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Archive for VEEV Spirit

VEEV Collins

By Give the classic Collins cocktail an update with a measure of VEEV Spirit.

VEEV Greyhound

By Think a Greyhound is just grapefruit juice and gin? Think again.

Spa Cooler

By This cucumber-and-mint refresher is the next-best thing to a massage.
Spicy Watermelon Cooler - Cocktail Recipe

Spicy Watermelon Cooler

By This fiery and refreshing concoction is ideal for summer.
Good Morning Brasilia - Cocktail Recipe

Good Morning Brasilia

By Wake up to this orangey tipple.
VeeV Basil Gimlet - Cocktail Recipe

VEEV Basil Gimlet

By Add some herbal freshness to the classic lime cocktail.
Acai Mojito - Vodka Cocktail

Açaí Mojito

By What’s better than one super-fruit cocktail? A whole pitcher.
Adam and VeeV - Liqueurs Cocktail

Adam and VEEV

By Go ahead: give into temptation.
VeeV Holiday Cider - Acai Cocktail

VeeV Holiday Cider

By Give a warm glass of cider a festive upgrade.
Bloody-tini - Acai Cocktail


By A cocktail you can really sink your teeth into.
VeeV Eco Mojito - Acai Cocktail

VeeV Eco Mojito

By Make the Cuban classic with a carbon-neutral spirit.
VeeV Marguerite - Acai Cocktail

VeeV Marguerite

By As sweet as she is tart.
VeeVolette - Acai Cocktail


By It's like drinking a bouquet of flowers.

Skinny Superfruit Sangria

By At just 120 calories, this fruity sipper is tasty and good for your waistline.
Açaí Cosmo - Cocktail

Açaí Cosmo

By Try this rainforest spin on the classic Cosmo.
Açaí Lemonade Cocktail

Açaí Lemonade

By Served in a Mason jar, this refresher is a summertime staple.
Sparkling Acai Sangria - Acai Cocktail

Sparkling Açaí Sangria

By Whip up a pitcher of this bubbly, fruity concoction at your next party.
Superfruit Margarita - Tequila Cocktail

Superfruit Margarita

By Go heavy on the antioxidants.
Eau De VeeV - Acai Cocktail

Eau De VeeV

By Start your night with this refreshing bubbly and citrus concoction.
Sage Lady - Acai Cocktail

Sage Lady

By This drink’s herb flavor is perfect for an autumn cocktail party.
VeeV Holiday Highball - Acai Cocktail

VeeV Holiday Highball

By After a long day shopping for the holidays, reward yourself with this Veev holiday cocktail.