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Simple Syrup

By Learn how to make this easy syrup for all your cocktailing needs.

Amazon Testing New Alcohol Delivery Service

By Who would want a bottle of their favorite whiskey delivered to their house in under two hours?

Bartenders: Meet Agave’s Adventurous Side | Partner Tip

By Take two avid surfers, merge their deep love of Mexico and a sense of adventure and what do you get? The answer is Peligroso Silver Tequila, the tequila that you need behind your bar—now. Crafted from the finest 100% Blue Weber Agave from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, Peligroso Silver Tequila embodies the boundless passion […]

Tarragon Simple Syrup

By This garden-fresh simple syrup recipe will add a hint of tarragon to your favorite cocktails.

Mint Simple Syrup

By This garden-fresh simple syrup recipe will add a refreshing hit of mint to your favorite cocktails.

Basil Simple Syrup

By This garden-fresh simple syrup recipe will add a hint of basil to your favorite cocktails.


By This classic recipe first appeared in O.H. Byron's 1884 Modern Bartenders' Guide.

7 Celebrities Wasted on Live TV

By Fame, fortune and a few too many drinks.
Jennifer Lawrence best drinking moments

Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence Most When She’s Drinking (And You Should, Too!)

By You know the Hunger Games home girl loves to drink. Here are a few of our favorite times JLaw got a little silly.
Disaronno Sour Mixing Contest

LAST CHANCE: Be a Mixing Star (Partner Tip)

By The good people at Disaronno want to send you on a trip to Italy, but you only have one more day to throw your hat in the ring.
Spring Gin Cocktails

Highlight Reel: March

By Read five of our best cocktails-and-spirits stories from the past month.
Los Angeles Getaway Contest

Win a Fabulous Los Angeles Getaway (Partner Tip)

By Liquor.com and SheKnows.com would like to send you on a great night out.
Disaronno | The Mixing Star Contest

The Mixing Star (Partner Tip)

By Have you entered Disaronno’s The Mixing Star contest yet?
Tanqueray 10

Tanqueray No. TEN’s Sleek New Look (Partner Tip)

By We’d like to reintroduce you to Tanqueray No. TEN®. This small-batch gin has just launched a sleek new bottle that’s every bit a work of art as the liquid inside.
Chile Cocktails | Southwest Cocktails

Red Hot Chile Cocktails

By Jalapeño’s not the only pepper you can put in a drink. Try these cocktails calling for an array of delicious chiles.

One for the Road: Museum Bars

By Enjoy some world-class art while having a world-class drink at these cultured watering holes.
Oscar Viewing Cocktails

Oscar-Worthy Cocktails

By In honor of the Academy Awards, we got top bars around Hollywood to share what special drinks they’ll be serving this weekend.
Booker's Bourbon 25th Anniversary

A Legendary Bourbon (Partner Tip)

By Master distiller Fred Noe celebrates the 25th anniversary of Booker's Bourbon, which is named for his father, Booker Noe.

Highlight Reel: February 2014

By Read five of our best cocktails-and-spirits stories from the past month.

Après-Ski Cocktails

By Maybe we’ve been watching too much Olympic coverage, but we’ve got winter sports on the brain. And we’ve found that après-ski cocktails are delicious whether you’ve been carving up the slopes yourself or just enjoying the Super-G on television. So tonight, after your last run of the day (or if you need a break from endless […]
Spiked Hot Chocolate | Boozy Hot Cocoa

Boozy Hot Chocolate

By Warm up with these decadent (and thoroughly adult) spins on classic hot cocoa that call for a variety of spirits.
Larceny Bourbon | Prohibition Bourbon Thief

A Bourbon Thief: Sponsored Shot

By One of the safest places on Earth is a secured, government-bonded liquor warehouse. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Holiday Gift Guide: North American Whiskey

By Check out these bourbon present suggestions from Chuck Cowdery, author of Bourbon, Straight: The Uncut and Unfiltered Story of American Whiskey.

Masters of Distilling: David Stewart

By If you love Scotch, you need to meet The Balvenie’s malt master David Stewart. He’s been producing some of the world’s best and most famous whiskies for more than 50 years. Find out what he’s up to now.
Great non-alcoholic cocktails for parties

Temperance Cocktails

By For the non-drinkers at your holiday get-togethers, make these virgin concoctions from top mixologists that are every bit as sophisticated and delicious as their boozy counterparts.

One for the Road: In-Store Bars

By We found some luxury boutiques around the world that also contain high-end cocktail bars.
B.A.F - Scotch Cocktail

In Defense of Scotch Cocktails

By Whether or not you love drinking Scotch neat, you need to fix these delicious whisky-based drinks.
10 distilleries to vist | bucket list distilleries

10 Distilleries You Need to Visit

By From a ski-in facility to the place where the Pilgrims slept before leaving for America, you need to visit these amazing distilleries around the world at some point in your lifetime.
Best Distillery Bars in America

One for the Road: Distillery Bars

By Plenty of distilleries have tasting rooms, but we found a few that actually boast full-service craft-cocktail bars.
The Kentucky Bourbon Trail | Bourbon Tasting Guide

Touring the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

By Celebrate America’s native spirit by visiting these new attractions and destinations on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.
Larceny Bourbon

Drink Bourbon with Heritage (Partner Tip)

By Fall just started on Sunday, and the perfect way to kick off the season is, of course, by drinking some bourbon.

How Much to Tip Your Bartender

By We turned to our expert advisory board members to settle the age-old dilemma of how much to tip when you go out for drinks. Find out what these bartending luminaries had to say on the subject.
best bourbon bars | whiskey bar guide

Best Bourbon Bars, Part II

By Love whiskey? We expanded our list of the top bourbon bars in America. You need to visit these impressive watering holes.
Bourbon Heritage Month | Best New Bourbons

Best New Bourbons: 2013

By Celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month by picking up one of these seven new top whiskies.
Long Island City Iced Tea - Gin Cocktail

Match-Point Cocktails

By Watching the US Open this year? Then fix these drinks served at the Flushing Meadows tennis center and from Queens’ top cocktail bar.
America's Cup Drinking | Pimm's Cup

America’s Cup Cocktails

By With the America’s Cup competition underway on San Francisco Bay, we got local star mixologist Scott Beattie to share recipes from his pop-up waterfront bar celebrating the event.
Boozy Popsicles | Bartender Cory Duffy

Frozen Cocktails for Hot Days

By Chill down with these boozy popsicles from Cory Duffy, the talented bar manager of Seattle’s Boka Restaurant & Bar.
Tony Conigliaro | 69 Colebrooke Row Recipes

Cocktails with Tony Conigliaro

By We sat down with the innovative London bartender and owner of pioneering establishment 69 Colebrooke Row to discuss his new book and current mixological trends.
Las Vegas Bar Guide | Vesper Bar

One for the Road: Las Vegas

By No need to roll the dice when it comes to drinking in Sin City. We got a pair of local cocktail experts to tell us their favorite bars.
Beefeater Burrough's Reserve Gin

Trendwatch: Barrel-Aged Gin

By Distillers around the world have started aging gin in a variety of casks to create some complex and interesting spirits. Check out a few of our favorites.
Bartender Spirits | Bartender Brands

Bartender’s Choice, Part II

By An increasing number of top bartenders aren’t just serving spirits but also helping to create them. Here are some of our new favorite mixologist-created bottlings.
Bourbon Lift - Bourbon Cocktail

The Perfect Brunch Cocktails

By Enjoy these delicious brunch drinks from top bartenders all summer long.
Dukes Gin Classic Martini - Gin Cocktail

How to Drink with Your Dad

By Honor your father on Sunday by making him one of these delicious and creative takes on classic cocktails.