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The cocktails created as part of Tequila Herradura Legends aren’t your average Margaritas.

Discover How 38 Bartenders Became Tequila Herradura Legends

By Follow the path of 38 bartenders who won a trip to the last true tequila-producing hacienda
Few cocktails inspire the same love as the Old Fashioned. Isn’t that worth celebrating?

Where Will You Be Celebrating Old Fashioned Week?

By Choose wisely: More than a thousand bars are participating in 2018.

Miranda Helck Enjoyed a Bartender’s Dream Trip to Denver with Kat Nigro

By This is how the Naked Grouse Cocktail Competition winner celebrated her victory.
Flor de Caña comes from a one-of-a-kind region—and family.

The 125-Year Family Story Behind the World’s Best Rum: Flor de Caña

By Making Flor de Caña doesn’t happen overnight. And it was never easy.
Everything you want from a premium aged sipping rum.

Where to Start with Sipping Rum

By Pick up a bottle to gain a deeper appreciation for aged rum.
Competition winner Cheyenne Haggard (left) has a drink with Naked Grouse brand ambassador Christal Watson (right).

How Cheyenne Haggard Celebrated Winning the Naked Grouse Cocktail Competition

By The Denver bartender’s grand prize was three unforgettable days to Philadelphia.

Why Bartenders Are Embracing Their Bitter Side

By Bitter cocktails go way beyond the Negroni.
Cheyenne Haggard

Who Created the Best Naked Cocktail in Denver?

By Discover which local bartender won the Naked Grouse Cocktail Competition.

Who Created the Best Naked Cocktail in Philadelphia?

By Here’s what happened—and who won—at the Naked Grouse Cocktail Competition.
The possibilities are endless when you’re working with pieces from the Master’s Reserve collection.

Glassware Makes an Impression. Be Sure It’s the Right One.

By Elevate your bar and cocktails with elegant glassware.

The Search for the 2018 Bartender of the Year Is Complete

By Follow the action from the finals on Sea Island, Georgia.
Two vodkas made with the same rye couldn’t be more different.

2 Vodkas Can Tell You Everything About Terroir

By You’ve likely heard the word terroir thrown around in conversations about spirits and know that it refers to the ways in which a region affects taste and character. But you need an example to really understand the concept. And there’s none better than the Belvedere Single Estate Rye Series. Scientists in a lab couldn’t have […]
All the bartenders poured beautiful vodka cocktails throughout the competition.

What Happened at the Beluga Signature Creative US Finals

By Discover who advanced to the global finals in Sochi, Russia.

Annemarie Roberts Wins the Sandeman Bartender Competition

By Her Cape of Good Hope cocktail helped her surpass the six other finalists.

What Is the Fourth Major Ingredient for Jamaican Rum?

By There’s more to the spirit than sugar, water and yeast.


By Get the recipe for Iceland’s signature serve.

5 Steps for Making Sustainable and Organic Tequila

By How to make great tequila that’s good for the earth.

This Tequila Found Its Secret Weapon. In France.

By How a different kind of barrel leads to a one-of-a-kind tequila.

3 Rules for Making Tequila the Right Way

By What everyone in the tequila business really needs to remember.

How Old Is the Rum in That Bottle, Really?

By The number on the bottle doesn’t always tell the whole story.

9 Bartenders Discover the Right Way to Make Tequila

By These expert cocktail makers recognize good craftsmanship. And they found plenty of it in Mexico.

The Search for the Jamaican Difference Begins

By What is it about Jamaican rum that makes it unlike anything else.

This BACARDÍ Legacy Finalist Wants to Bring the Bar and Kitchen Closer Together

By Luis Hernandez thinks the food and cocktail menu should play off one another.

Why It’s Time to Start Loving Black Strap Rum

By Check out how Bacardi has reimagined the unsung style of rum.

The Art of Aging: Disturbed vs. Undisturbed

By There’s far more to aging rum than simply waiting.

Meet the Makers: Juan Piñera

By Sitting down with BACARDÍ’s longtime master blender.

The Art of Aging: Continental vs Tropical

By Does it matter whether your rum is matured in Barbados or Berlin? Oh, more than you think.

Understand Rum Through Its Origins

By Where rum comes from can tell you a lot about its flavor.

History’s Great Sips: The Daiquiri

By The three-ingredient classic has been delighting drinkers for more than a century.

History’s Great Sips: The Mojito

By From pirate ships to Hemingway, the cocktail’s backstory is as colorful as the drink itself.

Who Won the USBG Legacy National Finals?

By Discover who’s representing the US at the global finals in Mexico City.

History’s Great Sips: The Cuba Libre

By The world’s most popular cocktail is also one of its simplest.

Bacardí Superior Mai Tai

By Try this upgrade on the classic summer cocktail.

Running a Green Distillery Is Way Harder Than You Think

By How one rum producer has been turning waste into energy for a long time.
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