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The 7 Best Coupe Glasses of 2022, According to Experts

For bubbly and beyond.

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Best Coupe Glasses

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While they might not be the ideal shape for sparkling wines (unless you’re sipping rather quickly), there's no denying that coupe glasses make for an especially fun vessel for sipping, toasting, and serving cocktails. Coupes also happen to be one of the most photogenic cocktail glass silhouettes out there.

Whether you’re planning for a Champagne tower at your next event or an evening making Daiquiris at home, there are plenty of reasons to keep a good set of these at the ready. We asked a handful of pro bartenders to share their all-time favorites. Here are their top picks of the best coupe glasses for bubbly and beyond.

Best Overall: NUDE Savage Coupe Glasses

NUDE Savage Coupe Glasses

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“I'm incredibly particular about glassware––how it feels in my hand texturally, the balance, the glassmaking technique, and the size of the bowl,” says bartender and drinks writer Tyler Zielinski. “NUDE glassware is my top recommendation nine times out of 10 because of how affordable these glasses are given their quality."

He adds, "French bartender Remy Savage has his own line of glassware with the brand, and his coupes are stunning. They're tall, elegant, and can be found at some of the best cocktail bars in the world (I recently had a cocktail served in one at Artesian in London).” Alternatively, Zielinski notes, NUDE’s Hepburn coupes have a deeper bowl, making them a great option for anyone prone to spilling. NUDE’s Savage collection also offers a Coupetini version of its taller, saucer-style classic coupe, featuring a smaller and more sharply-sloped bowl. This particular coupe glass has a 7.5-ounce capacity.

Best Budget: IKEA STORHET Champagne Coupe

IKEA STORHET Champagne Coupe

 Courtesy of Ikea

If you’re a glassware fanatic, choosing the perfect style can be difficult, so some drinks professionals simply don’t choose––instead, they stock a healthy variety of silhouettes, sizes, and quality levels. “I love a classic high-low mix,” says creative director and drinks expert Larissa Greer, who uses coupe glasses as a go-to for drink styling. “My current picks are a mixed set of Italian reproduction coupes from Food52, a sparkling 1950’s hand-cut crystal pair that I found on eBay, and of course, IKEA.”

The classic Ebba Strandmark-designed STORHET glass, available individually from IKEA, holds 10 ounces of liquid and is simple, sturdy, and extremely affordable––perfect if you need to stock up for a photoshoot, event, or the like. These coupes are lead-free and are dishwasher safe.

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Best Vintage-Inspired: Godinger Champagne Coupe

Godinger Champagne Coupes

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“My daughter has impeccable taste in glassware at 7 [years old],” says Evan Geske, a bartender in Neptune Beach, Fla. On a routine trip to the thrift store, Geske and his mini-shopping partner came across a stunning set of six etched Waterford crystal coupes by pure chance. “I usually pick up a couple for a competition, or for the house, whatever. We'll go to any thrift store, and I'll tell her to pick out the fanciest [she] can find––ones that look like [the Martini emoji].”

It’s always worth keeping an eye out for good second-hand glassware at vintage, consignment, and thrift stores, but until you find your perfect match, you can get a brand new set inspired by vintage designs. Godinger Champagne Coupes are similar to Geske’s vintage Waterford find (minus the Waterford price tag). These surprisingly sturdy etched 4-ounce glasses are handcrafted from their Dublin Crystal Collection, are lead-free, and come in a set of four.

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Best Design: NUDE Glass Big Top Coupe

NUDE Glass Big Top Coupe

 Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Miranda Breedlove, national director of bars for Hyatt’s lifestyle division, has a particular affinity for these funky coupes by cult-favorite Turkish glassware brand NUDE. “These Art Deco beauties are having a moment for me––I love the shape and they’re also a joy to drink out of,” she says. “I judge a coupe based on whether or not I can walk around, do the usual hand gesture or one-armed hug with it and not spill. This one passed the test!”

NUDE’s Big Top collection, a minimalist line with elegant etching, is made from high-quality lead-free crystal and is inspired by the circus. The Big Top coupe glass holds just over 8 ounces of liquid and is perfect for bubbles or your favorite cocktail (shaken or stirred).

Best for Cocktails: Steelite Vintage Lace Coupe Glass

New York bartender Steven Gonzalez shares his go-to coupe for serving cocktails, whether at home or on the job: “I really like the [Steelite Vintage Lace Coupe Glasses]; they are stylish, the engraving makes them look extra fancy, and the size is ideal for those cocktails that might have a lot of ingredients.” At 8 ounces, this ultra-durable heat-treated etched coupe glass is both aesthetically pleasing and as functional as they come.

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Best Set: Libbey Greenwich Coupe Cocktail Glasses

Beverage consultant Damon Roseberry has long been a fan of Libbey’s coupes, specifically this 8-ounce model from the brand’s Master’s Reserve collection, available mostly at wholesale. For the home bartender, however, you can find comparable styles within Libbey’s retail selection. Go for one that offers around the same volume, such as the 8-ounce Libbey Greenwich Coupe Glasses, which boasts the same features that caught Roseberry’s eye with the Master’s Reserve glass. “The shallow depth, wide mouth, and long stem [make] drinks look sleek yet don’t fool a customer into believing they’re being shorted,” he notes.

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Best for Gifting: Crafthouse by Fortessa Tritan Coupe Glasses

Veteran bartenders Jena Lane and Steven Ferreira have part of a set of these stunning Schott Zweisel coupes, designed in collaboration by award-winning barman Charles Joly. With a capacity of 8.8 ounces and impressive durability, these etched glasses are on the larger side of the coupe glass spectrum, making them great for sours, according to Ferreira. Plus, the sentimental value makes for a great conversation starter. “Any time someone compliments [this] glass, I always tell the story of how it wound up in my possession," he says.

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Longtime drinks writer Céline Bossart is partial to a cocktail served in a coupe glass and has tested many a vessel over the years. Her great-grandmother’s etched crystal coupes are among her most prized possessions, though she certainly doesn’t mind using more modern (and less fragile) glasses, especially if they’re by NUDE.

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