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Archive for Liquor.com Staff

Why Did a Miami Bartender and Bodybuilder Start Boxing Too?

By Pricilla Verona is an expert at mixing drinks, lifting weights and throwing punches.

How Boxing Helps This Dallas Bartender Keep His Mind Sharp

By Kellen Hamrah is build mental toughness through boxing.

Boxing Inspired This Chicago Bartender to Get Serious About His Health

By Jason Lane is starting to box almost as well as he bartends.

This NYC Bartender Is Fighting for a Healthier Lifestyle. Literally.

By Samuel Willy joined Bar Spar to build better habits while working as a bartender.

Hennessy Keeps Breaking New Ground With Its Master Blender’s Selection Series

By How the biggest name in cognac empowered its master distiller to redefine the spirit.
You’ll find a lot of first-fill sherry casks at The GlenDronach distillery.

Rich and Complex Highland Single Malt Starts with the Right Sherry Cask

By There’s an art to choosing casks. And The Glendronach has mastered it.

Serious Whisky Fans Are Falling in Love with a Little Place Called Sandend Bay

By Discover how the elements at a tiny bay lead to an unparalleled whisky.

This Single Malt Scotch Wants to Change the Way You Think About Peated Whisky

By The BenRiach proves that peat can add more than smoke to whisky.
Colie Ehrenworth

Meet a Toronto Bartender Throttling Her Wellness Goals

By How Bar Spar is helping bartenders box their way into shape.
Max Cruzon-Price

Meet a Vancouver Bartender Kicking Up His Fitness Game

By How Bar Spar is helping bartenders box their way into shape

Frozen Margarita

By It might be the best cocktail you can make in a blender.
Don’t forget to enjoy a Gentleman Jack Sour on August 25.

How to Celebrate National Whiskey Sour Day in Style

By Here’s what you need to know about the Whiskey Sour by August 25.
Angostura can improve any classic rum cocktail.

Your Favorite Bitters Brand Is Earning Acclaim for Its Very Own Rum

By Angostura is proving that bitters aren’t its only area of expertise.

Mexican Chardonnay

By Mexican Chardonnay isn’t wine. It’s something much better.

Life in Venice

By Skip the traditional Bellini and try the Life in Venice.

Bacardí Cuatro Airmail

By This is the only Airmail recipe you need.

Bacardí & Cola

By Elevate the standard Rum & Cola with Bacardí Superior.

Cazadores Loaded Michelada

By You probably haven’t had a Michelada quite like this.
Ardbeg’s Brendan McCarron preaches the gospel of smoke.

Smoke Rising: How Ardbeg Is Changing the Way Bartenders Think About Peated Whisky

By An immersive and insightful London event offers a sneak preview of the Master of Smoke series.

Bacardí Ocho Old Fashioned

By Anyone who likes rum is going to love this Old Fashioned.

Cazadores con Cerveza

By Discover what makes tequila and ice-cold beer a perfect match.

Peppered Peach Tea Tom Collins

By Yes, peach iced tea and pepper belong in your Tom Collins.

Perfect Paloma

By The Perfect Paloma lives up to the name.

Citrónge Cosmopolitan

By The citrus steals the spotlight in this Cosmopolitan.

Bombay Sapphire & Tonic

By Ready to take your Gin & Tonic to a whole new level?

Bacardí Coco & Pineapple

By You only need two ingredients to make this new tropical classic.

East 8

By The East 8 is about to become your favorite tropical cocktail.

Bombay Sapphire Negroni

By You won’t find a more perfectly balanced Negroni than this.

Bombay Sapphire Martini

By You need the right gin to make this simple and elegant Martini.

Añejo Old Fashioned

By Patrón añejo tequila can elevate any cocktail, especially the Old Fashioned.

Salty Dog

By The Salty Dog is a better breed of Greyhound.

Five Island Flamingo

By Grapefruit soda might be the best thing to mix with rum.

The Original Bacardí Mojito

By Discover the right way to make a refreshing Mojito.
More and more bartenders are boxing to get into better shape.

How Boxing Became the Ultimate Wellness Program for Bartenders

By Bar Spar is using boxing to improve health in the bartending community.
Casa Herradura is the last authentic hacienda on the planet.

What’s the Difference Between an Authentic Hacienda and a Typical Tequila Distillery?

By All the reasons why Casa Herradura is the world’s last true tequila-producing hacienda.

Sea Breeze

By This deliciously tart cocktail is perfect for a day at the beach.

Bacardí Cuba Libre

By Gold rum, cola and lime are all you need for a perfect Cuba Libre

Bacardí Cuatro Highball

By The Bacardí Cuatro Highball is paradise in a glass.

Coco Curry Colada

By A little curry turns a traditional Piña Colada into something special.

Hennessy Ginger

By Just mix Hennessy and ginger ale for an amazing drink.

Verano en Valencia

By Elevate the classic highball by using premium tequila and more.

Blueberry Mojito

By Elevate your Mojito with premium cognac and blueberries.

Mango Basil Lemonade

By Mango and basil are the perfect match for summer cocktails.

Hennessy Jalapiña

By The Hennessy Jalapiña is the perfect mix of spicy and sweet.
So many incredible cocktails were submitted to the Caorunn 10 Year Switch.

Discover Who’s Going to the Finals of the Caorunn 10 Year Switch

By Meet the bartenders who will be facing off at the international finals in New York City.

How Tequila Herradura Earned Mexico’s Highest Environmental Honor

By More people are recognizing the iconic tequila as a leader in sustainable distilling.

Grey Goose Blood Orange Sangria

By Enjoy a French twist on a Spanish classic.
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