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The Best Bar Sets for Elevated Cocktail-Making

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Best Bar Sets

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Building a barware collection at home is no small undertaking. There are various styles of shakers and jiggers to choose from, bar spoons at all different lengths, strainers for this and that, and much more (not to mention the storage and display options to consider). Whether shopping for yourself or for a gift, opting for a set can make things easier than designing a collection from scratch.

"Bar sets are a great way to get all the essential bar tools in one convenient package," says Camille Wilson, the creative force behind The Cocktail Snob. A great set can be especially helpful for beginners, she notes, and going this route can be a smart move from a value perspective. According to Wilson, it’s also a crowd-pleaser when it comes to gifting. Here are the best bar sets for making at-home drinks.

Best Value

Barillio Elite 23-Piece Bartender Kit

Barillio Elite 23-Piece Bartender Kit


If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop, Barillio’s 23-piece kit has everything you could possibly need (and probably more). This is a great option if you’re starting from scratch, or if you just want to have extra tools on hand. The set includes a jigger, muddler, bar spoon, Hawthorne strainer, tongs, wine key, three universal speed pours (along with caps and brushes), two bottle stoppers and a cocktail shaker. Even more, a stately bamboo stand holds all of the tools. As a bonus, a velvet carry bag and a book of recipes are also included.

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Best Budget

VinoBravo 11-Piece Bartender Kit



Perfect for rose gold fans, this 11-piece set from VinoBravo is both easy on the eyes and the wallet—all without compromising on quality. Featuring all of the essentials for any shaken drink, this set includes a pair of weighted shaker tins, three different strainers (basket, Hawthorne and julep), a Japanese-style jigger, bar spoon, muddler, tongs, two speed pours and a recipe book. And, if you want to make something stirred, simply use one of the tins as a mixing vessel. Best of all, the brand's products come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can shake without worry.

If you want to make something stirred, simply use one of the tins as a mixing vessel. Best of all, the brand's products come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can shake without worry. Depending on how picky you are with little details, you might put that warranty to use sooner rather than later, because, during testing, the rose gold finish on the jigger was already chipped. Minor flaws aside, it’s a set that makes a statement.

VinoBravo / Sarah Freeman

Best Splurge

Absolut Elyx Deluxe Martini Gift Set

Absolut Elyx Deluxe Martini Gift Set

Making a great Martini isn’t as easy as one might think—though simple in its makeup, there are many variables in each step that can influence the drink in its final form. This striking set from Absolut Elyx, a top-shelf vodka that makes a fine Martini, has everything you need to step up your stirred or shaken game.

In the brand’s signature copper finish, the set features two vintage coupes, a jigger, a julep strainer (for stirred Martinis), shaker tins, a bar spoon, a beaker and a Hawthorne strainer (for shaken Martinis), all wrapped up in a gorgeous gift box. Pro tip: always chill the coupes before serving your Martinis.

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Best for Beginners

Modern Mixology Mixology Bartender Kit with Stand Silver Bar Set

Bartender Kit


For the beginner bartenders out there, Wilson has a few words of wisdom: “One thing to note is that there's no universal set—every set has different tools. But I think novice home bartenders should look for a set with a jigger, cocktail shaker, muddler and bar spoon at minimum.” According to Wilson, these are the essentials as they’re bound to get the most use, and durability is key.

If you’re just starting out, follow Wilson’s lead by going with this quality collection of basics from Modern Mixology, which includes all of the above minus the muddler (a tool you can improvise with something you have at home). The spoon is on the smaller side, which can make stirring cocktails tricky depending on the mixing vessel, but the set makes up for it with a sturdy shaker. In addition, this set comes with tongs, a bottle opener, a wooden stand, a recipe booklet and a three-year warranty. The recipe book is a real show-stopper, featuring 20 recipes alongside illustrated images of the drinks.

Modern Mixology / Sarah Freeman

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Best for Travel

W&P Design Cocktail Canteen

W&P Design Cocktail Canteen

W&P design

"I'm really particular about my bar tools so I bought all my tools individually and built a collection over the years—but if I could go back and do it all again, I would definitely invest in a nice matching set,” says Wilson. “One set I've been eyeing is the Cocktail Canteen from W&P Design. It's cool because it's made for bringing your bar tools with you on the go and comes in a cute canteen (that doubles as a shaker) to carry all your tools.”

On your next trip, bring this compact set along for a test run. Whether you’re shaking or stirring, you’ll definitely be putting the funnel, collapsible jigger, expandable bar spoon, and dropper bottle to use. This set is TSA-compliant for good measure. If you’re looking at it and thinking, “But where’s the shaker?” The carrier doubles as a shaker and is also an insulated thermos. One thing it is missing is a strainer—the spoon can be used in a pinch. It also comes with a peeler slash bottle opener, however the peeler side of the decide is pretty much useless in practice. It’s worth noting this set is on the pricier side ($90) especially considering how few pieces are included.

Cocktail Canteen / Sarah Freeman

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Best Design

Picnic Time Complete Home Bar Set

Picnic Time Complete Home Bar Set

Courtesy of Food52

Picnic Time’s Complete Home Bar Set is basically a bar-in-a-box. The stunning wood case contains all of the essentials and then some (19, to be exact), including a beaker-style mixing glass, stainless steel bar spoon, pro-quality shaker tins, a Hawthorne strainer, jigger, wine key, ice bucket, marble cutting board and more. It also includes tongs, a muddler, paring knife, and bottle opener, and the box measures 14 by 11 by 11 inches. Best of all, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

That’s the good news. The bad news is at over $500 this set is far from worth the cost of the investment. While it is beautifully designed, two of the pieces were damaged upon delivery—the glass mixing glass was shattered and the strainer was defective. The latter is certainly a quality control issue not a shipping one. The metal knob on the box itself had also somehow been sheared clean in half. If you’re looking for an all-in-one option, you may be able to look past the flaws. If you’re looking for a total bar package, you’re better off customizing your setup with higher quality pieces.

Picnic Time / Sarah Freeman

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