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The 6 Best Champagne Glasses of 2022, According to Experts

Vessels for your celebratory-worthy bubbly.

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Best Champagne Glasses

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When considering the best glasses for drinking Champagne or other sparkling wines, flutes come to mind for most, followed closely by coupes. But some wine experts might tell you otherwise. “[Flutes] encourage the fizziness and quick development of the bubbles," explains Guillaume Roffiaen, Chief Winemaker of Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte. "They are too vertical and narrow—there is simply not enough room left for the aromas to develop and no room to put your nose in it." Felicia Colbert, a sommelier in Washington, D.C., takes a more lax approach. “Ultimately, there is no right or wrong glass," she says. Colbert notes that understanding what each glass adds or takes away from your wine drinking experience is key. With this in mind, here are the best Champagne glasses for every occasion.

Best Overall

Stem Zero NUDE Champagne Flute

Nude Glass Stem Zero Champagne Glass

Saks Fifth Avenue

  • Beautiful aesthetic

  • Sleek design

  • Ultra-thin stem

  • Pricey (but truthfully worth it)

Drinking sparkling wine during celebratory occasions, according to Colbert, almost always calls for crystal flutes. “Just like a brandy snifter focuses aromas, the shape of the flute allows the wine to be funneled to the back of your palate, creating a longer finish that some may prefer,” she says. Plus, you can fit more flutes on a tray compared to coupes or all-purpose wine glasses, which is ideal for serving larger groups.

Turkish glassware brand NUDE does an excellent job of maximizing the function of a flute. Their Stem Zero collection is known for its incredibly fine, yet extremely durable lead-free crystal (the glasses are handmade using the brand’s “Ion Shielding” technology). This particular silhouette features a slightly tapered mouth, designed to optimize flavor and effervescence. With a 10-ounce capacity, these glasses are dishwasher safe.

The Nude Stem Zero Flute is absolutely gorgeous to look at, and its functionality measures up too. The flute is slightly taller than other flutes on the market, though I find this to be a perk (sleek and sophisticated looking). The stem and glass are ultra thin, the lip of the product sits weightlessly on the palate. This is definitely a piece of attainable luxury.

I was actually worried about the taste and aroma perception, but both were shockingly on point! Normally I expect less of flutes and better transmission from tulip-shaped glasses, but this product exceeded my expectations. 

The glass is delicate and I'd definitely be hesitant to put it in a dishwasher. Wash by hand with caution, as the glass is extremely fine. It may be recommended to find a gentle cleaning too to get all the way into the glass. 

Overall, this was my favorite glass out of all five products. The design is beautiful, the functionality is spot on, and although a bit pricey, I find it to be justified. I'd be very interested to try other models of glassware from this brand. I'm hooked!

Nude Glass

Timothy Fatato /

Capacity: 300 mL (10.1 oz) | Material: Lead-free crystal | Height: 11.6 inches

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Best Set

Lehmann Absolus Wine Glass

Absolus 38 CL (Set of 6)


When drinking Champagne, Roffiaen’s go-to is a tulip-shaped glass defined by its narrow base, which is ideal for bubble release, and a large diameter at the bowl’s widest point. This gives more surface area for aromas to develop, complete with a high "chimney" for aromatic delivery. “To me, it is the ideal glass for Champagne tasting," he says. "I tested a vast number of [glasses] before I opted for our Absolus glass, developed by Lehmann, an expert glassware company based in Reims, in Champagne." To clean these glasses, Roffiaen recommends running them under very hot water (with no soap) and drying gently with a linen towel. The glasses come in a set of six and have a 13-ounce capacity.

Best Value

Gabriel-Glas "One for All" StandArt Edition

Gabriel-Glas - Single Glass


  • Not great for sparkling wine

  • Pricey

"A [universal] wine glass with a more narrow mouth and no etching will allow your wine to stay bubbly longer,” says Colbert. "This glass funnels the wine evenly across the front of your palate, giving you more flavor and texture upfront and a less intense finish." Austrian-made Gabriel-Glas has some of the best all-purpose wine glasses on the market, offering two different stemware options in the same silhouette: one machine-molded (the StandArt edition) and one mouth-blown (the Gold edition). Think of these glasses as a larger and more versatile version of the tulip glass with a longer taper—they have a broad base and an elegantly narrowed mouth, designed to highlight a wine’s journey to your palate.

If you’re looking for a high-quality glass without breaking the bank, consider the StandArt edition, which is slightly thicker than the gossamer-thin Gold edition and usually around half the price. Still, both versions are dishwasher safe and each glass has an 8-ounce capacity.

For a Champagne-focused glass, the glass feels too heavy and large in the hand. While I appreciate the non-flute shape, the glass is definitely too big (particularly at the opening) for sparkling wine. A tulip-shaped opening would be better, as this too-wide opening causes the bubbles to dissipate quickly. 

Because of the large opening, it is quite easy to perceive aromas and bubbles. However, one must do so quickly, as the opening is a bit too large to contain the effervescence. 

The glass is quite easy to clean, mostly due in part to the larger opening up top. As a Universal Wine glass (which it is marketed as), I'd definitely appreciate it as non-sparkling glass option. However, for sparkling wines, I would not recommend this product as a go-to.

Overall, I think the product is nice. The bowl is beautiful but definitely more suited to still wines. The stem is a bit too thick for my preference but its durability makes it safe for crowds. I would not recommend this as a sparkling wine glass but would not be upset about using this as someone's "house" non-sparkling glass. **PLEASE NOTE: Numbers below are based on using the glass for sparkling wine, not for using with still wine, as this is what the product was assigned for.**   

Gabriel Glas

Timothy Fatato /

Capacity: 16 oz | Material: Lead-free Crystal | Height: 9 inches

Best Coupe

Riedel Veritas Coupe Glasses, Set of 2

Riedel Veritas Coupe Glasses

Bed Bath & Beyond

  • Beautiful design

  • Lightweight

  • High quality

  • Fast bubble dissipation 

Though they’re not the most functional, coupes are elegantly-designed and fun to use. "Because of the wide-open mouth of the glass, coupes are not ideal for keeping the carbonation of sparkling wine or Champagne," says Colbert. "My advice: if you have bubbles in a coupe, drink it like a shot." Riedel makes a striking coupe within their Veritas collection, known for its durability, lightness and fineness. They've also included a "sparkling point" to support the integrity of the wine’s bubbles. These glasses are dishwasher safe and have an 8-ounce capacity.

The design of Riedel's Veritas Coupe glass is absolutely stunning. The crystal is paper thin and feels light in the hand, and the ultra-thin glass of the lip of the product sits beautifully on the palate. As someone who is not usually a fan of coupe glasses, I can't get enough of this glass. Holding it feels extremely elegant and sophisticated!  

The biggest con of this coupe (and most coupe) glasses is its inability to transmit aromas and bubbles efficiently. Because of how wide the glass is, it's almost impossible to perceive the aromas coming off of the sparkling wine. One must also drink the bubbles very quickly, as the effervescence dissipates much faster than with other glasses. 

The product is quite easy to clean, mostly due in part to its large opening. However, one must be very careful with the product, as the glass is quite thin. Riedel describes the product as dishwasher safe, though I certainly would not recommend that with this fragile piece. Polishing or washing by hand is ideal. Riedel also gives a disclaimer that stem snapping can occur through mishandling, as well as to avoid storing the glassware in kitchen cabinets, as the glassware can take on the aromas of the cabinet. The product is definitely aimed for more serious drinkers / glassware aficionados. 

Overall, I think the product is stunning. The paper-thin glass and design of the product makes me not want to put it down! The coupe is elegant in the hand and striking to look at. However, in terms of functionality, I would not recommend using the product for sparkling wine, and if doing so, to ensure that the wine is consumed quickly!    

What Our Experts Say

“It is important to note that pét nats will generally be your least sparkling wine followed by generic cava and Prosecco, and then Champagne and high-quality Cava, Prosecco and Lambrusco,” says Colbert. “All of those wines are made using different processes to give them carbonation, so when choosing glassware, knowing which has a more aggressive or longer-lasting bubble can be helpful."

Riedel Veritas

Timothy Fatato /

Capacity: 8.5 oz | Material: Crystal | Height: 6.7 inches

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Best Tumbler

BrüMate Uncork'd XL Wine Glass Tumbler

BrüMate Uncork'd XL MÜV - 100% Leak-Proof 14oz Insulated Wine Tumbler with Lid - Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Wine Glass - Perfect For Travel &...


Picture this: you’re enjoying a nice summer day and decide to pop open some bubbly. Using expensive glassware outside is probably not the best idea, so you opt for a plastic or acrylic cup. The problem? That wine will lose its chill very quickly, especially if your hand is in constant contact with the cup. BrüMate’s triple-insulated wine tumblers solve this issue, complete with a splash-proof lid and a condensation-free exterior. Best of all, their stainless-steel construction makes them virtually indestructible, and the 14-ounce capacity can hold over half a bottle of Champagne. These tumblers are also great for keeping coffee, tea or other hot drinks warm.

It's hard to compare this tumbler to the rest of the glassware, as this is a totally different shape / style of product. However, I find that the tumbler does feel lighter in my hand than I imagined. The lip of the product is also seal tight and drip free, which I wasn't expecting. Pleasantly surprised thus far. 

Should the consumer desire to assess the aromas of the wine, the lid would have to be fully removed. In that case, one should sniff quickly, as the bubbles would likely dissipate quickly with the lid off for an extended period of time. However, the bubbles are kept intact when the lid is on, which is a pro. Temperature control is also confirmed via the product's insulation. 

The tumbler is very easy to clean. The lid can get a bit tricky to remove and put back on (must be completely in line with the grooves or it won't twist), and the BevLock technology ensures that no spillage takes place. While the lid is dishwasher safe, the tumbler itself is not and must be hand washed. There is no glass at all in the product.   

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this product. While this wouldn't be my ideal vessel for consuming Champagne, it definitely is a better product than other insulated to-go cups that I've used in the past. The design is sleek, lightweight, and keeps the wine intact. I am pleased with the product and would definitely recommend it to those looking for a great to-go wine cup. 


Timothy Fatato /

Capacity: 14 oz | Material: Stainless steel interior, plastic top | Height: 4 6/8 inches

Best for Tasting

Urban Bar Verdot Flute

Urban Bar Rona Verdot Flute 20cl / 7oz (6-Pack)

The Liquor Store

  • Durable

  • Attractive design

  • Merits the price

  • Slightly thick stem

The Urban Bar Verdot Flute glass is beautifully shaped (aesthetically) and very appealing to the eye. However, the stem is a bit thick and feels kind of clunky in the hand. The lip is also a bit thick and doesn't sit nicely on the lips. 

Aroma and taste are perceivable, however, the flute shape is not necessarily ideal for bubbles. More of a tulip shape would be better. 

Due to the length of the flute, it's hard to clean all the way down into the bottom of the glass. The thickness of the stem makes it feel safe and sturdy for cleaning. Upon a light knocking in the sink, the glass did not break, crack, or blemish whatsoever. The product denotes dishwasher safe, and although I didn't try this (and also generally wouldn't recommend it), I have confidence that it'd be okay. 

Overall, I think this is a pretty good product. The design is aesthetically appealing and the product is sturdy, making it great for crowds and parties. For the more sophisticated drinker, the glass may feel a bit clunky and heavy in the hand, and a tulip shape would be more conducive to the transmission of aromas and flavors. However, not all was lost. 

Urban Bar

Timothy Fatato /

Capacity: 200 mL | Material: Lead-Free Crystal | Height: 9.3 inches

Final Verdict

Overall, Nude Stem Zero (view at Saks) is the best Champagne glass out of the five in terms of quality and design, though they are also the priciest. Despite the slightly thicker stem, Urban Bar’s Verdot Flute (view at Liquor Store) offers a great and more affordable alternative. Riedel’s coupe glasses (view at Amazon) are a great option for those seeking out that specific shape of glassware, and BrüMate’s insulated wine tumblers (view at Amazon) are great on-the-go options.

Group Selects

Timothy Fatato /

What to Look For

When looking for a high-quality Champagne glass, be sure to keep the shape of the glass and the material in mind first. Those looking for more elegant experiences will likely prefer glassware with thinner lips and stems, although thicker options may be a bit more durable (and therefore, crowd friendly). 


 What are the different types of Champagne glass styles?

The three most common styles of Champagne glasses are flutes, tulips, and coupes, though universal glassware can also be used.

Are flute glasses better than coupes for champagne?

The difference between flutes and coupes comes down to preference. The material, hand feel, and weight of the glass is equally important. Both flutes and coupes have their pros and cons. Flutes maintain effervescence better but can also make aroma transmission difficult. On the other hand, coupes can provide very open aromas (albeit, for a very short period of time), yet their bubble-keeping capacity is generally lower than flutes.

What's the best way to clean Champagne glasses?

Although many Champagne glasses market themselves as dishwasher safe, we always recommend washing glassware by hand.

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Longtime wine and spirits writer Céline Bossart is a Champagne fiend and has taken many a glass for a figurative test drive. Her favorite combo? Drappier Brut Nature and a Gabriel-Glass One-for-All Gold edition.

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