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The Bar Life

Profiles, interviews, stories and just generally useful intel about life behind the stick — and away from it

Bar Talk

Talking shop with the best in the field

Why Is Bar Legend Simon Ford Going All In on Gin?

Where Does One of Asia’s Best Bartenders Find Her Cocktail Inspiration? Ask Her Mom.

Inside the Revolutionary Tiki Book That’s Built for the Modern Age

From PhD to ABV:
How One Distiller Uses Chemistry to Make a Great Gin

How to Run a 4AM Bar

Bartending in Machismo Culture:
Mexico City’s Fátima León Breaks It Down

How They Got It Right

Secrets of the people and places that nailed their concepts

Lots of NYC Bars Want to Expand to Other Cities. Did Death & Co Get It Right When They Opened in Denver?

A Singapore Bar Amassed the World’s Largest Gin Collection. How They Did It Might Surprise You.

How They Got It Right:
At Chicago’s Milk Room, No 2 Bottles Are the Same

How They Got It Right:
Say Hello to the Best Little Bubbly Bar in the Midwest. And Maybe America.

The Business of the Bar

Growing your bartending career and bar business—the right way

Why Do Companies Trademark Cocktails? The Truth Behind the Copyrights.

The Rules of Engagement for Dealing with Bar Regulars

4 Helpful Ways to Rethink How You Organize Your Bar Space

The Wrong and Right Way to Deal with Your Bar’s Negative Yelp Reviews

To Your Health

Presented by

How to Prevent Drink Spiking in Your Bar. And What to Do When It Does Happen.

Team Building Minus the Booze:
3 Healthy Ways to Inspire Your Bar Staff as a Team

Partner Content

Meet a Toronto Bartender Throttling Her Wellness Goals

Partner Content

Meet a Vancouver Bartender Kicking Up His Fitness Game

Competitions, Events and Experiences

The 2020 Heaven Hill Bartender of the Year Competition

The Fair Trade Certified™ Cocktail Challenge, presented by Flor de Caña


The Gentleman Jack Whiskey Sour Classic


June 11 & 12, 2019

My Take

Unfiltered wisdom from industry pillars

A Drink I Still Love:
The Singapore Sling

Have We Seen the End of the 9-Ingredient Drink?

Meet the Man Who Helped Kick Off London’s Latest Gin Craze

The Bar World Has It All Wrong When It Comes to Gender and Cocktails

Snap Shot

New bars and why they matter

Showing Off Poitín, Ireland’s Homegrown Spirit, at a New Bar. One That’s All Poitín, All the Time.

A Bar for Bartenders That’s Changing the Way One Country Drinks

Meet the Chef Who Makes the Cocktails He Wants to Drink

The Legacy of Sasha Petraske Lives On in Upstate New York

Stick People

Profiles of the bartenders and distillers to know now

How to Build a Charming Bar. One That Seats Only 20 People.

Nick Wu’s Advice for Making It as a Bartender? Never Stop Learning.

How 3 Filipina Women Opened the Most Unlikely and Empowering Gin Bar in the USA

Meet the Bartender Who’s Putting Manila’s Cocktail Scene on the Map

This Legendary Rum Maker Doesn’t Care if You Read This Story

Stick People:
Shingo Gokan Is Ready to Show How to Break from the Ordinary Bar