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Early Start

Aquavit , Modern Classics

This cocktail by Alex Negranza, the bar manager at Houston’s Better Luck Tomorrow, pulls from the already-savory green caraway and dill notes of aquavit, accenting them with sorrel, lime, orgeat syrup and egg white for a frothy finish.This recipe originally appeared as part of 11 Hottest Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now: July 2017.

Bunny Mary

Aquavit Vodka , Modern Classics

Carrots, cayenne and caper brine, yes. Tomatoes, no! The Bunny Mary, created by Extra Fancy’s Rob Krueger in New York City, gets its vibrant hue from carrot juice, punched up with savory carrot brine and a spicy cayenne-and-paprika rim for the glass.


Aquavit , Modern Classics

For football season, we had a bartender from each NFL team's hometown provide the perfect cocktail to represent their team.
Jesse Held, a bartender for Minneapolis’ Jester Concepts group, felt a certain obligation to not only create a cocktail that represents the Vikings but also pays homage to Minnesota’s “fabric of heartiness.” “The color had to be purple for many reasons, for our recent loss of our Prince and of course our gridiron gladiators, the Minnesota Vikings,” he says. “The gold leaf garnish is an atypical flash we Minnesotans aren’t accustomed to having, but staying true to our purple people eaters, by wearing purple and gold, is only fitting when it comes to imbibing in the name of the Vikings.”
This drink has a base of aquavit from Minneapolis’ Tattersall Distilling. “Using aquavit was essential to making a cocktail that was a true representation of the Great White North,’” says Held. To sweeten the drink, he uses a syrup and a shrub from his elixir company, Earl Giles, which can be subbed for homemade versions.

Snapsvisa Sour

Aquavit , Modern Classics

Aquavit gives this Daiquiri-inspired sip a Scandinavian accent.

Guinan’s Negroni

Aquavit , Modern Classics

As El-Aurians, Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Guinan and her people are known for their talent as great listeners—just like those people who make nice things for you behind the stick. Inspired by that notion is this sprightly Negroni riff.

Warm in the Winter

Aquavit Gin , Tiki / Tropical

This completely vegan cocktail takes Tiki to a dramatic level.