Archive for Willy Shine

Martini 2.0

By A twist on the classic.

Revive Lemonade

By Take your boozy lemonade to the next level.
The Copper - Irish Whiskey Cocktail

The Copper

By Strong black tea and spices give this Irish-whiskey-and-apple-juice tipple a kick.
Gentleman's Press - Whiskey Cocktail

Gentleman’s Press

By The simplest pairings are often the most satisfying. A perfect showcase for Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey, The Gentleman’s Press melds naturally with the bubbly freshness of ginger beer and a hint of lime.
Summer Rye - Cocktail

Summer Rye

By It's also good for winter, spring and fall.
Jamaican Breeze - Rum Cocktail

Jamaican Breeze

By It just blew in from Montego Bay.
Dub Treo - Rum Cocktail

Dub Treo

By Jamaica meets Italy in this powerful combination of rum, vermouth and Aperol.
The London Soul - Whiskey Cocktail

The London Soul

By This bubbly whiskey drink isn’t English, but it does have soul.
Gentleman Bowery - Whiskey Cocktail

Gentleman Bowery

By This tart whiskey cocktail combines orange, lemon and pomegranate flavors.
Bowery Orchard - Whiskey Cocktail

Bowery Orchard

By With apple juice and Tennessee whiskey, this orchard is one you'll want to visit over and over.
Old Jamaican - Rum Cocktail

Old Jamaican

By Respect your elders.
Reserve Luxury Daiquiri - Rum Cocktail

Reserve Luxury Daiquiri

By This twist on the summery classic is rich with antioxidants.
Reserve Basilica - Rum Cocktail

Reserve Basilica

By Take sanctuary in this rum, champagne and basil cocktail.