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The 10 Best Nonalcoholic Drinks in 2022

Zero-proof spirits, dealcoholized wine, booze-free craft beer, and beyond.

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Booze… without the booze? You heard us right. Although it may sound counterintuitive, alcohol-free booze has become a booming market and it’s no surprise why. From pregnancies to hangovers to simply focusing on wellness/balance goals, there is a myriad of reasons why imbibers worldwide are choosing to lighten up their alcohol consumption—and producers are noticing.

Though in a sea of nonalcoholic beer, wine, and spirits, knowing what to drink can be tough. We’ve come up with our favorite alcohol-free products for every type of drinker out there. Here are the best nonalcoholic drinks, across several categories, to check out right now.

Best Overall: Leitz Eins-Zwei-Zero Sparkling Rosé

Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Sparkling Rose

Courtesy of D&M Liquors

  • Region: Rheingau, Germany
  • ABV: 0%
  • Tasting Notes: Strawberries, White Flowers, Crushed Rocks

In the realm of alcohol-free wine, Leitz is slaying the game. Whether riesling, sparkling whites, or sparkling rosé (which we’re clearly partial to) are more your thing, these meticulous winemakers have an answer. To create these delicious sippers, winemaker Johannes Leitz partnered with a local producer to figure out how to lower the boiling point of alcohol in wine to preserve the wine aromas while dealcoholizing the wine.

“I have been drinking a lot of Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Riesling (Nonalcoholic), Leitz Eins Rosé Sparkling (Spatburgunder), and Leitz Eins Riesling Sparkling during my pregnancy to feel social and enjoy the aromas, textures, flavors like I would if I were drinking wine,” says Laura Maniec-Fiorvanti, founder of New York's Corkbuzz

“I find them to have similar aromatics to the grapes we know and love,” she says. “The Sparkling Riesling has incredible acidity, and both rosé bubbly and riesling bubbly retain their effervescence even when opened for a week,” Maniec-Fiorvanti suggests pouring the rosé over ice once the wine loses its bubbles. “These products are not synthetic tasting or overtly sweet like other nonalcoholic wines on the market, and even come in cans.”

Best Spirit Alternative: Seedlip

Seedlip 'Spice 94'

Courtesy of Drizly

  • Region: England
  • ABV: 0%
  • Tasting Notes: Cardamom, Spearmint, Citrus (depending on expression)

The only thing better than drinking booze-free products is drinking booze-free products that are carbon neutral, sustainable, and produced with natural ingredients. Seedlip’s lineup of nonalcoholic spirits are produced with an array of herbs and spices, ranging from cardamom to allspice to citrus and beyond. We find these spirits are best enjoyed with a splash of tonic for a unique and booze-free twist on the classic G&T. 

Mack cites that in the realm of alcohol-free booze making, over-sweetness tends to be a major problem. “A well-crafted alcohol-free cocktail still maintains the balance required of a proper cocktail, and it's not impossible to swap in something to provide the support the drink needs,” he says. “Seedlip is the industry favorite for a reason, especially since it offers variety within the brand.”

Best Tequila: Ritual Zero Proof

Ritual Zero Proof Tequila Alternative

Courtesy of Drizly

  • Region: Illinois, USA
  • ABV: 0%
  • Tasting Notes: Agave, Smoke, Lime

Who says giving up alcohol means you need to lose the margaritas? This industry-standard tequila is perfect for all-day sipping, whether beachside, poolside, or simply enjoying happy hours at home. The ‘spirit’ is loaded with clean flavors of agave, charred oak, and cracked sea salt. 

“Whatever the reason you're going booze-free, the reason you're reaching for this product is to get enjoyment,” says Mack. “If I’m judging a nonalcoholic product for how good it is, the bottom line—as with any other beverage—should be ‘do I want to take another sip?’” he says, noting that the current market for these products is so much larger than what it was even two years ago, and that thankfully, many of the options have gotten better.

Best Wine: Luminara Non-Alcoholic Napa Red Blend

Luminara Red Blend Napa Alcohol Removed

Courtesy of Total Wine

  • Region: California, USA
  • ABV: 0%
  • Tasting Notes: Black Cherries, Vanilla, Sweet Spice 

This alcohol-removed red blend from California’s renowned Napa Valley isn’t exactly the real stuff, but it’s pretty close. Bold flavors of black cherry, vanilla, and sweet spice lead to a lingering, oak-driven finish. Sip with juicy steaks, mushroom burgers, or roasted meats and veggies for a delicious pairing.

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Best Aperitif: Lyre’s Italian Spritz

Lyre's Italian Spritz

Courtesy of The Whisky Exchange

  • Region: NSW, Australia
  • ABV: 0%
  • Tasting Notes: Citrus, Bitter Herbs, Rhubarb 

Craving a taste of your last trip to Italy? This Italian-inspired premade spritz is just the ticket. Produced in the heart of New South Wales Australia, this delicious aperitif infuses orange, rhubarb, and other fresh herbs to create this refreshing drink. Mix with soda water or tonic, add a few fresh citrus slices, and you’ll mentally be on your way to Venice in no time.

Best Mocktails: Curious Elixirs

Curious Elixirs

Courtesy of Curious Elixirs

  • Region: Hudson Valley, New York
  • ABV: 0%
  • Tasting Notes: Varies by ‘cocktail’ 

For a one-stop-shop for all of your booze-free needs, these pre-made mocktails by Curious Elixirs are as good as it gets. Produced in New York’s Hudson Valley, each ‘elixir’ is produced with organic ingredients and no refined sugar. Whether negronis (Curious No. 1), ‘a lovechild of the pineapple margarita and Dark & Stormy’ (No. 2), or a smoked cherry chocolate infused Old Fashioned (No. 5) is more your thing, there’s a premade Elixir for every curious palate out there. Taste the range with the monthly variety pack!

Best Mixer: Liber & Co.

Liber & Co Fiery Ginger Syrup

Courtesy of Minibar Delivery

  • Region: Austin, Texas
  • ABV: 0%
  • Tasting Notes: Grenadine, Citrus, Ginger (varied by syrup) 

Simply need a non-boozy mixer? Liber & Co has your back. From Almond Orgeat Syrup to Blood Orange Cordial to Real Grenadine, Gum Syrups, and beyond, crafting mocktails (or lower-ABV cocktails, when mixed with standard booze) has never been easier. Taste the gamut for yourself.

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Best for On-the-Go: Bravus Nonalcoholic Raspberry Gose

Bravus Non-Alcoholic Raspberry Gose

Courtesy of Walmart

  • Region: California, USA
  • ABV: Less than 0.5%
  • Tasting Notes: Tart Raspberries, Blood Orange, Sea Salt 

What’s fruit-driven, sour, and promises to satisfy both beer and natural wine lovers alike? Enter Gose, one of the craft beer world’s most popular brews of the moment. This raspberry-flavored sour beer is tart, tasty, and undeniably refreshing. Best enjoyed chilled, beneath the sun, and amongst friends. 

Mack notes that he’s sampled plenty of beers that he didn't realize were nonalcoholic until after he took a couple of sips and was told so. “But facsimile isn't always the key: I would rather have a refreshing riff on a style than force myself to choke down something that's desperately trying to be [something that it’s not] and can’t pull it off,” he says. We couldn’t agree more.

Best for Crafting Cocktails: Wilderton Nonalcoholic Spirits

Wilderton Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Courtesy of Wilderton

  • Region: Portland, Oregon (USA)
  • ABV: 0%
  • Tasting Notes: Spice, Wood, Smoke (Earthen) or Citrus, Herbs, Flowers (Lustre)

Love G&Ts, Rum Punches, or other fruit juice heavy cocktails? Then Wilderton has the answer to all of your summer cocktail needs. The brand’s two flavors, Earthen and Lustre, provide a solid base for summer-friendly cocktails everywhere. 

“Our aim was to create a new breed of bold nonalcoholic liquids worthy of playing a part in the growing mixology culture,” says Brad Whiting, co-founder, and CEO of Wilderton.

“Unlike other nonalcoholic spirits brands, Wilderton was founded by distillers who make the liquids ourselves, drawing on techniques spanning craft distilling, perfume making and tea production.” Wilderton came from a 15-year career in the traditional spirits industry and was fascinated by the art, science, and mystique of distilling, yet couldn’t find anyone bringing that sensibility to the nonalcoholic spirits sector. At Wilderton, he seeks to change that.

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