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Archive for Shannon Bales

6 Spiked Desserts That Could Make Valentine’s the Best Day Ever

By Turn down the lights and turn up the sweetness.

Best Damn Brewing Co. Gives the Gift of Alcoholic Root Beer

By A harder soft drink may be the best damn thing that happened to you this holiday.

This Rolls-Royce Cocktail Kit Will Set You Back Over $46K

By Leave it to them to create the Rolls-Royce of all cocktail hampers.

Can Champagne Prevent Memory Loss?

By A study found that Champagne helped rats find food. What does this mean for humans? Scientists can only hypothesize.

These Are the Shots You Didn’t Know You Need Now

By Shots always have their place. No matter your age.

Guinness Goes Vegan after 256 Years of Fish Bladder Filtering

By There may be something fishy about this stout now, but not for long.

Comet Lovejoy Leaves a Trail of Alcohol and Clues

By Could the discovery of alcohol in a comet’s wake indicate boozy life beyond Earth?

Shoot Your Bubbly with the Chambong

By Champagne enthusiasts can nurture their inner frat boy with the beer bong’s classier cousin.

James Bond Strays From His Drink of Choice in Spectre

By No, Agent 007 doesn’t ask for his classic vodka Martini.

Drink in No-Shave November with Rogue Ales’ New Beard Beer

By Would you drink a beer made from this brewmaster’s beard yeast?

Absolut Elyx Launches Mission to Bring People Access to Safe Water

By The vodka brand is pairing up with Water for People in a five-year mission to bring clean water to people worldwide.

New Taco Bell Cantina in Chicago is Now Serving Booze

By Do burritos pair better with beer, wine, or spiked slushies?

Would You Try the Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur?

By Unicorn tears are sweet, spicy, sparkly and boozy.

Harry Potter–Themed Bar in Toronto Brings Magic to Thirsty Muggles

By The Lockhart serves tapas and wizard-inspired cocktails.

LA Restaurant Serves Pricey Smoked Hemp and Hops Drink

By Gracias Madre’s Up in Smoke brings new meaning to “smoky” cocktails.

World’s First Fuel From Whisky Waste Gets Government Funding

By The UK government's latest investment explores a boozier side to biofuel.

Whisky Returns from Space with Dramatic New Flavor

By Ardbeg’s zero-gravity whisky aging experiment found that the liquor’s building blocks of flavor behave differently in space.

Bolt of Lightning Sets Whiskey Pond Ablaze

By Severe weather turned a Kentucky bourbon spill into a fiery tornado.

New Chicago Target Aims to Serve Booze

By If your shopping list consists of bananas, butter and beer this Target might be your one-stop-shop.

Police Seize £30,000 in Fake Booze at Notting Hill Carnival

By Festival goers were spared hangovers when police confiscated 300 bottles of super-strength, counterfeit booze.

Colorado Brewery Announces Cannabis-Infused Beer Series

By Get a sneak peak of two new Canna-Beers from Dude’s Brews.

Box Steam Brewery’s Tunnel Vision Reaches Britain’s Highest Peak

By Three students and a barman served local suds to hikers at the UK’s highest bar.

“Beer O’Clock” Added to Oxford Dictionaries

By Don’t worry; “wine o’clock” is now officially a thing too.

Suntory Sends Whisky to the International Space Station

By It’s for science, not drinking: The company is conducting experiments on the booze.

21st Amendment Brewery’s Toaster Pastry–Flavored Ale

By It will have drinkers rethinking breakfast.

Woman Downs Pricey Liquor and Causes a Scene at Beijing Airport

By A Chinese woman ran into trouble when she tried to drink an entire bottle of cognac before boarding her Beijing flight.

Starbucks Customers Can Get Another Kind of Buzz with the New Evenings Menu

By Get your wine, craft beer and small plates at these newly boozy Starbucks locations.

Flaviar’s New App Helps Users Virtually “Taste” Spirits

By It helps take the guesswork out of discovering new spirits with a “Flavour Spiral.”

Drugs in Popular Chinese Liquor Arousing More Than Suspicion

By Two distillers are adding a little something extra—and illegal—to China’s favorite fiery spirit, baijiu.

Furry Mousers Make Purrfect Addition to Scottish Distillery

By The Famous Grouse Experience will now be a no-mouse experience.

Young Spanish Entrepreneurs Create the World’s First Blue Wine

By Red, white, rosé or...blue? Forget tradition with wine’s latest hue.

New “Ladies’ Night” Encourages Patrons to #MindTheGap

By A discount on women’s tabs at a Brooklyn bar encourages people to talk about pay inequality in the US.

Want to Get Your Hands on a Bottle of 63-Year-Old Scotch?

By This pricey and rare whisky is as old as the distillery that made it.

Congress Could Strip Big Brewers’ “Craft” Titles

By A new bill is shaking up the craft beer business.

Vintage Bottled Brew Sells for £3K

By This beer traveled to the Arctic Circle and back.