler - Set of 12

Bormioli Rocco Stackable Bodega Glasses (Set of 12)


  • Affordable

  • Easy to clean

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Small

  • Difficult to swirl/express aromas

Bormioli Rocco's glassware offers great quality and smart design without breaking the bank. While fine stemware has its place, simplicity and affordability can be refreshing. The renowned food and wine writer, Florence Fabricant also appreciates these qualities in glassware, noting that the small Bormioli Rocco bodega glasses are a go-to for wine drinkers all over northern Spain. The chip-resistant, 7.5-ounce wine glasses can be used for other purposes—Fabricant recommends serving dishes like panna cotta, condiments and ice cream in them.

The Bormioli Rocco tumbler was by far the smallest out of all of the glasses tested at home. It was comfortable in the hand, and rather light, though not the easiest to swirl. And due to the openness of the tumbler, it was difficult to capture any sort of aromas from the wine. The lip of the glass was also quite thick.

The product’s open design made it very easy to clean by hand. But the glass is quite durable and we can comfortably recommend it to be dishwasher safe.

The compact design of these glasses made them easy to use and comfortable to hold, ideal in a casual setting, or when tasting smaller amounts of wine. We loved how versatile they are and easy to take on the go—stackable and seemingly breakable.

Bormioli Rocco / Timothy Fatata

Capacity: 7.5 ounces | Material: Glass | Height: 3.25 x 2.25 inches

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Best for Red Wine

NUDE Pure Bourgogne Glass

NUDE Pure Bourgogne Wine Glasses, Set of 4
  • Durable

  • Easy to clean

  • Very large

  • Pricey

Turkish glassware brand NUDE has quickly become a cult favorite within wine circles around the world. With a wide variety of glassware across wine and spirits categories, its stemless Burgundy glasses are a standout. The thin, lead-free crystal vessels are designed to enhance any light- to medium-bodied red or medium- to full-bodied white. (Though if you’re not fussy, you can use them for just about anything).

In comparison to other tumblers, we found that during testing this stemless wine glass was by far the largest in the hand. We could see it getting uncomfortable to hold after an extended period of time. Swirling was not the easiest, as the glass was almost too big to have full control over. However, those who find larger bowls more “elegant” will likely enjoy this glass. 

Our home tester found that aromas definitely came through and the thickness of the glass was pretty standard. We also appreciated that the opening of the glass was smaller than the largest part of the bowl (in other words, aromas were funneled up through the top of the glass). 

The glass was pretty easy to clean. It required being gentle, though the glass felt durable enough to not worry about. The product claims to be dishwasher safe, though we still recommend hand washing.

What Our Testers Say

"Overall, I think the product is fine. At $10 a glass, I wish they were a bit cheaper, as I don’t think a 4-pack merits $40. The product is useful and will be most enjoyed by those who enjoy large bowls on their glassware." — Vicki Denig, product tester

Nude Glasses / Timothy Fatata

Capacity: 24 oz. | Material: Lead-free crystal | Height: 4.27 x 4.49 inches

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Best Insulating

Eparé Stemless Wine Glasses

Eparé Wine Glasses

courtesy of Amazon

  • Durable

  • Easy to clean

  • Double-walled insulation

  • Slightly clunky

  • Thick lip

If a wine's temperature is a priority for you, consider insulating options when shopping for stemless glasses. While stainless steel tumblers are effective at keeping wines chilled for long periods of time, these feel a bit clunky and aren't ideal for more delicate or aromatic wines. That’s where double-walled glass tumblers come in. These 13-ounce Eparé glasses maintain the integrity of a liquid’s intended temperature (whether hot or cold), meaning you can enjoy a double espresso in the morning and some wine at night. Plus, these glasses are both dishwasher and microwave safe.

While testing these glasses, we loved the “floating” look of the wine in the glass. According to fans of this product, this design effect is also the main appeal. In the hand, it felt a bit clunky and large but the aromas of the wine were able to come through. The flavors of the wine were also able to emerge despite the thick lip. The double-walled, sealed aspect of these glasses did indeed keep our wine at a solidly cool temperature, without sweating or a transfer of temperature. We love that these are also versatile—keep hot beverages hot while the outside stays cool.

This glass was easy to clean and felt very durable.

Eparé Stemless Wine Glasses

Liquor/Tim Fatato

Capacity: 13 ounces | Material: Borosilicate glass (insulated) | Height: 3.5 inches in diameter and 5.25 inches

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Final Verdict

Overall, the Riedel Os (view at Amazon) offer the best bang for your buck in terms of quality to price ratio, though the Stölzle Lausitz tumblers (view at Amazon) are a close second. While Schott Zwiesel (view at Amazon) has been a favorite in other glassware categories, their stemless glass falls a bit on the heavier side, though is definitely still a viable option. For on-the-go sipping, BrüMate (view at Amazon) has your back. 

Our Testing Process

All of the products featured in this list of stemless wine glasses have been carefully chosen by our editors and writers. We then sent each of the products directly to the writer for at-home testing. After applying a comprehensive list of methodologies—rating each item through a number of steps, and ranking them on key attributes tailored to each category—the writer provided personal feedback and captured photos of the items in use.

Some of the attributes we looked for and rated each item on included how the glass felt in the hand, the quality of the materials, and how effective it was to swirl and deliver the aromas and flavors of the wine. We also looked at the overall value of the glass and if the price reflected how it delivered.

Stemless Wine Glasses Tested

Liquor/Tim Fatato

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What to Look For

When shopping for stemless glassware, look for products that meet that sweet spot in size (not too big, not too small) and are preferably made from high quality glass. While the latter – including its feel in the hand and on the lips – may be hard to assess prior to use, assessing capacity and height is a great start. 


Are stemless wine glasses as good to drink wine out of as those with stems?

As many experts would agree, stemless glassware serves a variety of purposes. For large gatherings, outdoor sipping sessions, or those with a more casual feel, stemless glassware is totally appropriate. However, for those looking to truly assess a wine’s character, opting for a glass with a stem is the way to go, as holding the stemless glassware in your hand can greatly alter the temperature (and therefore, aromas / flavors) of the wine. 

What kind of wine goes in stemless glasses?

All styles of wine – sweet, dry, still, or sparkling – of all colors may be consumed out of stemless wine glasses, though be aware of the glass’ opening. Should the tumbler have a much wider opening, bubbles in sparkling wine will dissipate much faster than if used in a narrower glass. 

What's the average capacity of a stemless wine glass?

Most stemless wine glasses clock in around the 15-20 oz. capacity, though options can go as low as 7.5 oz (Bormioli) or up to nearly 25 oz. (Nude Pure). 

Nude Pure Tumblers

Liquor/Tim Fatato

Why Trust

The items featured in this piece were all tested by Vicki Denig, a wine and travel journalist based between New York and Paris. She is a Certified Specialist of Wine through the Society of Wine Educators. Her work regularly appears on, Wine-Searcher, VinePair and more.

Céline Bossart is a French-American wine writer, which essentially translates to tasting a whole lot of different wines from a whole lot of different vessels. She’s not one to turn her nose up at a stemless glass by any means, especially if it’s been chilled in the freezer on a hot summer night à la Christy Bors.

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