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The 9 Best Drinking Board Games of 2022

Grab your drink and spin the dice.

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There is no shortage of drinking games in the world, including Kings, beer pong, “Never Have I Ever" and flip cup. But rules for each game vary greatly from friend group to friend group. So, skip the debates over who sunk what cup and opt for adult-ready drinking games. 

These games are specifically designed to pair with drinking, from amped-up trivia to saucier card games. And now that we’re grown up, we can play them with excellent cocktails, great wine or craft beer—no more of the saccharine swill we drank in our younger years. 

Whether you’re a beer drinker, a wine lover or someone who just likes to party, there are plenty of drinking games that will make you skip flip cup. For groups of two, four, eight and beyond, here are the best drinking board games for every party setting.

Best Overall: These Cards Will Get You Drunk

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

Courtesy of Walmart

If the name is any indicator, these cards are designed to get you, well, feeling fun. But don’t feel obligated to drink alcohol—these cards are just as fun whether you’re imbibing or not. The directions are simple: pick a card, follow the rules detailed on the card, and, inevitably, someone drinks. Rules range from the simple (“The person after you drinks'') to the kookier, “Everyone wearing a shirt with buttons drinks” and “The person after you can dare you to do anything.” Refuse, and you’re drinking.

It’s not a particularly skill-testing game, but if you’re looking for an easy option to please a crowd, this one is for you. There are over 200 cards in the deck, so every game is slightly different. It's also best played with two to eight players.

Best Strategy: Unstable Unicorns NSFW

Though this game centers around collecting and protecting seven unicorns like the regular Unstable Unicorns (a cult-favorite game that gained Kickstarter fame), this NSFW pack isn’t for children: it has an age rating of 21 and above. The creative cards pit you against your friends through a series of quirky challenges. It’s essentially the same strategy as the original version, but this version sprinkles in cards and tasks that aren’t quite appropriate for younger crowds. Note that this game does have a learning curve, but once you understand the rules, it’s easy to play.

For more daring friend groups, Unstable Unicorns has optional rules for stripping and drinking more. Play this game with one other person or a group of up to eight. It takes an average of 30 to 45 minutes to play.

Even more, fans of the game can collect one of the dozen expansion packs, including an NSFW expansion pack, a Christmas pack and collectible mini unicorn figures. 

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Best Board Game: DRINK-A-PALOOZA

DRINK-A-PALOOZA Party Board Game

Courtesy of Walmart

This juggernaut of a drinking game combines all your favorite old-school games, both drinking and from childhood. The entire board is set up like a Monopoly-style grid, with a Solo cup holding court in the center.

À la Monopoly, players take turns moving around the edge of the board, following the directions on the space they land on. Each person plays to collect mini-bottles of beer: the first one to a six-pack wins. Challenges along the way include group games like Waterfall and Quarters to individual games like beer pong and flip cup. As such, be sure to play it on a waterproof surface like an outdoor or kitchen table.

The game comes with everything you need to play, including ping-pong balls, playing cards, dice, game pieces, a board and mini-bottles. Up to 12 people can play at once. 

Best Funny: Telestrations After Dark

Consider Telestrations After Dark the adult version of the party board game by the same name. Just like the original version, participants take turns drawing a picture and passing it around the circle, combining Pictionary and Broken Telephone for laugh-inducing results.

But unlike the old-school board game, Telestrations After Dark has an adult-edge: card prompts will veer to the weird, hilarious and saucy. The game includes over 1,200 different word prompts, erasable color-coiled sketchbooks, dry erase markers, clean-up cloths and drink coasters. This game is ideal for four to eight players, and it’s great for quick sessions—games can be played in under 15 minutes. 

Best Beer-Themed: Beeropoly


Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This one’s for the beer drinkers: this sudsy option combines the conviviality of a board game with the brewing knowledge of the beer world. Much like the drinking game Kings, players take turns trotting their way around the board going through a series of hopped-up challenges, from dance battles to communal drinks to question rules. The winner must drink the Community Cup. 

But unlike Kings, all of the prompts are laid out on a handsome pine wood board, with included bottle cap pieces to add to the theme, plus a set of dice. Each board is handcrafted in the United States. 

While the board is catered to beer drinkers, any beverage can be consumed with this game from wine to water to cocktails. 

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Best Wine-Themed: Wine Wars Trivia

The Wine Wars Trivia game is made for oenophiles. And the nerdy ones at that: this game tests everything from your knowledge of making wine and growing grapes to the who’s who of winemaking. Tidbits range from nerdy factoids to spirited trivia. Each set includes 150 cards (750 questions), six game boards, 90 game pieces and one die. 

This drinking game is also a great way to brush up on your knowledge of the wine world: use the cards to quiz yourself or just play casually. However, if you’re looking for an easy game, look elsewhere—the trivia questions are real head-scratchers, even for serious wine lovers.

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Best Card Game: Drunk Stoned or Stupid

This hilarious game is perfect for close friends. Draw a card, and test how well you know your pals. Each card has a statement, and players have to guess who is the most likely to do what shows up on it. Think, “Wake up with half a burrito in bed,” “Is allergic to everything,” “Have a 20-minute conversation with Siri” or “Sings, but shouldn’t.” (While this game is good for close friends, it can get a bit awkward with new acquaintances.)

There’s no real rhyme or reason to the game, other than having a laugh with pals. Over 250 different cards are included in the box, though the company offers several other expansion packs. 

Best for Two: Tipsy Tower

This isn’t quite a board game, but Jenga certainly falls in the canon of classic games. Build the tower and choose the best block to pull out. Once you successfully excavate your block, follow the command on it. Each block has a different task, ranging from drinking rules (“Take a shot,” “Girls drink,” “Waterfall”) to the more ridiculous (“Floor is Lava!,” “Never Have I Ever”).

The rest of the game follows typical Jenga rules. Players take turns going around the circle, and the first one to make the tower fall has to finish their drink. Each set includes 54 blocks with 35 different rules and tasks.

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Best for Multiple Players: Fear Pong

In this new take on the classic game of beer pong, each player has a card and places it under a cup. The game unfolds as normal, but when a ball lands in a cup, the owner of the cup must follow what’s written on the card or drink the entire cup. The card prompts are not for the faint of heart: they range from “Take a selfie inside your mouth and tag a local orthodontist" to “Sing a sexy song at the top of your lungs for one minute.” Participants choose from two dares per card. 

Because the game gets a little messy, all cards are waterproof. The set comes with 100 cards, 200 dares total. There are also 12 blank coasters to write your own cards, plus two red ping-pong balls. Overall, this game is perfect for adding a little spice to a party or birthday. 

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