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The 10 Best Gifts for Champagne Lovers in 2022, According to Experts

Go beyond the bubbly with these sparkling picks.

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They say that nothing shows you care like a bottle of booze, though when it comes to thoughtfully gifting, offering something beyond a simple bottle can actually be quite rewarding. Everyone’s got a Champagne lover in their life who likely doesn’t need another bottle of wine. So what’s a gift-giver to do? Rather than passing off a generic bottle of bubs, we’ve rounded up 10 perfect gifts for the Champagne aficionado in your life. Check out our picks below and see what experts across the country have to say!

Best Overall: Riedel Veritas Champagne Glass

 Riedel Veritas Champagne Glass

Courtesy of Amazon

Regardless of what’s in your glass, serving it in high-quality glassware is an infallible way to ensure that your wine shines. In a sea of glassware companies, Riedel continues to stand out. Known for their thinness, lightness, and varietal-specific stems, these durable-yet-impeccable glasses are beloved by consumers and industry folk alike. The Veritas Champagne glass is unique, in that its both flute and egg-shaped, which allows for optimal release of aromas and formation of bubbles. Each glass is machine-blown in Germany, made from crystal, and measures 5 inches in diameter. (Note: Although dishwasher safe, we recommend rinsing these delicate stems by hand.) 

Claudette Silber, wine director at The Continental, recommends Riedel Veritas Champagne Wine Glasses, as they’re more reminiscent of white wine glasses than flutes. “It makes the experience that much more pleasurable, as the glass allows the wide range of aromatics of a Champagne to unfold,” she says. “Unlike a flute, the egg-shaped design empowers the complex layers to grow and intensify, and the larger rim diameter enables them to be released in a way which is not achieved with a narrow glass.” Silber notes that the glass also includes a ‘sparkling point’ to aid in the formation of bubbles. 

Best Splurge: Petrossian Caviar

Petrossian Caviar

Courtesy of Petrossian

For the luxurious Champagne lover who loves to indulge, grabbing a tin of Petrossian caviar is a no-brainer. The company has spent nearly 100 years perfecting their caviar, which is available in a handful of varieties. Those looking for something legendary and robust, check out the Osstera offerings; for adventurous eaters, the Kaluga Huso hybrid is where it’s at, and for something simple-yet-fresh, a tin of Sevruga promises to satisfy. Not sure where to begin? Check out Petrossian’s Caviar Concierge program. 

“For any Champagne lover, caviar brings additional layers of complexity to your Champagne, as well as adds elegance to your evening,” says Serguei Aver, boutique general manager and project development specialist at Petrossian. Aver notes that depending on the caviar, hints of brininess, nuttiness, or butter can all be present on the palate, which pair beautifully with Champagne. “Rinsing those flavors with a sip of your favorite Champagne will astonish your taste buds,” he affirms.

Best Wall Decor: Vintage Champagne Poster

Vintage Champagne Poster

Courtesy of

Champagne lovers with an eye for decor will absolutely get a kick out of this vintage Champagne poster. Inspired by the wines of Joseph Perrier, this bubbly piece of art will add some serious character to any Champagne lover’s living space or bar area—especially when the bottles aren’t too far away.

Choose from three frame options (Classic, Premium, or Signature), or simply snag the print on its own and find a unique frame to personalize the piece—antique shopping, anyone? 

Best Budget-Friendly: Crate & Barrel Nattie Champagne Glasses

Crate & Barrel Nattie Champagne Glasses

Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

Although the majority of wine industry pros would likely agree that egg-shaped flutes (see the Riedel Veritas glass above) are best for showcasing all of Champagne’s unique aromas and flavors, there’s no denying that a simple set of flutes instantly adds a celebratory feel to any at-home drinking session.

These tulip-shaped glasses from Crate & Barrel add a modern-day touch to this classic glassware shape. Each flute is machine-blown, made in Slovakia, and measures 1.75 inches in diameter—best of all, a six-pack will run you less than 30 bucks. Affordable gift-giving never looked so classy.

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Best Beauty Product: Caudalie Vinoperfect Peel Mask

Caudalie Vinoperfect Peel Mask

Courtesy of Amazon

For the skin-care-obsessed friend or family member in your life, Caudalie’s Vinoperfect Peel Mask makes the perfect present. Crafted from patented viniferine, glycolic acid, and natural AHA, this corrective mask promises to help alleviate dark spots, brighten and even skin tone, and exfoliate skin in a gentle and reparative way. Simply apply, leave on for ten minutes, and rinse with water. For best results, Caudalie recommends using the mask two times per week, in conjunction with other Vinoperfect products; we confidently suggest using said mask in a warm bath with a great playlist, paired with your favorite bottle of bubbles. What could be better? 

Best for the Bookworm: But First, Champagne by David White

But First, Champagne: A Modern Guide to the World's Favorite Wine

Courtesy of Amazon

Champagne lovers looking for a bit of context behind the wine will absolutely love this regional guide from David White, formerly of Grape Collective and founder of In this account, White delves into the history of the Champagne region and its wine. He also elaborates on how the market is evolving—and which producers to look out for along the way. Cozy up with your favorite bottle and dive in. 

When it comes to having your educational Champagne bases covered, White’s got your back. 

What Our Experts Say

“The first half is all about the history of Champagne (both the wine and region) up to the present “grower revolution,” while the second half is an indispensable reference to all the different producers from the Grand Marquees to the tiniest cult cool kids.”Joe Billesbach, sommelier at Atlanta-based Willow Bar, The Betty, and St. Julep

Best for the Curious Drinker: MHONFL Wine Decanter

MHONFL Wine Decanter,100% Lead-Free Crystal Decanter

Courtesy of Amazon

The topic of whether or not to decant Champagne is a long-debated one; our solution? Simply try for yourself! This lead-free crystal decanter is smooth, shiny, and durable. Each product is hand-blown and includes a special brush for cleaning. We chose this specific decanter for a few reasons: it’s affordable, it’s elegant, and most importantly, its small opening ensures that your bubbles won’t immediately go flat.

"Decanting champagne gives it the opportunity to fully express itself and release all its beautiful aromas," says Mathieu Roland-Billecart, 7th Generation and CEO of Billecart-Salmon. “Decanting Champagne lets the wine breathe and show all of its complexity,” he continues. Billecart-Salmon recently released a carafe/decanter gift box, complete with a bottle of their Brut Sous Bois NV Champagne. 

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Best for the Relaxation Seeker: Andrée Jardin x Fer à Cheval Marseille Soap Stand & Brush

Andrée Jardin x Fer à Cheval Marseille Soap Stand & Brush

courtesy of Food52

Forget caviar, chocolate, and other salty snacks—we believe that the best thing that pairs with a bottle of bubbles is, well, actual bubbles (from a bathtub, of course)—and what would a relaxing, bubbly-filled bath be without some artisanal soap? We recommend seeking out handmade, organic soaps that are scent-free, as strong perfumes can interfere with wine-drinking experiences, no matter how great they may smell. Check out this beautiful boxed set option, a collaboration between craftsman brushier, Andrée Jardin and artisanal soap producer Fer à Cheval. Produced in Marseille from all-natural ingredients (vegetable oil, seawater, ash, and lye), this luxurious soap promises a restorative, scent-free experience.

For those who aren’t keen on baths, Christopher Struck, beverage director at New York’s ilili recommends indulging in a hot shower while drinking a bottle of grower Champagne directly from the bottle. “This hedonistic self-care tradition necessitates that one drinks the bottle fast enough so that the heat of the shower doesn’t improperly warm the wine, but not so quickly that the carbonation gets you,” he says. “It also necessitates using an unscented soap for the washing part, so as not to have a scented soap’s prescribed aromas compete with the aromas going on in the wine.” For gifting, Struck recommends tying a small block of artisanal soap onto the neck of a bottle of Champagne for “double the bubble trouble.”

Best for the Plant Lover: Decorative Riddling Rack

Decorative Riddling Rack

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Does the Champagne lover in your life also have a green thumb? Then snagging an old vintage riddling rack is the perfect way to combine all of their passions into one gorgeous, wine-inspired piece of décor. While seeking out an actual vintage rack from past sellers will certainly add a bit of authenticity and complexity to the story, snagging this decorative option from Pottery Barn is an accessible and appealing choice.

“For the Champagne lover, I’d buy an old riddling rack off eBay or from a consignment store, then I’d convert it to a hanging garden, with succulents, air plants, and pothos,” says Erin Scala, beverage director at Common House. “It’s more of a home decor gift, but it will remind them of the origins of Champagne every day.” 

Best for the Life of the Party: Champagne Saber

Champagne Saber

Courtesy of Williams Somona

Say what you will, but nothing gets a crowd going like (successfully) sabering a bottle of bubbles. Originally made popular by Napoleon, who would victoriously saber bottles of Champagne to celebrate, this extravagant practice has been seeing a revolution like never before. To execute, simply slide the blade along the molding line of your Champagne bottle. When the blade hits its lip, the top of the bottle should break off in one piece. This stainless steel saber from Williams Sonoma is crafted with a polished-mirror finish and a sleek wooden box for storage. Note: Use with caution, excessive force not required. 

“Since Champagne and celebration often go hand-in-hand, what better way to begin a celebratory toast than by sabering a bottle?” ponders Seth Dunagan, wine director at Birmingham-based Helen. “Sabers [are] a great addition to those fun special occasions that call for a little something extra,” he says. Note: Dunagan recommends watching a tutorial on how to properly saber a bottle to ensure safety first.

Final Verdict

For us, the best gifts for Champagne lovers is ultimately dictated by the recipient’s personal preferences. Are they a beauty fanatic? Look to wine-focused skincare and body care products. Aspiring interior designer? Seek out posters, furniture, and unique glassware. Regardless of preference, one thing’s for sure—Champagne-focused gifts for sparkling wine lovers are always made better when given with an actual bottle of wine. 


How much lead time do you need to order gifts around the holidays?

Although every business will have its own unique shipping times, we recommend placing orders with boutique shops with approximately 2-3 weeks notice. For local deliveries, shorter shipping times will likely apply, though we always say better safe than sorry. 

Is there actual Champagne in candies/beauty products?

No, most beauty products and sweet treats boasting “Champagne” on the label do not actually contain alcohol, though be sure to check the label’s details for a definitive answer. 

Can you ship alcohol?

No, consumers are not eligible to ship alcohol, as a specific license is required. The best way to go about getting alcohol shipped is to order directly from your local wine store and have them coordinate the details for you.

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