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The 10 Best Martini Glasses of 2022, According to Experts

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Best Martini Glasses

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Vodka or gin, dirty or dry—no matter how you like your Martini, all will end up in the same Martini glass. But nowadays, these glasses aren't confined to the traditional V-shaped style. "There are no hard rules here," says Heather Perkins, bar manager of DiAnoia's Eatery in Pittsburgh. There are rounded Nick and Nora glasses, cut crystal glasses, and vintage-inspired coupes, and all will do an excellent job of holding a Martini.

Here are the best Martini glasses to drink from today.

Best Overall: Riedel Nick & Nora Cocktail Glass

Riedel Crystal Nick & Nora Glass

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"Riedel’s Nick and Nora glasses are my personal favorite Martini glass," says Adam Rowe, bar manager of Leon’s Full Service in Decatur, Ga. These glasses were made in collaboration with spirits expert Zane Harris, after years of research to create the perfect glass for every cocktail. 

With a curved silhouette and an elongated lip, these glasses are a top choice for bartenders, as the liquid is less likely to spill in the glass. They're also machine-made (read: inexpensive, but still quality) and designed to have the liquid hit your mid-palate in every sip without having to tilt your head back. 

"They're great for amaro-driven stirred drinks, as well as light and bright shaken aperitifs, in addition of course to classic Martinis," says Rowe. The 4-ounce glasses are dishwasher safe.

Good to Know:

When picking a Martini glass, “Pay attention to how it feels in your hand,” says Perkins. “Just like Goldilocks—[it] can't be too big and certainly can't be too small to hold the liquid gold itself without spilling.”

Best Stemless: JoyJolt Aqua Vitae Martini Glasses

Built to withstand any accidents, JoyJolt’s stemless Martini glasses are crafted from durable, dishwasher-safe, lead-free crystal. The two octagonal glasses have a unique, off-base design with an ergonomically curved edge, so they will nestle comfortably in your hand. The 8-ounce glasses also come in an embossed box—making them perfect for gifting to the Martini lover in your life.

Note that the stem of a Martini glass helps keep hand heat away from the chilled liquid, so be cautious about holding this glass for too long. 

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Best Budget: Schott Zwiesel Tritan Pure Martini Glasses

This Schott Zwiesel glass channels the classic design of a V-shaped Martini glass with a contemporary approach. The bowl of the glass is suspended on a whisper-thin stem, with an angular lip to prevent sloshing or spilling. While the glass has an elongated, sophisticated silhouette, it’s dishwasher safe and constructed from chip-resistant glassware. Each glass has a 12-ounce capacity. 

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Best V-Shaped: Marquis by Waterford Crosby Martini Glasses

V-shaped glasses are not always ideal for Martinis as they're top-heavy, but Waterford’s crystal glasses are an exception. Waterford Crystal is one of the most prestigious glassware options out there. While original Waterford pieces are costly, the brand’s Marquis line offers the same quality at a lower price.

Made with genuine crystal, these 7-ounce glasses feature the brand’s signature geometric grid-cut pattern. The heavier weight of the crystal also adds stability.

Note that it's recommended to wash these glasses by hand.

Best Nick and Nora: Zelda Fitzgerald "New Yorker" Cocktail Glass

"The Nick and Nora is my personal favorite glass for cocktails in general," says Tanner Agar, owner of Rye in McKinney, Texas. The glass is named after Nick and Nora Charles, a fictional couple from the 1934 comedy-mystery film, "The Thin Man."

With delicate etchings and a gold rim, these glasses combine charming, retro-inspired designs with the precision and quality of modern glassware. Each glass is also heat tempered so that it's resistant to chips or breaks. At around 6 ounces, the glasses are perfect for cocktails or Champagne.

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Best Coupe: BarConic Coupe Glass

"For my money, I would never want to drink a Martini out of anything but a coupe glass," says Jordan Johnson, head bartender at The Register. "As a bartender who is always thinking about the beauty of the finished product, the coupe glass affords a smooth curvature in its lines as well as a slightly tapered mouth. This gives you the ability to position the garnish closer to the center of the glass, which keeps all aromatic elements of the garnish closer to home."

This particular iteration is an excellent entry-level option. With a 7-ounce capacity, the coupes feature a standard lip and solid pressed glass construction. They're also ideal for weddings, celebrations and other special events.

Most Stylish: NUDE Savage Coupe

Savage Coupe

"What I love about the Savage Coupe is that it is a modern twist on the classic coupe," says Mark Addison, author of "Cocktail Chameleon." "With its elegant, elongated stem and exaggerated minimalist silhouette, it makes an ideal vessel for sophisticated-looking cocktails as well as sparkling beverages. And the fact that it's crafted with traditional glassmaking techniques from lead-free crystal with an affordable price tag makes it even more appealing."

Designed by renowned bartender Rémy Savage, these 8-ounce coupes from Nude may look delicate, but they're built to last.

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Best Splurge: Baccarat Crystal Narcisse Champagne Coupe

Luxury brand Baccarat has reintroduced a range of its best-loved glasses from the last 300 years of production, including the Narcisse Champagne Coupe. Handmade in France, these splurge-worthy crystal coupes feature an off-center design.

“The cut crystal asymmetrical stem and straight-edged off-center bowl shape give it an ultra-funky flare,” says Addison. He favors these glasses not just for Martinis, but also for a variety of cocktails. “When I want to give a simple straight-up cocktail like a Martini with a single olive or a Margarita with a lime twist and extra twist, I reach for my ultra-chic Narcisse coupes," he says.

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Most Durable: Libbey Georgian Irish Coffee Glass

Though not a conventional Martini glass option, this Libbey glass is a favorite of Ross Simon's, owner of Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour in Phoenix. When looking for sturdy, yet elegant glassware, he was "drawn to these unique Irish Coffee Glasses."

The glasses do a stellar job of holding a hot Irish Coffee, but the flared bowl and thick pedestal foot also makes them suitable for chilled drinks—or for your second Martini. With a 6-ounce capacity, this is a durable, versatile glass for a bar setting.

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