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Japanese Whisky
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Nail in the Coffin

Japanese Whisky , Modern Classics

This spirit-forward cocktail from San Francisco’s Dirty Habit combines Italian bitter amaro and Portuguese wine with Japanese whisky and Spanish liqueur.

Highball Mizuwari

Japanese Whisky , Classics

This Japanese cocktail is all about the whisky—and the ritual. Make sure you count your stirs.

Hakushu Highball

Japanese Whisky

This smoky, modern cocktail is stirred exactly 13.5 times to honor Japanese tradition.

Black Ship

Japanese Whisky , Modern Classics

Set sail on this whisky and pomegranate vessel.

Tokyo Sidecar

Japanese Whisky , Modern Classics

The Land of the Rising Sun transforms this cognac classic.

After-Dinner Sazerac

Japanese Whisky , Modern Classics

A coffee-liqueur rinse turns the classic whiskey cocktail into a digestive delight.

Yamazaki Autumn Delight

Japanese Whisky , Modern Classics

Celebrate the season with this whisky-and-cider cocktail.

Zen Merry Manhattan

Japanese Whisky Vermouth / Aperitif Wine , Modern Classics

Find your center with this whiskey and green tea liqueur cocktail.