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Long Island Iced Tea

By The Long Island Iced Tea is what happens when four different spirits collide to create one powerful drink. With a mysterious origin story, this potent drink will bring on the good times (and hangovers) for years to come.

Unlock National Bourbon Heritage Month | Partner Tip

By For bourbon lovers, September is a month full of celebration. Celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month right!

Win a Trip to Kentucky (Partner Tip)

By Now you can win a trip for two to see—and taste—the handiwork of Jimmy and Eddie on-site in Kentucky.
Mad Men Drinking Game | Don Draper

Mad Men Drinking Game

By It’s no secret that the characters in Mad Men love to booze—so why not join them?


By Bring elegance to any brunch.

Infusions of Grandeur

By We got the author of the new Homemade Liqueurs and Infused Spirits to share his tips (and a couple recipes) for crafting your own.
Atlanta Bar Guide

One for the Road: Atlanta

By Beyond its renowned Southern hospitality (not to mention grits, greens and biscuits), Atlanta boasts a burgeoning cocktail scene. Here are a few of the city’s best bars.

A Cocktail Carnaval

By Celebrate Mardi Gras like they do in Brazil with these tasty cachaça cocktails.


By Go old-school with this straightforward whiskey and beer concoction.

Boozy Valentine’s Day Gifts

By Looking for the perfect present for your sweetheart? Check out these spirited beauty products, from absinthe hand cream to rum body wash, that will make your Valentine swoon.
Easy Thanksgiving Drinks

Drink Your Way Through Thanksgiving

By From a morning Irish Coffee and an appetite-stimulating cocktail to a delicious nightcap, we found the perfect cocktails to enjoy and serve throughout the holiday.
Grandma's Coffee - Cognac/Brandy Cocktail

How to Mix: Coffee & Cocktails

By Between preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, getting ready to travel or host guests and planning holiday parties—not to mention figuring out what gifts to buy—no one would blame you for feeling exhausted. To help you wake up and give you a bit of a buzz, we recommend mixing a little coffee into your evening cocktail. With […]
Canadian Whisky Facts and Myths

The Five Biggest Canadian Whisky Myths

By While Canada may be our next-door neighbor, there are still many misconceptions about the country’s whisky. With the help of Corby Distilleries master blender Don Livermore, we debunk the five most common myths.

Gourmet Shot: April Bloomfield

By We talked to the rock-star chef about her latest project, Tosca Cafe in San Francisco, what she likes to drink and her favorite bars. Try her delicious recipe for warm Mulled Wine.
Best Tailgating Drinks | Best Liquor Articles

Highlight Reel: September

By Read five of our best cocktails-and-spirits stories from the past month.
Best Liquor Under $25 | Best Bottom Shelf Spirits

Highlight Reel: June

By Read five of our best cocktails-and-spirits stories from the past month.
Absinthe Drip - Absinthe Cocktail

Absinthe Drip

By Enjoy the once-illicit absinthe in an old-fashioned Absinthe Drip.

Drinking with ‘The Great Gatsby’

By Learn how to make the cocktails that show up in the famous Jazz Age book.

Tom Collins

By The Tom Collins is such a classic they named the glass after it.

Holiday Gift Guide: Last-Minute

By Still looking for that final present? Check out these five spirited options.

Gear Guide: Scotch

By No matter how you like your whisky, we found a range of drinking accessories you need to check out.

Gift Guide: Summer

By Welcome the new season by picking up these spirited items as a present for yourself or your favorite cocktail lover.
Celebrity chef Chris Cosentino at Incanto in San Francisco

Gourmet Shot: Chris Cosentino

By The celebrity chef and Food Network star reveals his love for all things gin and shares a favorite beer cocktail.
Bellini - Champagne Cocktail


By This sparkling classic got its start at Venice’s famed Harry’s Bar.

Cape Codder

By Pretend like you’re on your yacht when you mix this one up.
Baseball Cocktail

Highlight Reel: April

By Five of our best cocktails-and-spirits stories from the past month.
Seven and Seven - Whiskey Cocktail

Seven & Seven

By Together they make 14—and a sweet, sparkling whiskey drink.
Bushmills Irish Honey - Irish Whiskies for St. Patrick's Day

The Spirit of St. Patrick’s Day

By Celebrate the holiday year-round with these four tasty Irish whiskies.
Pisco Porton Bottle

Pisco’s Moment

By After years of steady growth in popularity, the South American grape-based spirit is poised to break through.
Bartender at Bellocq, New Orleans

Best Hotel Bars

By Planning a trip? Check out these seven hotels around the world with top bar programs.
Beefeater Gin Bottle

Insider’s Guide: Stocking the Bar

By We asked three top bartenders to share which spirits brands are in their well.
San Francisco bartender Brooke Arthur

How to Cocktail: Manhattan, Rob Roy and Whiskey Sour

By Master these three classic drinks in minutes by watching videos featuring Liquor.com advisory board member Dushan Zaric and talented bartender Brooke Arthur.
A Spirited Leap Year

A Spirited Leap Year

By Use this extra day in 2012 as an opportunity to work on some mixological projects.
Hot Buttered Rum

Highlight Reel: February

By Five of our best cocktails-and-spirits stories from the past month.
Oscar Statue Holding Drink – Oscars Cocktails

Silver Screen Cocktails

By Enjoy this montage of cinematic concoctions while you watch the Oscars on Sunday.
The Bacchanalian - Cognac Cocktail

Fat Tuesday Cocktails

By With only one day left before Mardi Gras, we got two of New Orleans’ finest mixologists to share their favorite Carnival recipes.
Cocktails Built For Two

Cocktails Built for Two

By On Valentine’s Day, consider making these romantic drinks designed for couples.

How to Cocktail: Daiquiri, Mint Julep and Mojito

By Master these three classic drinks in minutes by watching videos featuring Liquor.com advisory board member Dushan Zaric.
Wise Cold Sage Cocktail - Superbowl Cocktails

Super (Bowl) Slushies

By What are you going to serve during the big game? Fix these delicious frosty concoctions from top bartender Tad Carducci.
Irish Coffee in a Coupe Glass - Pro Bar Tools

Gadget Guide: Pro Tools

By Make your home bar resemble your favorite watering hole with these professional-grade products, accessories and furnishings.

Drink in the Super Bowl

By Check out these great recipes for Super Bowl cocktails and snacks.
Grapefruit Negroni - Best Liquor Articles January 2012

Highlight Reel: January

By Five of our best cocktails-and-spirits stories from the past month.

Gourmet Shot: Almond Cognac Cookie Sandwiches

By Enjoy this simple—and spirited—recipe for Almond Cognac Cookie Sandwiches from acclaimed baker and bartender Jane Danger.
Simon Ford - How to Make Cocktails

How to Cocktail: Martini, Vesper and Gimlet

By Master these three classic gin cocktails in minutes by watching videos featuring Liquor.com advisor Simon Ford.
Baltimore Eggnog - Rum Cocktail

5 Tips: Making the Best Eggnog

By It wouldn’t be the holidays without a glass of Eggnog. So we got Derek Brown, expert bartender and owner of the swanky Columbia Room in Washington, D.C., to give us his advice for whipping up the classic.

Holiday Gift Guide: Rum

By We asked all-star mixologist Julie Reiner, owner of New York’s Lani Kai, for her favorite bottles.
Old Fashioned Cocktail - Best Of November Liquor Articles

Highlight Reel: November

By Five of our best cocktails-and-spirits stories from the past month.
Thermos Pouring Into Mug - Warm Cocktails

Hot Cocktails To Go

By Imbibe al fresco all fall and winter long with these warming, portable cocktail recipes from talented bartender and Liquor.com advisor Aisha Sharpe.
Johnny Drum Kentucky Bourbon Bottle - Holiday Gift Ideas Bourbon

Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Bourbon

By What’s the perfect pairing for turkey and all the trimmings? American whiskey, of course.
Bowmore Distillery - Distillery Lodging

Sleeping at the Distillery

By These spirited inns and cabins offer drinks lovers the ultimate and unique experience of staying on-site.
Pumpkin Pie On Thanksgiving Table - Thanksgiving Cocktails

A Spirited Thanksgiving

By You know what dishes to serve on Turkey Day; here’s what you should drink.
Tender Nob - Nuts In Cocktails

The Nutty Secret to Cocktails

By From traditional almond to peanut and pistachio, nut-flavored orgeat syrups can create an astounding variety of cocktails.
Charlotte Voisey Mixing Cocktail - Homemade Punch Recipe

Farm to Drink: Handcrafted Punches

By Talented mixologist Charlotte Voisey hosts our latest video about making delicious punch with seasonal fruits.
Man Surrounded By Barrels - Visiting A Craft Distillery

Spirited Side Trips

By During your holiday travels, take a detour to visit one of these small distilleries.
Blood & Sand Cocktail - Best Of October Liquor Articles

Highlight Reel: October

By Five of our best cocktails-and-spirits stories from the past month.
Smashing Pumpkin - Pumpkin Cocktails

A Pumpkin Smash

By Celebrate Halloween with these truly spirited adult treats.
PDT Cocktail Book - Cocktail Books

The PDT Cocktail Book

By We got Liquor.com advisor Jim Meehan to share his five all-time-favorite drinks books.
Hot Toddy Cocktail - Tips To Make Hot Toddies

5 Tips: Hot Toddies

By Feel a chill in the air? Warm up with these Hot Toddy secrets from St. John Frizell, owner of New York bar and restaurant Fort Defiance.

Drinking 2.0

By From filtered tequila and cocktails on tap to green-powered stills, drinking has recently gone high-tech. Read about some bars and brands on the cutting edge.
Savory Margarita - Fall Cocktails

Farm to Drink: Seasonal & Savory

By Talented mixologist Charlotte Voisey hosts our latest video about making cocktails with fresh herbs, red bell peppers and rhubarb.
Bitter Book - Making Your Own Bitters

Creating Signature Bitters

By Take your autumn cocktails to the next level by making a batch of your own bitters.

Single Malts from Around the World

By From India and Sweden to Japan, distillers across the globe are making Scotch-inspired whiskies. Here are four bottlings that you need to try.
Men Pouring Liquor Into Street During Prohibition - Ken Burns' Prohibition

Ken Burns’ Spirited History

By We spoke to award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns about his new PBS documentary, Prohibition.
Four Roses Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - New American Bourbons

Bourbon Boon

By Celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month with five new and complex whiskies that you need to try.

A Chaser of Fame

By To be a celebrity these days, you need your own signature spirit, but this trend actually dates back centuries. Here are three historic brands that have had a brush with fame.
Hot Spiced Bourbon Balls - Cooking With Spirits

Spirited Cooking: Bourbon Balls

By Celebrate America’s native spirit by enjoying this delicious dessert from award-winning cookbook authors Matt and Ted Lee.
Fresh Berry Delicious - Sweet Cocktails

Farm to Drink: Sweet Concoctions

By Talented mixologist Charlotte Voisey hosts our latest video about making cocktails with perfectly ripe fruit.
A Glass on a Book - All About Spirits

Back to School

By Brush up on your liquor knowledge with our 10 Spirits 101 articles on the most popular alcohol categories.
Pomegranate - Pomegranate Cocktails

The Hot List: Pomegranate Concoctions

By The historic fruit tastes delicious in a range of fall cocktails.
San Francisco Cocktail Week - San Francisco Cocktail Week 2011

San Francisco Cocktail Week: 2011

By Get our guide to the Bay Area’s fifth annual mixology celebration, taking place later this month.
Cherry Bomb - Summer Cocktails

Endless Summer

By Extend your summer with these recipes from talented mixologist and Liquor.com advisor Aisha Sharpe.
Glasses of Scotch - Top Liquor Articles August

Highlight Reel: August

By Five of our best cocktails-and-spirits stories from the past month.
Whisky Barrels - Independent Scotch Bottlers

The Indie Spirit

By These independent bottlers produce a range of rare and complex single malt Scotch whiskies.
Man Floor-Malting Barley - Old-Fashioned Techniques for Making Spirits

Old-School Spirits

By In this age of cutting-edge technology, these spirits are made instead using traditional methods that date back centuries.
Ice Shot Glasses - Bar Tools

Cool as Ice

By Chill out during the dog days of August with the help of these four cool tools and devices.
Behind the Drink Logo - Cocktail Videos

Behind the Drink: The $13 Cocktail

By Watch Liquor.com’s first short film, documenting the hours of work that go into making a delicious craft drink at San Francisco’s Bourbon & Branch.
A tropical frozen cocktail - blended drinks

5 Tips: Blender Drinks

By Beat the heat with these frozen-cocktail secrets from tiki authority Jeff “Beachbum” Berry.
Tales of the Cocktail Logo - Tales of the Cocktail 2011

The Tale End: 2011

By What we learned at this year’s Tales of the Cocktail convention in New Orleans.
Caviarcubes Garnishing a Cocktail - Best of July Liquor Articles

Highlight Reel: July

By Five of our best cocktails-and-spirits stories from the past month.
Limoncello Recipe - How to Make Limoncello

Lemon Season

By Turn your perfectly ripe summer lemons into delicious tart-and-sweet limoncello and use their juice in historic cocktail recipes.
Caviarcubes Garnishing a Cocktail - Bar Tools and Gadgets

Gadget Guide: Summer 2011

By From a shaved-ice blender to a carbonating shaker and caviar cubes, we found the latest and greatest bar tools and accessories you need to test out.
Vodka Shots On Ice - Best Vodka Bars

Best Vodka Bars

By Vodka is the top-selling spirit in America, and we found five of the best bars in the country at which to enjoy the popular liquor.
NYC Cocktail Week - NYC Cocktail Week 2011 Recipes

The Recipe for NYC Cocktail Week

By Get the recipes for a few of the fabulous drinks served at the city’s top bars during Liquor.com’s first annual NYC Cocktail Week.
Basil Watermelon Cooler - July 4th Cocktails

Mixing Up July 4

By Celebrate Independence Day by fixing these four refreshing watermelon cocktails.
The Macallan Easter Elchies Scotch Whiskey Bottle - Distillery-Only Spirits Bottlings

Ingredient Hunter: Distillery Bottlings

By Go to the source: These six special spirits are available only at the distillery.

Highlight Reel: June

By Five of our best cocktails-and-spirits stories from the past month.
Julian P. Van Winkle Sr - Liquor Label Icons

Liquor-Label Icons

By From Don Julio and Pappy Van Winkle to Sailor Jerry, meet the actual men behind these famous spirits names.
Nolet's Silver Dry Gin Bottle - Types of Gin

Cheat Sheet: Gin

By Whether it’s London dry, old Tom or genever, check out our guide to juniper-flavored spirits.
Compass Box Whisky Gift Box - Father's Day Liquor Gifts

Gift Guide: Father’s Day 2011

By Find the perfect spirited present for Dad, just in time for the holiday.
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Bottle - Honey Cocktails

The Honey Pot

By From liqueurs and spirits to a range of cocktails, honey is becoming a popular mixological ingredient. Find out how you should be drinking this natural sweetener.
NYC Cocktail Week Logo - NYC Cocktail Week 2011

Liquor.com’s NYC Cocktail Week

By Want to try some of the Big Apple’s best bars? Check out Liquor.com’s first annual NYC Cocktail Week.
Tales of the Cocktail Logo - Tales of the Cocktail 2011

Celebrating the Cocktail: 2011

By Get our guide to the ninth annual Tales of the Cocktail conference taking place in New Orleans next month.
Whippersnapper Oregon Whiskey Bottle - Best of May Liquor Articles

Highlight Reel: May

By Five of our best cocktails-and-spirits stories from the past month.
Sherry Cobbler - Spring Cocktails

Cocktails Al Fresco

By Kick off your summer early by mixing up these delicious and refreshing drinks.
Bitters Bottles - Artisanal Bitters Brands

A Bitter Revolution

By Bitters are the secret to the complex flavor of many cocktails. And you can now season your drinks with a wide range of new artisanal products.
Noble Maple Syrup Bottle - Bourbon Barrel-Aged Foods

The Second Life of Bourbon Barrels

By Used whiskey casks are almost as popular as the liquor that they once held.
Lush Life Book - Cocktail Books

Beach Reads: 2011

By No matter where you’re traveling this summer, pack one of these spirited new books.
Whippersnapper Oregon Whiskey Bottle - American-Made Whiskies

American-Made Whiskies

By Love brown spirits? Then you need to try these five bottles from distillers across the country.
Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage 2002 Champagne Bottle - Mother's Day Liquor Gifts

Gift Guide: Mother’s Day

By Find the perfect spirited present for Mom, just in time for the holiday.
Noilly Prat Ambre Vermouth Bottle - Exotic Cocktail Ingredients

Ingredient Hunter: Liquor

By Traveling this summer? Here are the bottles not available in the US that you should bring back in your suitcase.
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