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Archive for Matt Armato

Tequila Manhattan

By Is it still a Manhattan when it’s made with tequila? Who cares when a drink is this satisfying?

Tequila Blood Orange Soda

By What’s even better than a tequila and soda? A tequila and soda with a hit of blood orange juice to brighten the color and flavor in the best possible way.

Tequila Blackberry Punch

By Smash some blackberries to get a drink that’s as easy as it is refreshing. It’s punch but with tequila!

Tequila Corpse Reviver

By Sweet and citrusy, this innovative take on the classic Corpse Reviver could most certainly wake the dead.

Tequila Martini

By Okay, okay: It’s not technically a Martini if it’s made with tequila. But this kicky version of the classic is well worth going against the grain for.

Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita

By Enjoy the heat with this refreshing pineapple Margarita that boasts a touch of spicy jalapeño. Because what goes better with pineapple and tequila than a hit of chile heat?

Spiced Tequila Old Fashioned

By The beautifully simple Old Fashioned gets a Mexican makeover with the addition of reposado tequila and a hit of allspice dram.

Tequila Limeade

By Your refreshing limeade needs a blast of good tequila.

Rosemary Paloma

By The classic grapefruit Paloma gets a hint of herby goodness.

Watermelon Margarita

By A Margarita is always good. With watermelon in it too?

Pink Frozen Margarita

By What’s better than a Frozen Margarita? A pink Frozen Margarita!
photo credit: Tim Nusog

Spicy Margarita

By Don’t settle for a sickly sweet blender bomb this Cinco de Mayo.