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Archive for Liza B. Zimmerman

One House-Made Cola Is Not Enough at Chicago’s Boleo

By Jess Lambert brings a bit of Peru and Argentina up north.

Bar Legend Salvatore Calabrese’s New Hong Kong Bar at Maison Eight

By He even created a new signature coupe for the occasion.

A One-of-a-Kind Cocktail Bar That Celebrates India

By Mumbai’s MasalaBar does the subcontinent right.

Germany’s Little Link Takes Drinkers to Countries That Don’t Even Exist

By An international cocktail tour that goes to unknown places.

Taking Local Sourcing to the Next Level in Northern Sweden

By Open/Closed in Umeå, Sweden, is very, very into being of its place.

Suffolk Arms’ Giuseppe González on Paying His Bar World Dues

By The NYC bartending legend has been through it all. And his years of work are paying off.

How Atlanta’s Supply & Demand Deals with Selective Membership

By Dress code and door policies keep the crowd sophisticated.

What Happens When You Put Korean Food in Cocktails?

By The new bar Jinjuu is all about Korean ingredients like kimchi and red chile flakes.

A Splashy Hotel Bar Opens in Amsterdam

By The Duchess brings shiny newness to the Dutch capital.

Panama’s First Speakeasy

By Find this Panama City bar hidden in an art gallery.

The Best Brown Spirits List in Charleston

By In a town obsessed with brown liquor, Mash’s list is the best.

A New Kind of Irish Bar

By GreenRiver celebrates Chicago’s Irish-American roots.

Behold Beijing’s Newest Gin Joint

By A distillery comes to China’s capital.

In London, a history lesson with a side of cocktails

By Find era-specific cocktails with a fictional twist at Seymour’s Parlor Bar.

In New York, a Bar Devoted to a Chinese Spirit

By At New York’s Lumos, baijiu takes center stage.

In Budapest, a Bar Where Cocktails and Music Play for Each Other

By Aria is a hotel bar where music informs the drinks. And vice versa.

A New Pittsburgh Bar Making the Most of the Liquor Control Board

By Tako is bent on carrying a range of great tequila and mezcal despite the challenges.

This is How You Put a Beach Bar in Manhattan

By The only thing missing at Mulberry Project’s current incarnation is the curling waves.

The Australian Bar Where G&Ts Are the Star

By The Stillery lets gin shine with a huge selection of gins—and tonics.

A Hidden London Bar Where Cocktails Hide Behind Computers

By London’s The Natural Philosopher is a welcoming bar tucked away in a computer repair shop.

How to Try 100 Sakes for One Price

By A new bar in Tokyo wants the world to know the glory of good sake.

The Bar Where the 1930s Feels Like the Future

By Stookey’s Club Moderne moves past the speakeasy and the Barbary Coast era.

The Impossible Vegas Speakeasy

By Rose Rabbit Lie is trying to reinvent the speakeasy.

It’s the Artesian. But in Hong Kong.

By What happens when one of the world’s best bars opens in China.

This is the Bar Where Your Favorite Perfume and Cocktail Meet

By Berlin’s Fragrances has a one-of-a-kind obsession with scent.

One Chinese Bar is Bringing a Buzzy Booze to Life

By Baijiu might finally be getting proper love in its home country.

A San Francisco Bar That Wants to Cure What Ails You

By The Devil’s Acre in San Francisco is breathing herby life into an old apothecary.

Beaver Gland and Real-Deal Coziness in Copenhagen

By The new bar Balderdash plays well with esoteric ingredients and good vibes.

Ready for a London Bar Expert’s Exciting New Trip?

By London’s Dandelyan has an innovative way to organize a drink menu.

One Happy New Bar That Loves the 20th Century

By New York’s The Happiest Hour knows the way to drinkers’ hearts and eyes.

A Story of Shipwreck and Imported Citrus

By Bermuda’s newest bar merges the island’s early history with modern trends for a surprisingly original beverage program.

Presidential Cocktails on the Las Vegas Strip

By Named after Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Sin City’s newest bar serves all-American cocktails with anti-casino style—board games included.

The Most Secret Bar in Singapore

By Densely packed cities love their hideaways. Because everyone needs an escape from the concrete jungle, right? To the uninformed, Shinkansen in Singapore’s Raffles Place business district is merely a casual, daytime sushi restaurant. In March of this year, though, Shinkansen starting turning into a hidden, 25-seat bar, The Secret Mermaid, come nightfall. Kind of like […]

A Proof for Every Palate

By Dallas’ new Proof + Pantry offers contemporary cocktails of varying strengths, satisfying both lightweights and boozehounds in one fell swoop.

Barrel-Aging Goes to the Next Level

By Philadelphia’s Bank & Bourbon is obsessed with American whiskey.

The Way Cool Rebirth of a Shot and a Beer

By It’s no surprise that some of the country’s better bartenders are opening venues that celebrate simpler times. After all, many years of the last decade were ticked off in foams and crisp rice cereal that coagulate in your mouth. Boilermaker, in New York’s East Village, focuses on drinks that drove the working class engine during […]

The Bar Where You Bring Your Own Booze

By Nothing like a licensing hurdle to help launch a fresh bar concept. London’s BYOC (Bring Your Own Cocktail) was born after its owners found the perfect venue, with one small hitch: The space didn’t come with a liquor license. So they improvised, creating a bar where guests come packing their own booze-of-choice. It’s like a […]

The Floor Plan of Singapore’s Over-the-Top Potato Head Folk

By A Singapore bar that has four floors, multiple concepts and some great cocktails.

A Game-Changing Copenhagen Bar

By Holmens Kanal is a Copenhagen bar that wants to change the way the Danish capital drinks.
Beetlebung Marthas's Vineyard

This Bar on Martha’s Vineyard Knows Its Audience

By Beetlebung is a seasonal bar that knows how to cater to the crowd of the moment.

The Very Sherry Ways of One Hong Kong Bar

By What happens when a tapas fan from New Zealand opens a bar in Honk Kong?

Is This the World’s Greenest Bar?

By London’s White Lyan might the most sustainable bar there is.