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Shirley Temple

By Kids and teetotalers alike love the non-alcoholic Shirley Temple cocktail. Believe to have been originated in 1930s Hollywood, the name comes from the iconic former child star. These days, it's a staple cocktails for children. Not into the sober life? Just add vodka or rum to booze up this classic.
French 75 - Cognac Cocktail

The Best Bubbly New Years Cocktails

By Try one of these bubbly New Years cocktails for an exciting twist on the traditional glass of Champagne.
New Year's Sparkler - Vodka Cocktail

The Top Five New Years Cocktails

By Mix up one of these tasty New Years cocktails while you wait for the clock to strike midnight.
Negroni Sbagliato - Campari Cocktail

The Best New Years Cocktails for a Party

By Check out a few of our favorite New Years cocktail recipes that everyone will love!
Canadian Punch - Whiskey and Rum Cocktail

Five Holiday Cocktails You’ll Want to Drink All Year

By Here are a few holiday cocktails you can enjoy all year long.
Naughty or Nice - Cognac Cocktail

Your Guide to Holiday Cocktails

By Try these delicious and seasonal holiday cocktails you’re sure to love.
Timmy's Brandy Milk Punch - Brandy Cocktail

Five Christmas Cocktails for a Yuletide Brunch

By Need the perfect Christmas cocktails for a late-morning meal? Try these drinks that are ideal for holiday drinking.
Coquito - Holiday Cocktail Recipe

Five Decadent Night Before Christmas Cocktails

By There’s nothing better than finally being able to relax on Christmas Eve after a month of cooking, decorating and gift-buying. And how better to wind down than with one of these decadent and delicious Christmas cocktails? They’re our gift to you. Cheers! Tom & Jerry Make any day a holiday by fixing a bowl of […]
Pink Plymouth Gin & Tonic - Gin Cocktail

Five Christmas Drinks for Daytime Imbibing

By Check out a few of our favorite Christmas cocktails you’ll want to sip all day long.
Uncle Angelo's Eggnog - Rum Cocktail

Five Christmas Drinks that Serve a Crowd

By Be sure you’re prepared to serve your entire family with one of these delicious Christmas drinks.
Brown Derby - Bourbon Cocktail

Brown Derby

By The classic bourbon Brown Derby cocktail is named for the eponymous hat-shaped Los Angeles diner. It's both sweet and sour with a hefty dose of grapefruit juice and a touch of honey syrup. Try this recipe now to find out what all the hype is about.

Jell-O Shots

By Who says Jell-O Shots have to end at college? These tried and true party drinks are fun, easy to make and instant crowd pleasers. Pro tip: Jell-O Shots are a blank canvas for creativity so mix it up with different colors, flavors and shapes. Your friends will love them.
Michelada - Beer Cocktail


By Who needs hard liquor for a great cocktail? The classic Mexican Michelada recipe kicks up the flavor of a cold beer with citrus and spices of your choice. The result is a refreshing beverage that will keep the summer heat at bay.
Tegroni - Tequila Cocktail


By Love the Negroni? Try its south-of-the-border tequila cousin.
Ginger Ale Highball - Rye Whiskey Cocktail

Ginger Ale Highball

By The spicy notes of rye whiskey and ginger pair beautifully in the simple and classic Ginger Ale Highball. Bonus: It's simple to make and loved by almost everyone, making it the perfect party drink.
Distrito Federal - Tequila Manhattan Cocktail

Distrito Federal (AKA Tequila Manhattan)

By Named for Mexico’s largest city, this is an aged-tequila twist on the classic Manhattan.