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Archive for Sarah Baird

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This Is What It’s Like to Go Harvesting for Your Drink

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Armagnac: Fall’s Need-to-Know Spirit

By It’s rough in all the right ways.

Folle Blanche Crusta

By A small tweak gives this brandy drink a French accent.

Antonio Lai on Drinking with Your Eyes

By A good drink is about so much more than the liquid.

Pisco Guru Duggan McDonnell Tells You the Right Way to Promote Your Cocktail Book

By Tips and tricks from the Campo de Encanto pisco co-founder.

Meet The Bad Girl of Bourbon

By Joy Perrine talks the brown-stuff talk.

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By He talks about an underrated part of the bar world.

Yes, There Is Such a Thing as Green Vodka

By Organic. Sustainable. See how it goes down.

Jason Asher on How to Kick Up Your Bar Program

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The Right Way to Drink Vodka in Moscow

By Pay close attention, comrade.

Here’s How to Take the Best Bar and Cocktail Photos

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6 Amazing Places to Visit on a Great Lakes Drinking Road Trip

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8 of the Best Airlines for Drinkers Who Like It Airborne

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7 Ridiculously Refreshing Summer Shandies

By You can call them Shandies. Or you can just call them delicious.


By The Professor is ideal for those completely green to mixing cocktails who want something light for summer.

Stone’s Shandy

By The Stone’s Shandy is made with ruby-red-infused vodka to make this Shandy a spirit-driven delight.

Coppa Shandy

By The Coppa Shandy is a version of a Shandy with Chartreuse.

Here’s How to Make the Booziest Ice Cream

By Three recipes for a tipsy, creamy endgame.

Max Messier on How to Get Your Product in the Market

By The Cocktail & Sons mastermind talks about what it takes to succeed with a new product line.

The Tequila Interchange Project Is Ready to Help Save Your Favorite Spirits

By It’s a precarious time in Mexico for tequila and its cousins.

Sean Kenyon Knows That Mentoring Is a Crucial Element of Bar Ownership

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Alex Day on How to Manage Multiple Bars at Once

By The co-owner of Death & Co, Honeycut and a bunch of other spots spills the beans.

How to Pretend You’re as Crazy for Gin and Brunch as Barcelona Is

By These days, Barcelona = gin. These weekend day drinks prove it.

Do You Know Everything About Genever?

By Here’s the 411 on Dutch gin.

The Owner of Rob Roy on How Bartenders Can Truly Find Work-Life Balance

By Seattle’s Anu Elford knows that being a good bartender means being a balanced human.

The Man Behind Bittermens Reveals the Tricks to Launching a Bar Product

By Avery Glasser knows a thing or two about bringing good products into the marketplace.

4 Digestifs to Try. Your Stomach Might Thank You.

By These under-the-radar liqueurs perfectly cap off a night and settle the tummy.

5 Open-Air Spots That Show the Right Way to Drink in Texas

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Whiskey Educator Dave Pickerell on Craft vs. Sourced Spirits

By It might be more complicated than you think.

The Best Dive Bars In New Orleans for Mardi Gras

By Parades are fun and all. But sometimes you need to duck into somewhere a little less crazy.

Chad Arnholt on Building a Greener Bar

By The beverage consultant offers tips on building a more sustainable bar.

Become a Financially Savvy Bartender

By Naomi Levy of Boston’s Eastern Standard on savings, investing and paying yourself first.

Taste What Happens When the Woods Get Put Into Booze Bottles

By These spirits and liqueurs don’t just smell like a forest.

The Handiest New Year’s Resolutions from the World’s Best Bartenders

By They know what they’re talking about. Pay attention.

Andie Ferman of St. George Spirits on Becoming a Hospitality Master

By St. George Spirits’ brand ambassador shares tricks of the trade.

The Future of American Brandy is Happening and You Need to Know About It

By From coast to coast, brandy is getting some long-deserved love by American distillers.

Your Holiday Movies Absolutely Need These Cocktail Pairings

By Because it’s more fun to be drinking while watching reruns of Christmas classics.

The Delicious Toddies that Are Taking Over America’s Ski Towns

By Après ski is best with something warming to take the edge off.

This is the Right Way to Do Music in a Bar

By Larry Rice of Louisville's Silver Dollar talks about how the right tunes are an essential part of the bar experience.

Derek Brown’s Essential Tips for Opening Your Own Bar

By The man behind a few beloved D.C. bars spills the beans.