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Archive for Liquor.com Staff

Mexican Chardonnay

By Mexican Chardonnay isn’t wine. It’s something much better.

Cazadores Loaded Michelada

By You probably haven’t had a Michelada quite like this.

Bacardí Cuatro Airmail

By This is the only Airmail recipe you need.

Bacardí & Cola

By Elevate the standard Rum & Cola with Bacardí Superior.
Ardbeg’s Brendan McCarron preaches the gospel of smoke.

Smoke Rising: How Ardbeg Is Changing the Way Bartenders Think About Peated Whisky

By An immersive and insightful London event offers a sneak preview of the Master of Smoke series.

Bacardí Ocho Old Fashioned

By Anyone who likes rum is going to love this Old Fashioned.

Cazadores con Cerveza

By Discover what makes tequila and ice-cold beer a perfect match.

Peppered Peach Tea Tom Collins

By Yes, peach iced tea and pepper belong in your Tom Collins.

Bombay Sapphire & Tonic

By Ready to take your Gin & Tonic to a whole new level?

Bombay Sapphire Negroni

By You won’t find a more perfectly balanced Negroni than this.

Bombay Sapphire Martini

By You need the right gin to make this simple and elegant Martini.

The Original Bacardí Mojito

By Discover the right way to make a refreshing Mojito.
Casa Herradura is the last authentic hacienda on the planet.

What’s the Difference Between an Authentic Hacienda and a Typical Tequila Distillery?

By All the reasons why Casa Herradura is the world’s last true tequila-producing hacienda.

Bacardí Cuba Libre

By Gold rum, cola and lime are all you need for a perfect Cuba Libre

Bacardí Cuatro Highball

By The Bacardí Cuatro Highball is paradise in a glass.

Coco Curry Colada

By A little curry turns a traditional Piña Colada into something special.

Hennessy Ginger

By Just mix Hennessy and ginger ale for an amazing drink.

Verano en Valencia

By Elevate the classic highball by using premium tequila and more.

Blueberry Mojito

By Elevate your Mojito with premium cognac and blueberries.

Mango Basil Lemonade

By Mango and basil are the perfect match for summer cocktails.

Hennessy Jalapiña

By The Hennessy Jalapiña is the perfect mix of spicy and sweet.
So many incredible cocktails were submitted to the Caorunn 10 Year Switch.

Discover Who’s Going to the Finals of the Caorunn 10 Year Switch

By Meet the bartenders who will be facing off at the international finals in New York City.

How Tequila Herradura Earned Mexico’s Highest Environmental Honor

By More people are recognizing the iconic tequila as a leader in sustainable distilling.

Grey Goose Blood Orange Sangria

By Enjoy a French twist on a Spanish classic.
Introducing the only rum made with fresh coconut water from the Caribbean.

How a Single Prop Plane’s Journey Through the Caribbean Led to an Amazing New Rum

By Get the story behind mouthwatering rum made with real coconut water.

Absolut Sex on the Beach

By This tropical classic needs the right vodka: Absolut.

Lime Mule

By Making a Moscow Mule? Don’t hold back on the lime.

Hanna Wallbanger

By Discover what makes the Hanna Wallbanger different from Harvey.

Absolut Lime Soda

By Check out this elegant take on a vodka & soda.

Absolut Mudslide

By This indulgent cocktail is surprisingly easy to make.

Absolut Vodka Gimlet

By You don’t need to like gin to appreciate—or make—this Gimlet.

Absolut Citron Gimlet

By Who says you need gin to make a mouthwatering Gimlet?

Absolut French Martini

By Check out the most subtle and delicious flavored Martini.

Espresso Old Fashioned

By Think an Old Fashioned could use more bitterness? Add espresso.

Grapefruit Drop

By Discover a creative and refreshing way to use grapefruit vodka.

Herb Ginger Julep

By A Julep made with rye sounds unconventional—and tastes incredible.

The Swedish Paloma

By This recipe will convince you that a Paloma is better with vodka.

Blackberry Punch

By Get the recipe for a punch you can sip all year long.

Absolut Peppar Bloody Mary

By Discover how to make a perfectly balanced and subtly spicy Bloody Mary.

Grapefruit Mule

By You can make a better mule by using Absolut Grapefruit.

Absolut Mimosa

By The classic mimosa is missing something: Absolut vodka.

Finally, You Can Get High-Quality Pinot Noir In a Can

By Wine made for your next outdoor adventure.

Meet the U.S. Winners of the 2019 Liquor.com Legacy Cocktail Competition

By Will Isaza and Melina Maza will represent the U.S. at the global finals in Amsterdam.
You’ve never had anything quite like sea-aged bourbon.

Ocean-Aged Bourbon Started as an Experiment. It’s Becoming an Industry.

By Discover how aging barrels at sea created an incredible new category of bourbon.
The cocktails created as part of Tequila Herradura Legends aren’t your average Margaritas.

Discover How 38 Bartenders Became Tequila Herradura Legends

By Follow the path of 38 bartenders who won a trip to the last true tequila-producing hacienda

How to Find Out If a Rum Cocktail Is Timeless

By Inside the search for the Liquor.com Legacy cocktail competition finalists.

The Secret Ingredient for the Best Old Fashioned

By Smoke takes a classic to the next level.
Few cocktails inspire the same love as the Old Fashioned. Isn’t that worth celebrating?

Where Will You Be Celebrating Old Fashioned Week?

By Choose wisely: More than a thousand bars are participating in 2018.
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