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The 7 Best Coupe Glasses of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

The Nude Savage Coupe tops our list.

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Best Coupe Glasses

Liquor / Chloe Jeong

While they might not be the ideal shape for sparkling wines (unless you’re sipping rather quickly), there's no denying that coupe glasses make for an especially fun vessel for sipping, toasting, and serving cocktails. Coupes also happen to be one of the most photogenic cocktail glass silhouettes out there.

Whether you’re planning for a Champagne tower at your next event or an evening making Daiquiris at home, there are plenty of reasons to keep a good set of these at the ready. To help with your search for the best coupe glasses available, we've carefully home-tested our favorite pieces in different categories for cocktails, bubbly and beyond. Some of the attributes in which we rated each item include design, quality, size, durability and overall value. We also looked at each glass felt in the hand, the thickness of the rim and length of the stem, how the shape of the bowl affected the aromas and taste, and whether or not it was easily cleaned.

After considering all of this, our pick for the best option overall is the Nude Savage Coupe Glass.

Read on for an in-depth look at all of our favorite coupe glasses for bubbly and beyond.

Best Overall

Nude Savage Coupe Glasses

NUDE GLASS Savage Coupe Glass, Set Of 2


  • (Surprisingly) affordable

  • Unique and beautiful

  • Very tall

  • Delicate

“I'm incredibly particular about glassware––how it feels in my hand texturally, the balance, the glassmaking technique, and the size of the bowl,” says bartender and drinks writer Tyler Zielinski. “NUDE glassware is my top recommendation nine times out of 10 because of how affordable these glasses are given their quality."

He adds, "French bartender Remy Savage has his own line of glassware with the brand, and his coupes are stunning. They're tall, elegant, and can be found at some of the best cocktail bars in the world (I recently had a cocktail served in one at Artesian in London).”

Our home tester fell in love with these Nude Savage Coupe glasses, noting that they’re incredibly tall and have a gorgeous shallow bowl that makes even your laziest of drinks look high-end. We found the glass to be paper thin, and the wider bowl really allowed the cocktail to flow over the palate. We also thought that the capacity for these glasses was well thought out. At 7.5 ounces a 4-ounce and 6-ounce cocktail is safe from sloshing about and looks great because the coupe is flat on the bottom, and a lower or higher wash line won't look out of place.

During testing, we noticed that these glasses are slightly too tall for a standard dishwasher rack, but with crystal like this, you will want to hand wash it regardless.

What Our Testers Say

"I love this glass. It's architecturally gorgeous, and the crystal detailing really shows off that NUDE knows beverages. I would sip every cocktail out of this glass."Kate Dingwall, Product Tester

Nude Savage Coupe Glass / Kate Dingwall

Capacity: 7.75 ounces | Height: 6.75 inches | Number of Glasses: 2

Best Budget

IKEA STORHET Champagne Coupe

STORHET Champagne coupe, clear glass, 10 oz


  • Fantastic for the price point

  • Large capacity

  • Dishwasher-safe

  • Thick glass

If you’re a glassware fanatic, choosing the perfect style can be difficult, so some drinks professionals simply don’t choose. Instead, they stock a healthy variety of silhouettes, sizes, and quality levels. “I love a classic high-low mix,” says creative director and drinks expert Larissa Greer, who uses coupe glasses as a go-to for drink styling. “My current picks are a mixed set of Italian reproduction coupes from Food52, a sparkling 1950’s hand-cut crystal pair that I found on eBay, and of course, IKEA.”

That said, we put the classic Ebba Strandmark-designed STORHET glass, available individually from IKEA to the test. Our tester was surprised at how high-end these coupes felt, particularly given the price point. It holds 10 ounces of liquid and is simple, sturdy, and extremely affordable—perfect if you need to stock up for a photoshoot, event, or the like.

These coupes are lead-free and dishwasher-safe. No one will guess they’re Ikea.

Ikea Coupe / Kate Dingwall

Capacity: 10 ounces | Height: 6 inches | Number of Glasses: 2

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Best Vintage-Inspired

Godinger Champagne Coupe

Godinger Champagne Coupe Barware Glasses - Set of 4, 6oz., Dublin Crystal Collection


  • Durable

  • High-end appeal

  • Low-effort vintage alternative

  • Thick glass

  • Small capacity

  • Heavy

It’s always worth keeping an eye out for good second-hand glassware at vintage, consignment, and thrift stores, but until you find your perfect match, you can get a brand-new set inspired by vintage designs. (Plus, with vintage crystal you run the risk of finding some with lead.) For this reason, we put the vintage-inspired Godinger Champagne Coupes to the test.

These surprisingly sturdy etched 4-ounce glasses are handcrafted from their Dublin Crystal Collection, are lead-free, and come in a set of four. Our tester appreciated that while these look high-end, they’re incredibly durable. Drop them, knock them over—they’ll survive. They’re also easily stackable—did someone say Champagne tower? These are not the whisper-thin crystal of many other glasses on this list. But these glasses have the appearance of cut crystal—that weighty, elegant, expensive (and vintage) feel.

During testing, we found these to be incredibly easy to clean, particularly because they are very durable. While the glasses look pricey, they're relatively safe from drops and spills, plus they are dishwasher safe.

What Our Testers Say

"I like that this offers all the appeals of a cut crystal coupe—etched design, nice weight—without any of the downsides (namely, the potential of lead poisoning). They look expensive, but I'd feel comfortable with serving drinks to my ultra-klutzy sister in these (and she breaks everything)." Kate Dingwall, Product Tester

Godinger Coupe / Kate Dingwall

Capacity: 4 ounces (Note: These are definitely larger than 4 ounces) | Height: 5 inches | Number of Glasses: 4

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Best Design

Nude Big Top Coupe Glass 8 oz.

Nude Glass Big Top 2-Piece Coupe Glass Set

Laks Fifth Avenue

  • Sturdy

  • Unique design

  • Quite a large capacity

  • Pricey

Miranda Breedlove, national director of bars for Hyatt’s lifestyle division, has a particular affinity for these funky coupes by cult-favorite Turkish glassware brand NUDE. “These Art Deco beauties are having a moment for me—I love the shape and they’re also a joy to drink out of,” she says. “I judge a coupe based on whether or not I can walk around, do the usual hand gesture or one-armed hug with it, and not spill. This one passed the test!” (Our home tester seconds this—they’re excellent for folks who talk with their hands!)

NUDE’s Big Top collection, a minimalist line with elegant etching, is made from high-quality lead-free crystal and is inspired by the circus. Our tester initially thought that the coupe seemed small, but the Big Top coupe glass surprisingly holds just over 8 ounces of liquid and she found it perfect for bubbles or cocktails (shaken or stirred). Like our tester, you may find that aesthetically-driven coupe glasses tend to lack the durability and design of a practical, everyday coupe. But she found this coupe to consider both form and function, with high-quality construction and (an Instagram-worthy) design. The wide, shallow bowl and a slightly weighted base make it ideal for walking and talking.

The wide bowl makes it easy to give the glass a rinse after use and the fluted stem means you don't have to be worried about polishing. This glass is completely dishwasher safe.

What Our Testers Say

"This is my perfect coupe. It's got a large capacity, a stable base, durable construction, and it looks incredibly unique. Form meets function at its best. The lip is comparable to all Nude's wine glasses (read: ideal thinness) and while the design isn't traditional, it makes a statement." — Kate Dingwall, Product Tester

Nude Big Top / Kate Dingwall

Capacity: 8 ounces | Height: 6 inches | Number of Glasses: 2

Best for Cocktails

Riedel Crystal Sour Glass, Set of 2

Riedel Crystal Sour Glass (2-pack)

The Liquor.Com Store

  • Excellent for egg white cocktails

  • Retro quality

  • Affordable

  • Nice weight

  • Noticeable seams

  • Small capacity

While there are coupes out there for Martinis and coupes for Champagne, these coupes are designed with a very specific purpose in mind: sours. Riedel partnered with working bartenders to make cocktail-specific glasses, and this particular set was carefully crafted to show off the fluffy foam of a whiskey or pisco sour.

Our tester loved the look and the shape of this glass. While testing, we appreciated that the flared lip delivered the silkiness of the egg white directly across the palate and the more direct boozy notes right to the tip of the tongue. At 7 ounces large, there‘s plenty of room for the cocktail and a full pillow of foam, but we could easily see this elegant glass used for a variety of cocktails.

These glasses are dishwasher-safe.

Capacity: 7 ounces | Height: 6 inches | Number of Glasses: 2

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Best Set

Libbey Greenwich Coupe Cocktail Glasses

Libbey Signature Greenwich Coupe Cocktail Glasses, 8-ounce, Set of 4


  • Affordable

  • Deep

  • Dishwasher-safe

  • Thicker glass

  • Small capacity

Beverage consultant Damon Roseberry has long been a fan of Libbey’s coupes, specifically this 8-ounce model from the brand’s Master’s Reserve collection, available mostly at wholesale. “The shallow depth, wide mouth, and long stem [make] drinks look sleek yet don’t fool a customer into believing they’re being shorted,” he notes.

Libbey glasses are a staple behind bars, so expect durable quality products that don’t sacrifice aesthetics. Our tester appreciated that these glasses feel as if they can withstand rowdy party guests. During testing, we found that the lip was a little thick, but didn't deter us from enjoying the drink. We liked that the bowl is narrow enough that you can balance a skewer or a citrus twirl on it and walk around with the garnish on the glass. We also liked the clarity—as it showcases the colors of a drink.

It's dishwasher safe, so pop it in! Since the glass is on the thicker side, as is the stem, I don't really worry about it breaking in the wash.

What Our Testers Say

"For a budget coupe, you certainly can't tell it's cheap—it's got a nice shape, the glass is sturdy but doesn't deter from the drinking experience, plus it's dishwasher friendly. For sturdy, all-purpose coupes, you can't go wrong with these. Great value!"Kate Dingwall, Product Tester

Libbey Greenwich / Kate Dingwall

Capacity: 8 ounces | Height: 6.5 inches | Number of Glasses: 4

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Best for Gifting

Crafthouse by Fortessa Tritan Coupe Glasses

Crafthouse by Fortessa Professional Barware by Charles Joly, Etched Schott Zwiesel Tritan 8.8 oz Cocktail, Set of 4, 4 Count (Pack of 1), Coupe Glass


  • Highly durable

  • Great for sours

  • Unique design

  • Very tall

Veteran bartenders Jena Lane and Steven Ferreira have part of a set of these stunning Schott Zwiesel coupes, designed in collaboration by award-winning barman Charles Joly. With a capacity of 9.1 ounces and impressive durability, these etched glasses are on the larger side of the coupe glass spectrum, making them great for sours, according to Ferreira. Plus, the sentimental value makes for a great conversation starter. “Any time someone compliments [this] glass, I always tell the story of how it wound up in my possession," he says.

Our tester thought this glass held a standard cocktail well—if a drink is below the washline, the etched markings do a great job of hiding that. We found this glass to be smaller in stature, which we appreciated—not having to worry about knocking it over. Our tester also liked how the bowl curves in slightly—it directs the aromas of the drink towards your nose and palate, similarly to the effects of a wine glass.

These glasses were pretty easy to clean—this glass is dishwasher safe, and because it's shorter you don't have to worry about the stem smashing in the washer.

Capacity: 9.1 ounces | Height: 8.5 inches | Number of Glasses: 4

What Our Testers Say

"This glass is perfect for sours, or other shaken drinks that offer complex aromas - because of the high-quality crystal and the curving bowl, it showcases flavors really well, just as a wine glass would. It's practical and durable but puts flavor to the forefront." — Kate Dingwall, Product Tester

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Final Verdict

We love NUDE’s Savage coupe, primarily for its high-style and surprising durability. If you’re looking for more of a workhorse glass, Libbey and Ikea both offer more heavy-duty, all-purpose coupes. 

Libbey Coupe Glass / Kate Dingwall

Our Testing Process

All of the products featured in this list of coupe glasses have been carefully chosen by our editors and writers. We then sent each of the products directly to the writer for at-home testing. After applying a comprehensive list of methodologies—rating each item through several steps, and ranking them on key attributes tailored to each category—the writer provided personal feedback and captured photos of the items in use.

Some of the attributes we looked for and rated each item on included: design, size, material, quality, and aesthetics of the glass. We looked at how these glasses felt in the hand, the thickness of the rim, how the shape affected the aromas, and the tasting experience. We had our tester taste the beverage after it was poured to evaluate the result. And finally, they tested the product to see how easy it was to clean.

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Ikea Coupe Glass / Kate Dingwall

What to Look For


The glasses on this list vary in size, from a scant 4 ounces to almost 10 ounces. With that in mind, consider the purpose of your coupe. Do you love big fluffy sours, or 3-ounce martinis? If you’re a martini fan, a 4-ounce glass should do just fine, though if you’re looking for a more versatile glass, consider one with a larger capacity. Are you serving Champagne? Any of these capacities will do the trick.


While all of these glasses are coupes, they vary wildly in design. NUDE’s Savage coupes are stilettoed and saucered in shapes. Godinger’s coupes are pulled from another century, with careful cut-crystal design and a heavier weight. Libbey’s glasses are unfussy in design — they act as a blank canvas for your drink — while NUDE’s Big Top coupes are incredibly unique in presentation. 


Are these glasses for parties, or for your quieter 5-o-clock cocktails? If you’re looking for a durable glass, make sure the coupe you choose checks off boxes like dishwasher-safe, sturdy-design, and thick glass (Libbey’s glasses are great for these). If you’re more about aesthetics, NUDE’s glasses are beautiful and highly photogenic, but are far more breakable. 

Goldinger Coupe / Kate Dingwall


Where did coupe glasses originate?

While there are many tall tales about where the coupe glass originated (including one rumor that it’s modeled after Marie Antoinette’s breast), coupe glasses were first found at a 1600s Benedictine monastery. While that was the first iteration of the coupe we sip from today, the ancient Greeks would sip from stemmed, bowl-shaped glasses called Mastos.

How do you pronounce coupe?

Just like the car—coop.

What do you serve in a coupe?

Coupes are incredibly versatile glasses. The rounder bowl shows off a martini well, and they’re particularly great at showcasing fluffy flips and sours. Or, use them for Champagne (though sip it quick - the bubbles will dissipate far quicker than a flute).

Why Trust

Kate Dingwall is an experienced spirits and wine writer. She has been writing about the bar and spirits world for five years. Outside of writing, she is a working sommelier and bartender with her WSET-III. To test these glasses, she served two defining drinks in them — a clear, ice-cold martini to gauge how the lip served high-end spirits and a fluffy Brandy Alexander to test how the glass showcases foam.

Longtime drinks writer Céline Bossart is partial to a cocktail served in a coupe glass and has tested many a vessel over the years. Her great-grandmother’s etched crystal coupes are among her most prized possessions, though she certainly doesn’t mind using more modern (and less fragile) glasses, especially if they’re by NUDE.

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