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Bar Snacks You Can Make at Home

They’re ideal accompaniments to your favorite drink.

Wonton Nachos
Wonton Nachos and Sriracha Cheese Curds with Avocado Ranch Image: / Tim Nusog

The only thing better than enjoying a great drink at a bar is being able to order the perfect snack to pair it with. But there’s no need to forego your favorite bar foods even when you’re drinking in your own living room. 

We’ve rounded up the recipes for some of the most popular snacks from beloved bars and restaurants so you can enjoy these bar bites at home. Each of these classic drink accompaniments—deviled eggs, fried cheese curds and nachos—has an unexpected flavor twist. They’ll soon become your at-home favorites as well. 

  • Ham Deviled Eggs

    Ham Deviled Eggs / Tim Nusog

    Deviled eggs get a visit from country ham, the popular Southern staple, in this culinary mashup. They’re just as simple to make as the ordinary style, ready in mere minutes, but get an extra pop of salt and flavor with the addition of ham and a dollop of fruit chutney. 

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  • Sriracha Cheese Curds with Avocado Ranch

    Sriracha Cheese Curds with Avocado Ranch / Tim Nusog

    Is there a single word not to love in this recipe’s name? Cheddar cheese curds get bathed in a beer-and-Sriracha batter and then fried until the coating is nicely crispy. Serve them alongside a ranch-dressing-flavored dipping sauce that’s made with avocado for extra flavor and richness. 

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  • Wonton Nachos

    Wonton Nachos / Tim Nusog

    In this delicious fusion of cultural flavors, nachos are given a Thai spin. Fried wontons stand in for tortilla chips, the beef is spiced with lemongrass and ginger, and Thai chiles spike the cheese sauce. Even the tomato salsa, seasoned with rice wine vinegar and sweet chile sauce, gets in on the act.

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