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German Olympic Athletes Are Drinking Beer During the Winter Games

By Krombacher brewery delivered 3,500 liters of beer to the athletes' village in Pyeongchang so German olympians can drink their special non-alcoholic, isotonic brew.

Want to Live to 90? Drinking Alcohol Works Better Than Exercise.

By New research shows that if you want to live into your 90s, moderate alcohol consumption actually beats exercise.

Margarita Bath Bombs Are Here to Take Your Self-Care to a Whole New Level

By Just in time for National Margarita Day, Patrón has introduced a line of Margarita-flavored bath bombs.

Gin & Tonic Marmalade Is Here To Save Your Breakfast From Boring

By London-based online retailer Firebox is taking marmalade to the next level with its gin and tonic spread.

New Study: Craft Beer Might Actually Be Healthier For You Than Red Wine

By New research shows that the B3 vitamin found in brewers yeast can lower cardiovascular disease risk, lower cholesterol and reduces atherosclerosis.

A 2,400 Gallon Cocktail Shaker Full of Scotch Is Touring America

By Be on the lookout, whiskey lovers, because that cement mixer barreling down the street may not be a cement mixer after all.

A Tequila Shortage Is Coming

By All that popularity has led to a booming market for agave—one farmers can’t keep up with.

Budweiser Is No Longer One of America’s Favorite Beers

By The King of Beers must give up its crown. Budweiser is no longer one of the top selling beers in the U.S., according to new data from Beer Marketer’s Insights. Miller Lite took Budweiser’s No. 3 spot, behind No. 1 Bud Light and No. 2 Coors Light.   Budweiser has been slowly falling in the […]

Penthouse Is Producing Whiskey-Tequila Hybrid, Aphrodisiac Booze

By If you’ve been searching for a way to make your hangovers worse, we think we just found the answer. Little known spirits brand Penthouse (yes, the pornographic magazine publisher) produces its own line of liquor, and among its lineup of booze is a “Whiskey Tequila Fusion.” It’s a blend of Mexican tequila and American whiskey […]

PBR Just Designed a Ski Jacket For Storing Beer

By If you love snow sports, you know there’s nothing more refreshing than a midday beer on the mountain. But who wants to pay $10 for a domestic beer just because it’s sold at 10,000 feet? Pabst Blue Ribbon feels your pain, and that’s why it designed a ski jacket specifically to hold cans of beer. […]

KFC Just Debuted 3 Gravy-Soaked Cocktail Recipes

By Kentucky Fried Chicken just debuted three cocktail recipes made with a very unexpected ingredient. The chain restaurant’s U.K. and Ireland team released four YouTube videos this week, each featuring a special gravy-soaked cocktail. The Finger Lickin’ Sour mixes gravy, mezcal, cherry liqueur and egg white and looks pretty stunning garnished with thyme and poured into […]

The World’s First Gin Spa Is Now Open

By Liquor and health are no longer enemies in the same sentence.

The Key To Betty White’s Long and Happy Life Is Vodka And Hot Dogs

By Beloved actress and six-time Emmy award winner Betty White is gearing up for her 96th birthday January 17.

The World’s Most Expensive Bottle Of Vodka Has Been Stolen

By A Copenhagen bar had its most prized possession stolen this week.

7-Eleven Starting Delivery So You Can Get Booze and Slurpees Right To Your Front Door

By You can get alcohol delivered from just about anywhere these days. Once Pizza Hut and TGI Fridays started including booze to-go, we knew we’d never go thirsty again. But one big latecomer just announced it’s finally jumping on the delivery bandwagon. 7-Eleven announced the company is testing delivery and in-store pickup via a smartphone app. […]
Classic Margarita Cocktail

Google’s Most Popular Drinks of 2017

By Most of us can’t even imagine life without Google anymore. We rely on the search engine to get everything from news to trends to the lastest weird boozy stocking stuffers. From cocktail-infused doughnuts to bartending robots, it’s clear 2017 was another big year for alcohol. But which cocktails proved the most popular? Google can answer […]

Cannabis Wine Is Now Available In California

By Cannabis has been popping up in cocktails in places where it’s legal (and not) for some time now. Now, with more states poised to make the recreational drug legal in 2018, you could soon get your hands on some weed-infused wine. Rebel Coast Winery announced it will begin distribution of the company’s THC-infused sauvignon blanc in […]

World’s Oldest Man Attributes Long Life to a Drink A Day

By It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a diet full of vegetables can help you live longer. What might be a surprise? A glass of wine per day may help too. The world’s oldest man celebrated his 113th birthday this week. Francisco Nunez Olivera said he attributes his long life to a diet of homegrown […]

The Only Way To Kill the Germs In Your Drink Is With Whiskey

By When you’re sitting down to imbibe in a good cocktail at a bar, the last thing you want to think about is how much bacteria is in your drink. But no matter how good the bar, between the garnishes sitting out and the ice in your drink, it’s there. Most of it won’t harm you, […]

Did Making Pappy Van Winkle Jell-O Shots Get This Bar Banned?

By Known as one of the finest bourbons in the world, Pappy Van Winkle is a rare find these days. It’s unknown how many cases are available each year, and prices have risen to insane amounts (we’re talking $1,500 a bottle). So if you happen to get your hands on one, or even a taste, it’s […]

Pizza Hut Could Soon Be Delivering Booze Near You

By There’s nothing better than pizza and beer, right? So if you’re going to order Pizza Hut, you may as well get some beer to go with it. Or, if you’re too lazy to head to the store to pick up a six-pack, you may as well just order a pizza? That’s what Pizza Hut is […]
Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

Applebee’s Has $1 Long Island Iced Teas All December

By If you have already blown your holiday gift budget but still need a drink, head to Applebee’s. The chain restaurant is offering Long Island Ice Teas all December for just $1. Applebee’s offered Margaritas for $1 in October as part of Neighborhood Appreciation Month and likely to drum up excitement for the chain, which is […]

Your Favorite Brunch Cocktail Just Became a Potato Chip

By Potato chip flavors are so wacky these days nothing seems to surprise us. We’re actually amazed it took so long for these Bloody Mary chips to exist. After all, we were swooning over Moscow Mule chips last year. While they’re obviously alcohol-free, Kettle Brand’s new chip was designed to capture all the flavors of a classic Bloody […]

Jim Beam Just Introduced A Smart Decanter That Can Pour You a Shot With Voice Command

By Technology does a lot for us these days. Between Alexa and Siri, we thought we had most of our easy tasks outsourced to the robots by now. But then we learned about a new bot that could pour us whiskey. Jim Beam introduced the world’s first smart decanter, JIM, today, which can do everything from […]

You Can Now Make Your Own Sparkling Wine With Your SodaStream

By If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own vineyard, you’ve probably also imagined crafting that perfect bottle of wine that’s all your own. Now you can, minus the vineyard. That is, if you own a SodaStream. The popular seltzer-making company announced today you can now make your own sparkling wine with limited-edition Sparkling Gold concentrate. […]

This New Spirit Is Distilled From Spit Bucket Wine

By If you’ve been wine tasting before, you’re familiar with the spit bucket. This less-than-glamorous vessel is essential if you’re trying to make it through a long day of sipping without getting so drunk you can’t remember your name. But what do they do with all that extra wine? Most wineries dispose of it, of course, […]

Budweiser Hopes to be the First Beer on Mars

By When Budweiser announced it wanted to be the first beer on Mars back in March at South by Southwest, we’ll admit we were skeptical. There are a lot of high-tech, modern trends in the booze world, but this one just seemed a bit far-fetched. Last week, Budweiser’s innovation team released its first step in the […]

These Are the Drunkest Cities In Every State

By Imbibing one too many drinks around the holidays happens to the best of us. But according to new data from the CDC analyzed by 24/7 Wall St, some cities may be drinking more than others. The company broke down the metropolitan areas reporting the highest levels of binge and heavy drinking in each state. Are you […]

This Lock Keeps Your Favorite Liquor Safe

By If you’ve ever acquired a bottle of booze so special that you want to give it extra security, this genius product is just what you’ve been looking for. This combination lock protects bottles of wine or liquor from being opened with a three-digit code you can change at any time. It also acts as a […]

Man Pays $10K For a Shot of Whiskey and Finds Out It Was a Fake

By Unique, rare whiskey is worth the high price tag—at least that’s what rising prices of Pappy Van Winkle and other scarce spirits seem to indicate. But with the increase in fraud throughout the booze industry, how can you be sure that what you’re drinking is actually what the bottle promises? Zhang Wei, a 36-year-old author […]

If You Love Capri Sun Pouches, This Boozy Twist Was Made For You

By There are so many different ways you can taste and learn about new spirits these days. You can attend events, head to your local liquor store or try out a local artisan distiller. There are even boozy advent calendars. A recently launched U.K.-based whiskey club is making a name for itself by doing things a […]

How to Help North Bay Fire Victims

By While one of the worst disasters in Northern California history may be over, the weeks and months following such an event are some of the hardest. Wildfires in the area killed 43 people and burned more than 100,000 acres, destroying more than 8,900 homes. We’ve rounded up the events you can attend this month to […]

These Boozy Stockings Will Make You Win Christmas

By Drinking wine out of a bag doesn’t exactly scream classy holiday cocktailing. But if Franzia is one of your guilty pleasures, we just found a new Christmas must-have that’s perfect for your increased holiday boozing. You can now buy a refillable stocking flask to adorn your home this year. The term flask shouldn’t be taken […]

Sam Adams’ New Beer is More Like Cognac And It’s Illegal in 11 States

By Should you drink liquor or beer tonight? It’s a question we often struggle with, especially with the craft cocktail revolution and the craft beer boom in lockstep with each other. Boston-based brewery Sam Adams is releasing its annual Utopia beer next month, making that difficult choice a bit easier—that is, if you can get your […]

We Ate Lots of Boozy Gummy Bears So You Don’t Have To

By We come across a lot of weird trends in the booze world. From cocktail sausages to beer spa treatments to augmented reality cocktail menus, we’ve seen it all. And boozy gummy bears are pretty normal in the grand scheme of things. And while you can definitely make your own at home, there are lots of […]

You’re Going to Need This Flask Bracelet To Get Through the Holidays

By A lot of amazing products cross our desks here at We’ve seen everything from rainbow coupe glasses to bourbon soap to beer pong robots. But sometimes something truly genius makes us exclaim, “How did this not exist before?!” Today, that was the bracelet flask. This $31 piece of jewelry comes in four colors and […]

You Can Now Shower With Bourbon Soap

By By now, you’ve heard of the shower beer. And if you’re like us, you’ve even had your eye on this drinking companion for the bathtub. But now, one men’s grooming products company is bringing bourbon into the bathroom. Duke Cannon has teamed up with Buffalo Trace to produce the bourbon-infused Big American Bourbon Soap. The […]

This Genius Pop-up Lets You Enjoy Prosecco in a Giant Ball Pit

By If the ball pit was your favorite part of the play zone when you were a kid, you’re in luck. Events featuring a giant ball pit and prosecco bars are popping up across the U.K. and may soon land in the U.S. Tipsy attendees can dive into more than 250,000 balls, along with 1,000 inflatables. […]

This New Product Wants to Make Drinking In the Shower Even Easier

By No matter how you feel about the concept of drinking in the shower, it’s a phenomenon that isn’t going anywhere. Perpetuated by college kids and people that love wasting time under a constant stream of hot water, it doesn’t seem like a ritual with much need for improvement. You simply open a beer and take it […]

This Self-Driving Fridge Comes When You Call For a Beer

By If you didn’t think you could possibly get any lazier, we’ve found your perfect new appliance. Panasonic unveiled the prototype for Ku last month, a voice-activated fridge that comes when you call. It uses LIDAR and special sensors to navigate and map your home, much like a Roomba. Panasonic said it designed the appliance with […]

Campari Ring Pops Are Here to Make All Your Dreams Come True

By Ah, ring pops. Those sweet diamond-shaped candies were the stuff of childhood dreams, worn on your finger like a little trophy you could eat all day—until your hands ended up a stained, sticky mess. Playing to our nostalgia, candy company Sweet Saba has teamed up with Campari to create a special-edition candy crystal cocktail ring […]

You Can Buy Oreo Beer at the State Fair of Texas

By The nation’s recent obsession with Oreos continues to heat up. From constantly changing flavors to cocktails to edible boozy twists, America’s favorite sandwich cookie is an unstoppable force. Now, the chocolate and creamy goodness has invaded our beer, thanks to some crazy minds at this year’s State Fair of Texas. While we expect to see out-of-this-world […]

Whiskey Christmas Ornaments Are Available For You To Hang On Your Tree This Year

By Christmas tree ornaments always did seem a little … useless? Sure, they’re pretty and all, glittering within the green branches during December, but at the end of the season, they’re packed up and stored for another 11 months of exile. Luckily, a U.K. distillery just transformed the traditional pine tree adornment into a vessel of […]

You Can Sleep in a Giant Wine Barrel in Washington Wine Country

By If you’ve ever been inside a wine cellar, you know what a serene, relaxing place it can be. You’re surrounded by the faint smell of wine and wood, the temperature is cool, and the lighting is dim. Who wouldn’t want to curl up and take a nap? Now, you can. Visitors to the southeastern wine […]

These 3 States Brew the Best Beer in the US

By While Coloradans everywhere are likely still nursing a craft-beer-induced hangover, breweries all over the country are celebrating huge wins earned at last week’s Great American Beer Festival. The largest ticketed beer event showcased 266 medal-winning breweries, and 293 total medals were awarded. The festival broke down the medals won by ratio of medals to entries […]

15 Words You Need to Know to Instantly Increase Your Booze Knowledge

By Maybe you’re new to the world of spirits or maybe you’ve been dabbling for a while. Either way, knowing the right terminology can separate the rookies from the masters, especially if you plan to actually get behind a bar. We’ve compiled a list of advanced drinking terms that will really up your booze cred. Angel’s […]

BeerCoin Is The Virtual Currency You’ve Been Waiting For

By Bitcoin isn’t exactly easy to understand or use for the average consumer. The worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system may not have caught on across the nation yet, but we just found a new currency we can definitely get on board with. BeerCoin is virtual money you can send to friends as a form of […]

111-Year-Old Man Proves Whiskey Is the Key to a Long Life

By If you’ve made it to 111 years old, you may as well enjoy your favorite things every day. At least that’s what Richard Overton, the oldest man in the U.S., does. Overton, born in 1906, spends most of his days sitting on his front porch in Austin, Texas, drinking whiskey and smoking cigars. He still […]

Vodka Ice Cream Is A Dream Come True

By There’s plenty of boozy ice cream on the market, from big name brands like Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s to small artisan shops. But most of the stuff you’ll find in the supermarket or ice cream parlor doesn’t actually contain much alcohol at all. Arctic Buzz is doing things a little differently. The Baltimore-based company teamed up […]

Florida Breweries Band Together to Create Irma IPA

By Hurricanes have brought devastation across the nation this year, destroying homes and leaving countless victims in need of basic supplies like water and electricity. Breweries and alcohol companies have stepped up big time to help, halting beer production in favor of canning water and even donating money to save abandoned pets. This week in Florida, […]

This Brewery Is Hiring a Professional Beer Taste Tester

By If your dream job involves drinking beer all day (whose doesn’t?) and talking about the nuances of hops, malt and more, you’re in luck. London-based Meantime Brewing Company is searching for a team member to taste-test new products. This person needs to be passionate about beer and have advanced knowledge of the beverage. Basically, you need to […]

5 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About the Old Fashioned

By With the cocktail revolution came the resurgence of classic cocktails across the nation. Bartenders no longer stared at you blankly when you ordered an Old Fashioned, waiting for you to change your mind to a Jack and Coke. And what’s even better, those same bartenders actually knows how to make a proper Old Fashioned now—no […]

You Need This Whiskey Advent Calendar

By If you’re a wine lover, you’ve probably seen wine advent calendars floating around your social media feeds already. As we get closer to December, who doesn’t love a boozy way to countdown the days until Christmas? If wine isn’t your alcohol of choice, we’ve found the answer. Drinks by the Dram is accepting pre-orders for […]

Pumpkin Spice Vodka Is Here

By It has infiltrated your coffee, breakfast cereal and even Oreos, so it’s no surprise it’s now invading your cocktails. The infamous pumpkin spice is now available in vodka form via Canada’s Lucky Bastard Distillers. The limited-edition liquor is 35 percent ABV and is available for $32. If you want to take your Pumpkin Pie Martini […]

Your Dream of Owning a Winery Can Finally Come True

By If you’re daydreaming about quitting your job and becoming a Napa Valley winemaker, today is your lucky day. That is, if you like playing Farmville or The Sims. Game design company General Interactive Co released a new game today that puts players in charge of their own wine company, from planting the grapes to harvesting to […]

TGI Fridays Wants to Deliver Booze To Your Doorstep

By The worst part about ordering delivery from your favorite restaurant is that you can’t order a cocktail or glass of wine to go with it. Today, TGI Fridays announced it’s solving that age-old problem. At select restaurants, you’ll soon be able to get alcohol delivered with your meal. Beginning in November, customers can add alcoholic drinks to […]

This $10 Rosé Bottle Is One of the Best in the World

By It didn’t seem possible, but rosé was more popular than ever this summer. And when we saw that discount supermarket Aldi’s $10 bottle was named one of the greatest in the world, we were jumping for joy. Now, that precious bottle of the pink stuff is finally coming to the U.S. this week. The Exquisite Collection Côtes de Provence […]

There Are About to Be a Lot More Boozy Taco Bells

By Taco Bell made a big splash in 2015 when they introduced their first “Cantina” location in Chicago. This drive-thru-less version of the traditional tex mex chain was built to appeal to millennials, booze and all. In addition to new and exclusive menu items, patrons could order beer, wine, and Twisted Freezes, the chain’s version of […]

Aldi Debuts New Prosecco Bottle That’s Even Bigger Than a Magnum

By If you’ve ever been tempted to buy one of those huge bottles of sparkling wine because they just look so celebratory, you’re in luck. Discount retailer Aldi is going to start selling three-liter bottles of prosecco for $48. This jumbo size holds twice the amount of a traditional magnum and can serve more than 24 […]

Breweries Sending Kegs and Cans of Water to Irma Victims

By One of the most concerning consequences of a devastating hurricane is the affected community’s lack of access to clean drinking water. Breweries and alcohol companies alike came out to help Hurricane Harvey victims, halting beer production in favor of canning water and even donating money to save abandoned pets. Now, they’re doing the same for […]

The Ultimate Guide To Your Boozy Halloween Costume

By Labor Day weekend has come and gone, and before we know it, we’ll be in the throws of the holiday season. This means it’s time to start thinking about your Halloween costume. If you’re like us, you’re attempting to find the perfect balance of boozy and easy. So we’ve rounded up some of the best […]

Sir Richard Branson Plans To Ride Out Hurricane Irma In His Wine Cellar

By If you’re going to watch a passing hurricane, may as well have a couple nice bottles of wine at your side. At least that’s what Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, thinks. Hurricane Irma is headed toward the Caribbean islands, one of which includes Branson’s private Necker Island. The billionaire entrepreneur has been […]

Wine Flour Is Boozy Magic For All Your Baking Needs

By Wine is showing up in more unpredictable places very day. From frosting to ice pops to gummy bears, you can munch on these tasty treats any time of day, no corkscrew required. But what if you want to make your own wine-infused treats? Finger Lakes Wine Flour is now producing wine flours, using merlot, cabernet […]

These Are The 10 Drunkest States in America

By It’s no secret that the U.S. loves its booze. Whether it’s enjoying a good cocktail party or indulging in drinking games, Americans take any excuse to relax and throw back a few. But recent studies suggest we might be imbibing more than we should, especially in these top-ranking states. States were ranked by the highest […]

Adidas Just Released Beer-Proof Shoes Perfect For Tailgating

By There’s nothing worse than spilling beer on your shoes. And we’ve all been there, squishing around all night while we count down the moment until we can peel off those soaking socks. Adidas announced München Oktoberfest shoes this week, designed to keep your toes dry with “durable DPBR coating.” The shoe is named after the […]

Tito’s Vodka Teams with Red Cross to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

By Individuals and businesses across the nation have been stepping up to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey this week. Breweries are halting production of their beer in favor of producing canned drinking water. Big brands like Walmart and Home Depot have pledged $1 million in donations. And yesterday, Texas-based Tito’s Vodka teamed up with the […]

MillerCoors Joins Breweries Stopping Everything To Bring More Than 150K Cans of Water to Hurricane Harvey Victims

By MillerCoors announced yesterday it will be sending 50,000 cans of drinking water to the region devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Rival Anheuser-Busch sent more than 50,000 cans of water to the Red Cross in Baton Rouge, La., on Friday and later sent more than 100,000 additional cans to the agency in Arlington, Texas. The MillerCoors packaged […]

Blue Wine Is Finally Coming to the US

By Whether they’re downing Unicorn Frappuccinos or visiting the Color Factory museum, Americans have proved their fascination with bright colors is here to stay. You’ve probably heard of blue wine, the neon nectar that debuted in 2015. In fact, there’s also a blue prosecco on the market these days. But until now, the bright blue vino […]

Target Is Releasing Its Own Line of Wines

By Discount retailers from Aldi to Trader Joe’s are jumping in on the booze business, introducing their own beer, wine and spirits at a fraction of the price of big-name brands. The latest to join the craze is our beloved Target, and we’re pretty excited about this one. Target announced today it’s introducing five wine blends, […]

Ireland Is No Longer The Heaviest Drinking Country In The EU

By The Irish may love their whiskey and Guinness but apparently not as much as they used to. According to statistics compiled by the European Commission, the nation is now 12th on the list of highest-drinking nations in the EU, down from No. 1 in 2000. Lithuania now holds the top spot. In 2000, the Irish consumed […]

Anheuser-Busch Halts Brewing To Produce Canned Water For Hurricane Harvey Victims

By Brewers at Anheuser-Busch are taking a break from beer right now, opting instead to produce and ship cans of water to victims of Hurricane Harvey. The Cartersville, Ga., brewery will send more than 50,000 cans of emergency drinking water to Baton Rouge this week, where Red Cross shelters will receive and distribute it. Clean drinking […]

Attention, Dog Lovers! This Dog-Friendly Bar Serves Dog Beer.

By Dog-friendly bars aren’t exactly a new concept, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this. If you like bringing Fido with you everywhere you go, you’re about to wish you lived in Croatia. Shaped like a giant dog house, Monty’s Dog Beach & Bar not only caters to our furry friends, it even serves specially […]

Moscow Mule Cans Are Here To Help You Celebrate The End of Summer Right

By Summer might be winding down, but that just means we’ll take any excuse to enjoy a warm evening with a tasty cocktail. But sometimes you don’t have the ingredients on hand to mix up what you’re really craving, or if you’re like us, you’re just feeling lazy. ‘Merican Mule is now selling ready-to-drink Moscow Mules […]

How To Pour Beer Correctly

By Ever since our keg-drinking college days, we’ve been taught that the foam that appears when pouring a beer is bad. But what if you found out that that beer foam is actually what keeps your stomach feeling great when you’re deep into a night of imbibing in your favorite brews? Business Insider released a video this weekend […]

You Need These Coupe Glasses That Turn Everything Rainbow

By If you’re looking to turn even the most boring glass of chardonnay into an Instagram dream, well, you’re in luck. Urban Outfitters is now selling magical coupe glasses that can turn any near-translucent beverage into a boozy rainbow. Thanks to a translucent RBGV coating on the bottom of the glass, you can join the trendiness […]

You Should Put Water In Your Whiskey, Science Says

By It’s a debate that has been raging on among whiskey enthusiasts for ages. Does a little water dilute your whiskey, or does it enhance the flavor? When a debate gets this heated, it’s best to turn to science. At least that’s what a few Swedish chemists thought when they decided to attempt to put the […]

A ‘Stranger Things’ Pop-Up Bar Is Opening and It Will Make You So Nostalgic

By Will might have escaped, but one Chicago bar is here to make sure you can return to the Upside Down. The pop-up space next to Emporium Arcade Bar in Logan Square will transform into an ’80s-themed tribute to the popular show. Upside Down is meant to resemble an “end-of-summer ’80s dance party,” complete with recreations […]

You Can Now Rent An Entire Irish Pub on Airbnb

By There’s something special about the coziness of a neighborhood Irish pub. Since we can’t exactly hop on a plane to Ireland anytime we want, we thought we’d found the next best thing when these inflatable pubs came on the market. But now there’s something even better available. If you’ve always dreamed of running one of […]

Marshmallow Gin is Here To Make Your Last Summer Campfire Epic

By We’ve come across some pretty odd spirit flavors over the years—we’re talking gin infused with motorcycle parts, smoked salmon vodka and bacon bourbon. And while most of these make us audibly gasp and scrunch up our faces in disgust, every once in a while, a spirit comes along that we just can’t wait to try. […]

Prosecco Pong is The Drinking Game You Didn’t Know You Needed

By You’ve probably played a game of beer pong in your lifetime, with lightweight Ping-Pong balls eliciting that characteristic clunk as they land in a shallow pool of domestic beer held by an oversize red Solo cup. The game certainly hasn’t changed much since its entrance on the college scene somewhere between the 1960s and ’70s, so […]

Aldi Introduces Low Calorie Line of Wines

By Aldi is making big headlines in the alcohol world these days. It was recently crowned as having not only one of the best rosés but also one of the best gins in the world. And our favorite part? The bottles are available at very affordable prices.   Aldi UK has launched four wines under its new Featherweight private […]

Would You Drink Cocktails Made From Trash?

By Environmentally conscious efforts are on the rise at bars and restaurants throughout the US. You’ve probably heard about bars ditching straws and growing their own herbs, but what about establishments that go so far as using would-be trash to make your cocktails? One bartending duo wants to show you how, so they’re on a global […]

Get Paid To Drink Whiskey and Travel Around the World

By If you’re sitting at your computer wondering how it could possibly be Monday again, it may be time to search for a new role. And if you spent the whole weekend drinking whiskey and dreaming about traveling the world, we’ve found the role for you. William Grant & Sons Distillers, responsible for brands like Glenfiddich, […]

Are Moscow Mule Mugs Poisoning You?

By Moscow Mules are one of our favorite summer drinks. And we’re not alone—it’s one of the most visited recipes They’ve become so popular in recent years, someone even made a $185 one this summer. But new research says that the copper cup that is so integral to the perfection of our favorite beverage could […]

Northern Ireland Is Going Crazy for Boozy Cocktail-Infused Sausages

By Boozy food is nothing new to the Irish. You can find a Guinness stew just about anywhere, and that’s definitely not the only place you’ll find their flagship beer. But a few Northern Ireland butchers are pushing beyond beer and opting for cocktail flavors in their sausages this summer. Irvinestown’s Maguire Meats debuted a Red […]

Shot of Vodka Infused With World’s Hottest Chili Sends Man to Hospital

By We know we’re not the only ones who think hot sauce makes just about everything better, but does that extend to vodka? One U.K.-based distillery thinks so, producing pure grain vodka infused with the world’s hottest chili, the Carolina Reaper. Patrons at The White Hart pub in Godalming, Surrey, were offered a shot of the […]

Drinking Could Improve Your Short Term Memory

By After a long night of drinking, most imbibers would admit that their memory can get a little fuzzy. But a new study from the University of Exeter suggests that a few drinks might actually strengthen your memory. In the study, 88 participants were split into two groups and given a word-learning task to complete. One […]

Grandparents Try Fireball For The First Time—And Love It

By We’d guess most people have a pretty strong opinion about Fireball cinnamon whiskey—you either love it or hate it. If you haven’t formed one yet, who better to seek out than your grandparents for advice? Obsev asked a group of grandmothers to taste Fireball, and they actually liked it. After the initial fiery shock, the foursome agreed it […]

You Can Now Enjoy a Fried Chicken IPA

By Fried chicken and beer are like coffee and doughnuts—where one is, the other is sure to be found. While they might be a harmonious pairing we can’t get enough of, some crazy East Coast brewers love the duo so much, they decided to put them together. Veil Brewing Co has teamed up with Evil Twin […]

$13 Aldi Gin Crowned One of the Best in the World

By Aldi does it again. If you were skeptical about the discount supermarket, even after its $8 bottle of rosé won similar accolades, Aldi is proving once again that its spirits might just be better than that expensive stuff you’ve been buying. Aldi’s $13 Oliver Cromwell London dry gin received a gold medal at the International […]

Starbucks just released a Piña Colada-flavored drink. We put booze in it.

By We’re at the height of summer, and to celebrate, Starbucks debuted a new drink this week that’s an ode to the tropics. The Piña Colada Tea Infusion, which hit stores Monday, is alcohol-free and replicates creamy, fruity flavors of the classic cocktail. The drink uses black tea, coconut milk and a “pineapple fruit and botanical […]

Hotel Debuts $95 Scotch Cocktail with VR Experience

By If you’re finding your drinking companions a little dull these days, you can now ditch them altogether and opt for a virtual reality experience. Hotel restaurant Baptiste & Bottle, inside the Conrad Chicago hotel, is now offering a $95 rare scotch and sherry cocktail that includes “transportation” to Scotland to take you through the entire distilling process. […]

Drink Like Tyrion with New Game of Thrones Wines

By “Everything’s better with some wine in the belly.” Tyrion Lannister may not always be right, or likable for that matter, but we’ll agree with him on the above. The Master of the Coin would definitely be excited about the newest Games of Thrones must-have: a line of wines inspired by the popular TV show. Advertisement […]

Icelandic Spa Wants You to Soak in Giant Tubs of Beer to Improve Health

By Weird spa treatments and trendy health claims pop up every day. Fish pedicures, placenta facials and leech detoxification are, at this point, old news. But an Icelandic spa has created a trend we can get on board with. At the Bjórböðin spa at the northern tip of Iceland, visitors can book a 25-minute soak in […]
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