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Archive for Olivia French

Save Tigers By Drinking This Beer

By It’s about time your beer did more for the world, don’t you think? Aptly named Heineken subsidiary Tiger Beer has teamed up with the World Wildlife Foundation to create the 3890Tigers campaign in the hopes of regenerating the declining tiger population. This new six-year commitment was created to help protect the endangered species, which has […]

Drinking Wine Could Protect Your Brain

By Your nightly glass of wine can do more than just help you relax, according to a new study. You already know that analyzing your wine can make you smarter and that the grape stuff can help you lose weight, but new findings from the Institute of Food Research in Madrid has indicated that regular consumption […]

Four Loko Is Entering the Liquor Business

By Four Loko is back. The creator of the banned caffeine- and booze-infused “blackout in a can” has expanded into the hard liquor market with neon Four Loko Shots. Four Loko Shots in 750 milliliter bottles are available in three flavors: lemon drop Screwball, cinnamon-apple Dragon’s Breath and green apple Green Tornado. All the flavors clock […]

Glittery Prosecco Is About to Become Your New Drink

By If your sparkling wine isn’t festive enough for all your summer plans, don’t fear. U.K-based company Lakeland has developed edible glitter to give your glass of bubbly a little extra shimmer. Just half a spoonful of the Popaball rose gold shimmer for prosecco gives a glass of sparkling wine a glimmering pink glow and light […]

Meet the World’s Largest Daiquiri

By Kudos to this Ohio bar for making the magic happen.

Would You Drink a Burger-Inspired Beer?

By Burgers and beer are a classic pairing, but Red Robin and New Belgium have taken the combo up to a new level.

Rosé-Infused Chocolate Is Your New Favorite Sweet

By It’s infused with wine and roses for a subtle floral kiss.

Alchema’s Smart Appliance Lets You Easily Make Cider at Home

By This Kickstarter gadget wants to take the mess and guesswork out of homebrewing.

Jack Daniel’s Is Coming Clean About Its History

By A slave is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

Know When To Stop Drinking? This Wristband Can Help.

By The simple wearable measures blood alcohol levels through your skin.

Margarita Sunburns Are Seriously Scary

By Citrus can react with sunlight to give you horrible burns.

France’s New Wine Theme Park Is Heaven on Earth

By Bottles of wine make way better souvenirs than Mickey Mouse ears.

Tiny Jägermeister Bottles are Adorable and Portable

By The new “Mini Meisters” are the perfect addition to your next get-together.

Forget Cat Cafes. How About a Cat Pub?

By Forget about lattes and herbal tea. These new spots feature beer, wine and felines.

Boozy Wine Ice Cream Is Here to Save the Day

By It’s the snack your Netflix nights deserve.

You Can Now Drink Pickle Juice Out of a Can

By Bloody Marys will never be the same.

Drinking Tequila Could Prevent Osteoporosis

By Chemicals found in blue agave help with bone density and nutrient absorption.

Spreadable Beer is Real, and It Looks Delicious

By Why settle for jam when you can spread IPA on your toast?

The Hops in Your Beer Could Help Fight Cancer

By Turns out hops do more than add bitterness and flavor to your brews.

This Gun Lets You Spray Champagne Like a Boss

By The Champagne Gun brings bling to your bubbly blast.

Recycled-Water Beer is a Thing of the Future

By It gives a whole new meaning to the term “shower beer.”

This Is The World’s First Airport Gin Distillery

By It gives “Aviation cocktail” a whole new meaning.

Step Up Your St. Patrick’s Day Booze Game With Irish Whiskey Ice Creams

By Why settle for a shot when you can have three bowls of creamy boozy goodness?

The Guilt-Free Beer Made for Post-Workout Recovery

By This new high-protein, low-carb lager wants to replace your protein shake.

Looking to Boost Your Brainpower? Try Chocolate.

By The sweet stuff can help concentration, memory and more.

Manhattan Just Decriminalized Public Drinking

By Now you won’t get arrested for enjoying a cold one in public.

Yes, the Prohibition Party Still Exists

By This third party sounds like no party at all.
phot: Amber Storey

Drink Wine to Lose Weight? Experts Say Yes

By Drink Wine to Lose Weight? Experts Say Yes.

The Hilarious Election Cocktails You’ve Been Waiting For

By This nightspot serves up presidential drinks with a shot of humor.

Like Bitter Drinks? You Just Might Be Truly Evil

By Research shows a preference for bitter flavors strongly correlates with psychopathic traits.

New Study Gives You Another Reason to Drink Up

By Doctors endorse 3 to 5 drinks a week for heart health.

McDonald’s Adds Another Boozy Location

By Because nothing pairs better with burgers than beer.

Is Your Scotch Collection Worth More Than Your 401(k)?

By You might want to save that rare bottle.

Coffee Might Save Your Liver

By As if you really needed another reason to fuel your caffeine addiction.

Study Says Booze Knowledge Makes You Sexy

By Know how to mix cocktails? The science shows you’re highly dateable.

The Whiskey Bottle Gets a Makeover

By This unbreakable flask-style tin is perfectly portable.

Will Kit Kat’s Boozy New Flavor Get You Drunk?

By White chocolate, cookie wafers and the kick of real sake.

Can Drinking Beer Help Women Stay Healthy?

By Turns out that brew can benefit your bones and brain.

Shots Just Got a Whole Lot Better

By if your booze container isn't edible, you need to up your game.

A Lonely Inventor Created the Ultimate Drinking Buddy

By What’s better than saying cheers to your cats? Clinking glasses with a robot.