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Archive for Matt Merkin

Can a Breaking Bad Themed Bar Be Any Good?

By Make Martinis, not meth, in this RV bar

The Dana Scully

By The Dana Scully is a smoky, spirit-forward sipper. Like its namesake agent, the Mezcal, Cynar, Cointreau and raspberry liqueur creation is a striking burnt vermillion. It’s a no-nonsense recipe for a no-nonsense agent.

The Fox Mulder

By This X-Files–inspired cocktail is a classic Whiskey Sour with a pineapple twist. A Green Chartreuse float gives the drink an ethereal appearance, but the high-proof, medicinal bite keeps it grounded.

How a Margarita Is About to Save a Bunch of Bats

By It’s all in a change in how people make tequila.

A Chain Restaurant Cocktail Crawl

By One very long night in Times Square.

The Only Cocktail You Need This Fall

By It may not be the one you think it is.

This Week in Drinksanity! A Car That Can Drink & Drive

By Don’t worry. It doesn’t affect your car's handling or reaction time.

6 Times Actors Were Actually Drunk on Set

By The Wolf of Wall Street to Black Swan, some of the most memorable movie moments involved some behind-the-scenes drinking.

The Things Movies Get Wrong About Alcohol

By No, that’s not how you make a Martini.

This Week in Drinksanity! A Buddhist Monk Walks Into A Bar…

By And that bar belongs to the monks themselves.

This Week in Drinksanity! A $500,000 Wine Fraud With a Crazy Story

By It involves Thomas Jefferson and some radioactive detective work.

This Week in Drinksanity! Watch A Mouth Become A High-Tech Bottle Opener

By Rugby players lose teeth. Beer company seeks publicity. A match made in heaven.

This Week in Drinksanity! Squid Ink in Your Drink?

By Get back to black with this wacky drinking trend.

Pot Cocktails Are As Crazy As You Imagine

By This week in Drinksanity: THCocktails take two of everyone’s favorites—booze and marijuana—and mix ’em up together.

The Beer Mile is the Drinking Competition That Could Ruin Your Life

By What it’s like to actually participate in the Beer Mile.

7 Inspired Cocktails That Will Go Perfectly With Your Movie Night

By No matter the movie genre, there’s a cocktail that is just right.

Celebs Say The Most Hilarious Things When They’re Drunk

By We all go a little mad sometimes. Right?

Does This Crazy New Hangover Cure Actually Work?

By A company launched an I.V. system that says it can help cure hangovers. We sent a reporter in to get hooked up and tell his story.

Hip Hop Hooch: Musician Boozes, Rated

By Taking shots with Nikki Minaj, Pitbull and more.

The Strange, True Story Behind BuzzBallz

By How did a Texas high school teacher create America’s most fun hangover?
The Dude Drinking A White Russian

The 6 Most Influential Drink Orders of All Time

By From 007 to Ron Swanson, here’s how to drink like your pop culture heroes.
Shaun of the Dead - White Lines Scene

The 5 Best Drinking Songs From the Movies

By You definitely remember these songs, even if the characters don’t.

New Drinking Rules for 2012

By Forget about swearing to work out more; here are the five imbibing resolutions you should make this year.

Highlight Reel: December

By Five of our best cocktails-and-spirits stories from the past month.

‘Tis the Season for Cocktails

By Celebrate the holidays with one of these classic or modern concoctions.

Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Last-Minute

By The clock is running down, but fortunately we have some easy-to-find present suggestions.

Holiday Gift Guide 2011: High-Roller

By Celebrate in grand fashion with these ultra-premium spirited presents.

Drink in the Holidays

By You know what desserts to serve during the holidays; here are the cocktails you should mix up.