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Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur Review

The original Irish cream liqueur is a sweet indulgence.

Baileys Irish Cream liqueur bottle

Liquor.com / Laura Sant

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Baileys Irish Cream is the O.G. Irish cream liqueur and the perfect bottle for those who choose to drink their dessert. Its intensely decadent flavors of vanilla bean, cocoa powder, and whiskey lead to a tongue-coating finish.

Fast Facts

Classification cream liqueur

Company Diageo

Released 1974

Proof 34 (17% ABV)

MSRP $24

  • Intensely decadent in aroma, flavor, and texture.

  • The right pick for those who like to drink their dessert.

  • Prominent whiskey presence underneath all the richness keeps this liqueur balanced.

  • So rich, it’s a one-and-done type of drink.

Tasting Notes

Color: Roasty medium brown, like strong milky coffee

Nose: Aromas of sweet melted chocolate and fresh vanilla bean

Palate: Mouth-filling and plush, this liqueur hits your palate like a rich black-and-white milkshake—one that’s spiked with whiskey.  

Finish: Tongue-coating and confectionary, with warm notes of the whiskey, cocoa powder, and vanilla

Our Review

Baileys was apparently born under the guise of necessity being the mother of invention—in this case, a smart liquor executive named Tom Jago who worked for a massive U.K. wine and spirits conglomerate named Gilbeys. He had the idea to make a surplus of rough whiskey more palatable to a broader audience by combining it with good Irish dairy. And so a star was born. 

Today, the company won’t reveal the source of the whiskey used in the cream liqueur, but it is indeed Irish, it says, as is the luxurious cream that gets emulsified into it. In some ways, Baileys feels a bit like the kind of drink a kid is likely to sneak out of their parent’s liquor cabinet because it’s the most palatable liquid with a boozy kick: velvety, sweet, and lip-smacking. But the liqueur’s whiskey backbone nicely balances its creaminess and combines nicely with the chocolate and vanilla elements. 

Baileys does indeed contain additional ingredients, including another spirit component, but the company keeps all that info close to the vest. Which is fine: Who really wants to know how all the yummy bits on an ice cream sundae are made? You just want to enjoy it, even if you feel a little bit guilty doing so. 

Interesting Fact

The dairy cream sourced for Baileys comes only from Irish farmer partners, and it doesn’t sit on a shelf. It’s delivered from the farm to their production facility for emulsification within 24 hours. 

The Bottom Line

Creamy and decadent, Baileys’ luxurious texture and chocolatey lusciousness limit this liqueur’s versatility, but it doesn’t really need to be anything other than it is: a sweet, plush, decadent indulgence.