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3 Rules for Making Tequila the Right Way

By What everyone in the tequila business really needs to remember.

How Old Is the Rum in That Bottle, Really?

By The number on the bottle doesn’t always tell the whole story.

9 Bartenders Discover the Right Way to Make Tequila

By These expert cocktail makers recognize good craftsmanship. And they found plenty of it in Mexico.

The Search for the Jamaican Difference Begins

By What is it about Jamaican rum that makes it unlike anything else.

This BACARDÍ Legacy Finalist Wants to Bring the Bar and Kitchen Closer Together

By Luis Hernandez thinks the food and cocktail menu should play off one another.

Why It’s Time to Start Loving Black Strap Rum

By Check out how Bacardi has reimagined the unsung style of rum.

The Art of Aging: Disturbed vs. Undisturbed

By There’s far more to aging rum than simply waiting.

Meet the Makers: Juan Piñera

By Sitting down with BACARDÍ’s longtime master blender.

The Art of Aging: Continental vs Tropical

By Does it matter whether your rum is matured in Barbados or Berlin? Oh, more than you think.

Understand Rum Through Its Origins

By Where rum comes from can tell you a lot about its flavor.

History’s Great Sips: The Daiquiri

By The three-ingredient classic has been delighting drinkers for more than a century.

History’s Great Sips: The Mojito

By From pirate ships to Hemingway, the cocktail’s backstory is as colorful as the drink itself.

Who Won the USBG Legacy National Finals?

By Discover who’s representing the US at the global finals in Mexico City.

History’s Great Sips: The Cuba Libre

By The world’s most popular cocktail is also one of its simplest.

Bacardí Superior Mai Tai

By Try this upgrade on the classic summer cocktail.

Running a Green Distillery Is Way Harder Than You Think

By How one rum producer has been turning waste into energy for a long time.

The USBG Legacy Semifinalists Won an Immersive Trip to Puerto Rico

By The bartenders prepped for the national finals by diving deep into Puerto Rican culture.
Casa Bacardí in Puerto Rico

Casa Bacardí: Bigger, Better, Greener

By A peek behind the curtain at the Cathedral of Rum.

Jason Seele Will Represent the US at the MIXLDN Global Finals

By This has been the biggest year yet for Beefeater MIXLDN, with 34 countries participating in the prestigious competition. Thousands competed, but only 31 bartenders are moving on to the global finals in London. San Jose, Calif.’s Jason Seele will represent the United States, and if his genius signature cocktail is any indication, he has a […]

What Inspired the Bartenders in the USBG Legacy National Finals?

By Get the story behind the eight cocktails that rose above the rest.

Bacardi Helps Weather the Storm

By After a hurricane-filled season, Bacardi doubles down on disaster relief.

With Rum, It’s All About the Age

By Why a number is the best way to understand rum.

What Makes Funky Rum So Funky?

By Everything you need to know about hogo rum.

History’s Great Sips: The Bacardí Cocktail

By From the courtroom to the competition circuit, 100 years of an iconic cocktail.

Experience Cognac Like Never Before at Hennessy’s Le Grand Voyage

By Go to Brooklyn for an immersive, sensory trip to the Cognac region of France.

Hot Buttered Rum

By In winter, Hot Buttered Rum always hits the spot.

The Sweet Lowdown on Spiced Rum

By BACARDÍ doubles down with Oakheart.

Your Hard and Fast Guide to Why Molasses is Essential to Rum

By Everything you need to know about rum’s most important ingredient

The Tale of Two Cocktail Styles: Tiki vs. Tropical

By How to tell the difference between the world’s most popular drinks.

Who Chose the Next Tequila Legend?

By Meet the judges of the Tequila Herradura Legends competition.

Whiskey Drinkers, Say Hello to Rum

By The two spirits have more in common than you think.

What Cocktail Won the 2018 Tequila Herradura Legends Competition?

By Discover which bartender became the new Tequila Herradura Legend.

Learn the Fernet-Branca Handshake

By How one spirit became a way for bartenders to say hello.

New York Bartenders Have Embraced the Bitter Life

By Local bartenders have learned the Fernet-Branca handshake.

Get to Know the Tequila Herradura Legends Winners and Finalists

By See what they’ve experienced on the way to the finale.

What Does It Take to Create a Bartending Legacy?

By Discover why you should be a part of the prestigious global competition.

What Inspires the Talented Finalists of the Tequila Herradura Legends Competition?

By The slate is set for the finale of the Tequila Herradura Legends competition. Bartenders will be traveling to Mexico for the experience of a lifetime. They’ll get a VIP distillery tour at the last true tequila-producing hacienda on the planet, explore popular and historic attractions and—most importantly—face off for the grand prize in the global […]

What Makes Braulio the Jewel of the Italian Alps?

By No one understands the intersection of drinking and culture quite like the Italians do. There’s a drink for every moment. Go ahead: Drink Italian. It’s a way of life. For more than a century, Braulio has been distilled in a small town tucked deep into the Italian alps. Somehow it keeps getting better. Discover how […]

Averna Is a Sicilian Masterpiece

By No one understands the intersection of drinking and culture quite like the Italians do. There’s a drink for every moment. Go ahead: Drink Italian. It’s a way of life. Three Sicilian artists can all agree on one masterpiece from their region Averna. No other place in Italy—or the rest of the world—could produce an amaro […]

NOLET’S Cucumber Smash

By No need to be delicate with this recipe. Grab your muddler, NOLET’S Silver Gin, fresh mint and cucumber. Then smash your way to a mouthwatering cocktail. This is how you make a Cucumber Smash.

Cucumber, Basil & Lime Gimlet

By The classic combination of gin, lime juice and simple syrup gets a fresh-produce boost in the Cucumber, Basil & Lime Gimlet. Swap out gin for vodka, add a little lemonade and you've got the ideal warm-weather cocktail.

Bacardí Cocktail

By This cousin of the Daiquiri dates back to well before Prohibition.