Bar Talk

We talk shop with the best drinks people in the field, from bar owners and bartenders to distillers and ambassadors. Our interviews provide insider knowledge and advice to inspire you.
Man pouring mezcal next to a Filipino-style still
The Philippine Influence in Mexican Mezcal Distilling
Fawn Weaver
Uncle Nearest Founder Fawn Weaver on Removing Barriers to a More Diverse Distilling Scene
Illustration of hand pushing a Martini glass forward, on an orange sunsplash background
The Anatomy of an Exceptional Martini
Jackie Summers
Spirits Educator Jackie Summers on Addressing the Hospitality Industry’s Diversity Problem
Jomaree Pinkard
Jomaree Pinkard on Building a Brand While Advocating for Diversity
Ntsiki Biyela
Ntsiki Biyela, South Africa's First Black Female Winemaker, Talks Wines and Progress
How to Run a 4AM Bar
This Is the Right Way to Do Music in a Bar
Inside the Revolutionary Tiki Book That’s Built for the Modern Age
This Is How You Build the Bar with the Largest Tequila and Mezcal Collection in the United States
Pro Bartenders Share Their Picks for Top Bar Aprons
Why Is Bar Legend Simon Ford Going All In on Gin?
Where Does One of Asia's Best Bartenders Find Her Cocktail Inspiration? Ask Her Mom.
Yup, It’s Our Fault Too: How We Beverage Journalists Can Do More and Better to Implement Social Justice in the Bar Industry
Bartending in Machismo Culture: Mexico City's Fátima León Breaks It Down
Simple Drinks Are Most Definitely Not Overrated
A Bartending Competition Winner Reflects on the Industry
Two Legends Talk About Finding Success While Dealing with Gender-Related Challenges
What Happens When a Bar Has 1,000 Bottles
There’s a Right and Wrong Way to Serve Draft Cocktails
Bourbon Distiller Jim Rutledge Talks Life After Four Roses
Naren Young on How to Create a Strong Bar Team
How a Very Tiny Bar Can Have Really Large Ambitions
Bob Peters of The Punch Room on How to Keep It Local
Employees Only’s Igor Hadzismajlovic on How to Expand Your Bar
She’s the One Who Catches It All on Video
Willy Shine Knows How to Serve 90,000 People a Great Cocktail
Chad Arnholt on Building a Greener Bar
Meet the Bad Girl of Bourbon
This Bartender's Exit Strategy: Open a Rum Distillery
These Sisters Know the Power of Cocktail Time
Bartenders Only: Dale DeGroff on the Art of Hospitality
Alex Day on How to Manage Multiple Bars at Once
David Wondrich Thinks Cocktail Books Need a Makeover
Become a Financially Savvy Bartender
Antonio Lai on Drinking with Your Eyes
The Owner of Rob Roy on How Bartenders Can Truly Find Work-Life Balance
How to Run a Stirred-Only Drink Program
Derek Brown’s Essential Tips for Opening Your Own Bar
Really Good Tiki: Martin Cate on What Makes a Great Tiki Bar
This Is How You Build a Great Modern Dive Bar
Yes You Can Create a Great Drink Program with No Citrus At All
This Is What It’s Like to Have 12,000 Bottles in Your Home Bar
Washington, DC, Has Gone Rum Crazy. And This Man Might Be the Reason.
Sam Ross Has Some Frank Opinions About Classic Cocktails
Can the Las Vegas Strip Handle Great Cocktails? Sam Ross Thinks So
Jason Asher on How to Kick Up Your Bar Program
How to Conquer the Unique Challenges of Running a Hotel Bar
9,400 Original Cocktail Recipes: Aaron Polsky Talks Los Angeles Bartending
Joaquín Simó on Building a More Ergonomic Bartender-Friendly Bar
Whiskey Educator Dave Pickerell on Craft vs. Sourced Spirits
Kevin Diedrich of San Francisco's PCH on Opening Your Own Bar
Martin Cate of World Famous Smuggler’s Cove Talks All Things Tiki
‘21’ Club’s Tara Wright on Bartending at a Legendary NYC Establishment
Here’s How to Build a Cocktail Destination in a Beer Town
Callooh Callay’s Richard Wynne on Building a Compelling Food Menu for Your Bar
Ben Schaffer, Author of The Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual, on How to Write Your First Book
Pisco Guru Duggan McDonnell Tells You the Right Way to Promote Your Cocktail Book
Finding the Best Kind of Joy in Making Rum
Paul McGee Wants To Take You On A Tiki Deep-Dive