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The Bar Life

Profiles, interviews, stories and just generally useful intel about life behind the stick — and away from it

Bar Talk

Talking shop with the best in the field

Really Good Tiki:
Martin Cate on What Makes a Great Tiki Bar

Washington, DC, Has Gone Rum Crazy. And This Man Might Be the Reason.

This Bartender’s Exit Strategy:
Open a Rum Distillery

This Is How You Build a Great Modern Dive Bar

Women in Bartending:
Two Legends Talk About Finding Success While Dealing With Constant Gender-Related Challenges

Can the Las Vegas Strip Handle Great Cocktails? Sam Ross Thinks So

How They Got It Right

Secrets of the people and places that nailed their concepts

How They Got It Right:
Amor y Amargo

All the Ways in Which This Whiskey Bar Mastered the Magic of Drinking Whiskey

How Bar Goto Got It Right

How They Got It Right:
Prague’s Parlour Bar

The Business of the Bar

Growing your bartending career—the right way

Ready to Nail Your Bartender Interview? Do This.

5 Helpful Tips to Avoid Burning Out Behind the Bar

Bar Convent Brooklyn:
Everything You Need to Know About the Famous Bar Conference

Chicago Style Is a New Bar Industry Conference That Promises Deep Change. This Is What Happened at the First One.

Competitions, Events and Experiences

2018 Tequila Herradura Legends Competition

Slane Cocktail Series

The Gentleman Jack Whiskey Sour Classic

The Ultimate Bartender Championship Presented By Monkey Shoulder

Art of Italicus Aperitivo Challenge

Sandeman Bartender Competition

My Take

Unfiltered wisdom from industry pillars

Meet the Man Who Helped Kick Off London’s Latest Gin Craze

Is Canadian Whisky Making a Comeback?

Beefeater’s Desmond Payne Talks About a Lifetime of Distilling Gin

This Bartender Thinks Good Garnishes Are Pretty Much Impossible. Here’s Why.

Snap Shot

New bars and why they matter

With a View Like This, Who Needs Great Cocktails? You Do.

A Psychoanalyst Is Taking a Shot with Kentucky Bourbon

This Dutch Bar Treats Gin for What It Is:
A National Treasure

Inside the Most Talked About New Tiki Bar in Years

Stick People

Profiles of the bartenders to know now

Meet the Indiana Jones of Mezcal

How Do You Follow Up a Successful Speakeasy? Turn the Lights Up Bright.

Talking Cognac with Hennessy’s Oliver Paultes

Where Do You Go to Hire a Master Distiller? Check the Accounting Department.

This Barbadian Bartender Is Changing the Way We Drink in Paradise

Maggie Campbell Is the Unsung Savior of American Rum