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The 8 Best Stemless Wine Glasses of 2021

No stem? No problem.

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Wine professionals will often say that holding a glass by its stem is typically ideal, as it keeps your wine’s temperature by avoiding heat transfer from your hand to the bowl of the glass. In certain situations (think opening a special vintage), this rule of thumb should be honored, but ultimately, your personal preferences matter the most. Many experts agree, including Christy Bors, head of brand at “I have the pleasure of working and chatting with dozens of winemakers a day, so I always get to pick their brains with questions like these.” She elaborates, “The best advice I’ve received is to drink wine in a way that makes the wine most enjoyable for you—that could mean a fine Riedel, a stemless glass, a vintage coupe or a tumbler you have nearby.” In addition to Bors' personal favorite, the Riedel glasses, here are the best stemless wine glasses for all occasions.

Best Overall: NUDE Pure Bourgogne Glasses

NUDE Pure Bourgogne Wine Glasses, Set of 4

Turkish glassware brand NUDE has quickly become a cult favorite within wine circles around the world. With a wide variety of glassware across wine and spirits categories, its stemless Burgundy glasses are a standout. The thin, lead-free crystal vessels are designed to enhance any light- to medium-bodied red or medium- to full-bodied white. (Though if you’re not fussy, you can use them for just about anything).

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Best Budget: Bormioli Rocco Bodega Glasses

Bormioli Rocco Bodega Mini Glass Tumbler

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Bormioli Rocco's glassware offers great quality and smart design without breaking the bank. As a wine writer, I’m frequently tasting different wines from all over the world, and while I appreciate fine stemware, I do find simplicity and affordability really refreshing—and I’m not alone. Florence Fabricant, a renowned food and wine writer, also appreciates these small Bormioli Rocco bodega glasses, which are a go-to for wine drinkers all over northern Spain, she says. The best part? The chip-resistant, 7.5-ounce wine glasses can be used for other purposes. Fabricant recommends serving dishes like panna cotta, condiments and ice cream in them. They also make for an excellent toasting vessel at any gathering, big or small.

Best Splurge: Zalto Denk'Art Tumbler

Zalto is widely favored among industry experts and wine enthusiasts when it comes to fine glassware. If you’re looking to invest in stemless (or stemmed) glasses, this Austrian brand is a good place to start. Zalto’s Denk'Art collection, which draws its inspiration from the tilt angles of the earth, offers a curated selection of crystal glasses, including an ultra-thin and lightweight stemless glass. In addition to enhancing the experience of any wine, these 13-ounce vessels are versatile enough to make great water and cocktail glasses. Best of all, they are dishwasher safe. The tumbler-style glasses are also hand-blown and lead-free.

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Most Durable: BrüMate Uncork'd XL Wine Tumbler

BrüMate Uncork'd XL Wine Tumbler


Stemless drinkware and outdoor sipping go hand-in-hand—particularly when the material of the vessel is durable and insulating. Available in various colors and patterns, BrüMate’s XL wine tumbler features the brand's BevGuard technology, which keeps your wine (or other chilled drink) ice-cold without imparting any metallic flavor to it. These 14-ounce stemless tumblers and their splash-proof lids are ideal for outdoor drinking in any scenario. Note that while the lid is dishwasher safe, the tumbler itself must be hand-washed. 

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Best for Red Wine: Riedel 'O' Stemless Wine Glasses

Riedel "O" Stemless Cabernet/Merlot Red Wine Tumbler (8-pack)

Courtesy of

"I love Riedel stemless wine glasses because they never knock over or break unexpectedly and are easy to cup in your hand," says Bors. "This set is crystal and keeps cool for a while. I personally love sticking them in the freezer wrapped with a wet paper towel for 30 minutes before using—then you can really enjoy the perfect glass of chilled wine on a hot summer night." These glasses often come in a value set (which is never a bad thing) and though they’re pure crystal, the glasses are completely dishwasher safe (also never a bad thing).

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Best for White Wine: Stölzle Lausitz Stemless Wine Glass

Calling all minimalist white, rosé and sparkling wine lovers: these architectural crystal glasses by Stölzle Lausitz have won multiple design awards for a reason. While their clean lines might look simple to the untrained eye, the elegantly sloped walls are ideal for aromatic expression, making these stemless glasses excellent for many different wines (including fuller-bodied reds). Think of these as an almost universal glass, and round out your collection with a few varietal-specific styles to cover all bases.

Best Insulating: Eparé Wine Glasses

If a wine's temperature is a priority for you, consider insulating options when shopping for stemless glasses. While stainless steel tumblers are effective at keeping wines chilled for long periods of time, these feel a bit clunky and aren't ideal for more delicate or aromatic wines. That’s where double-walled glass tumblers come in. These 13-ounce Eparé glasses maintain the integrity of a liquid’s intended temperature (whether hot or cold), meaning you can enjoy a double espresso in the morning and some wine at night. Plus, these glasses are both dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Best Dishwasher-Safe: Schott Zwiesel Universal Tumbler

When we think of classic stemless wine glasses, the silhouette of these Schott Zwiesel universal tumblers may come to mind. The 19.1-ounce glasses are lightweight, gossamer-thin and crystal clear. Still, no matter how many times they’re put through the dishwasher, the tumblers hold up well, thanks to the ultra-durable Tritan crystal material. As its name suggests, these universal glasses are extremely versatile and can help any wine shine, all while holding their own in both indoor and outdoor settings.

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