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Archive for Naren Young

Are Awards Ruining Your Favorite Bars?

By Everyone’s obsession comes at a cost.

Everything You Need to Know About BlackTail’s Genius Cuba-Inspired Menu

By Taking a deep dive into how the opening menu was built.

Simple Drinks Are Most Definitely Not Overrated

By Naren Young explains why bartenders shouldn’t downplay the importance of simplicity.


By This fall-forward combination of pear brandy, applejack and sherry is versatile enough to be served cold or as a warm Toddy.

Pear & Elderflower Collins

By Pear puree and pear liqueur add a double dose of fall flavor to this bubbly highball.

Drink Me Now: Pears

By Autumn is pears’ time to shine. Get to peeling and slicing.

Drink Me Now: Time for the Incredible Edible Kumquat

By It’s a reverse-engineered citrus, where the outside’s sweet and the inside’s bitter. Get to know the kumquat now.

Kumquat Syrup

By Kumquats are perfect partners for brown spirits. Turn the bittersweet fruit into an inspired cocktail syrup and shake it into a fresh Whiskey Sour or a warming Hot Toddy.

Spiced Pumpkin Flip

By This seasonal riff on the classic Flip features pumpkin flavor in two forms.

Drink Me Now: Pumpkins

By They're everywhere: in your coffee, in your baked goods. Now it's time to squash them into your cocktails.

Drink Me Now: Tomatoes

By My tenure working the bar at Saxon + Parole ruined the Bloody Mary for me. Up until then, I had become accustomed to extremely heavy, gazpacho-like variations that were the result of overly salted and overly sweetened canned tomato juice. How was I to know better? Linden Pride, our fearless leader at the time (and […]

Drink Me Now: Strawberries

By Strawberries—from out of the Daiquiri and into the cocktail cutting-edge.

Strawberry Pisco Sour

By Like the traditional Pisco Sour? You’ll really love this fruit-filled take on the classic.

Cosmopolitan 1934

By With some homemade raspberry syrup and NOLET'S gin, you can take this classic to the next level.

Spiced Apple Fizz

By In this cocktail from all-star New York mixologist Naren Young, ZU pairs wonderfully with pear brandy, cider, fresh lemon juice and honey syrup. You'll crave this delightful drink on boiling hot afternoons.

Rosé Cobbler

By This refreshing cocktail is low in alcohol and high in flavor.

Drink Me Now: Sugar Snap Peas

By Peas may be small, but they’re big on spring flavor and go shockingly well in easygoing cocktails.
Greenhouse - Tequila Cocktail


By This tequila cocktail made with snap pea shrub and mint is a true culinary masterpiece.
Spring-2014 - Cocktail Recipe

Spring 2014

By This cocktail combines spring flavors like lemon thyme, verjus and sugar snap peas.
How To Make Cocktails With Rhubarb

Rhubarb Cocktails

By Rhubarb doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Check out these colorful rhubarb cocktail recipes!
Breakfast Martini Recipe

Breakfast Martini

By This tart-and-sweet gin drink is good at any time of day.

Rhubarb & Strawberry Collins

By Two of springtime's most delicious ingredients combine in this tart and refreshing tipple.
What to drink during grapefruit season

In Season: Grapefruit

By Love grapefruit? Top bartender Naren Young shares his advice and five recipes for using the tart citrus in cocktails.

In Season: Blood Orange

By Top bartender Naren Young writes about his love of blood oranges and shares some tips and recipes for using the flavorful citrus fruit in cocktails.
BarSol Pisco Bottle - Pisco Cocktails

Pisco Possibilities

By Find out more about the national spirit of both Chile and Peru.