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PBR Whiskey Is Every Hipster’s Dream Come True

By Now that shot and a beer can come from the same place.

New ‘Game of Thrones’ Beer Will Debut Before the Final Season Begins

By The New York brewer is back at it again just in time for the final season.

A Brewery Created a Beer That Tastes Like Lucky Charms

By Apparently, it’s “magically ridiculous.”

Drink Beer and Swear a Lot at Rage Yoga

By Rage yoga, we've been waiting for you.

Illinois Is Officially The Cheapest State To Buy Beer

By You might be surprised to hear that you’ll pay a lot more for a 24-pack in Maryland than South Carolina.

Aldi Debuts Boozy Cheeses

By This year, Aldi wants to infuse your favorite Irish alcohols right into your cheese.

New Survey Shows Least Acceptable First Date Drink Order

By You may want to rethink that vodka red bull.

Jose Cuervo Debuts All-You-Can-Drink Tequila Train

By Did we mention there’s unlimited tequila?

The Margarita Is Still America’s Favorite Cocktail

By But the rest of the top five, that depends.

Häagen-Dazs Boozy Ice Cream Is Finally Available in the U.S.

By The new spirits collection includes seven boozy flavors.

Caviar-Infused Gin Debuts in UK

By It won't be around long.

Aldi Debuts Chocolate Wine Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

By Forget flowers and chocolate, this is what we want.

Woman Arrested for DUI After Drinking Too Much Vanilla Extract

By Her breath smelled like vanilla and there were several empty bottles in the car.

A ‘Harry Potter’ Beer Festival Is Popping Up Around The Country

By Sip butter beer in 11 cities beginning in February.

Government Shutdown Could Delay New Wine and Beer Releases

By If the now 33-day-long government shutdown in the U.S. hasn’t directly affected you yet, it might now.

Disneyland Opens Its First Ever Brewery

By San Diego-based Ballast Point opens a family-friendly brewpub.

Fake Alcohol That Could Cause ‘Blindness or Death’ Found in the UK

By Consumers in the U.K. have been warned not to buy a brand of vodka called Radanoff.

Bud Light Adding Big Nutrition Labels to Packaging

By Your Bud Light will look a little different come February.

Woman Drinking Wine From Pringles Can in Walmart Parking Lot Banned From Store

By She spent three hours on Friday cruising around the store’s parking lot.

$2 Rum & Colas Debut at Applebee’s For January

By It’ll certainly make rum-lovers happy.

A ‘Big Lebowski’ Pop-Up Bar Is Finally Here

By The drink menu will feature a trio of white russians.

Baileys Baking Chips Now Exist

By Just in time for the month of cookie overload.

You Can Finally Buy Gin Christmas Ornaments In The U.S.

By ‘Tis the season for festive and boozy decorations.

The Macallan Launches Private Jet and Yacht Whisky Experience

By Sample some of the finest scotch in the world on a trip from New York to Miami.

New Study Shows We Really Do Drink More In The Winter

By The study found that people who live in colder climates consume more alcohol than those who live in warmer climates.

New Gin Crowned Most Expensive In The World

By British gin producer Jam Jar Gin will debut the “world’s most valuable gin” at department store Harvey Nichols.

Vodka Christmas Ornaments Are Here Thanks To Smirnoff

By The holiday season sure has gotten boozy.

Lexus Debuts Winery-Inspired Car with Temperature Control Trunk Storage

By The floor mats are made of cork and each headrest has a wine bottle embroidered on it.

Amazon Releases Its First Single Malt Whisky

By There could be a big future in booze for Amazon.

All-You-Can-Drink Craft Beer Flight to Debut in 2019

By The flight will feature unlimited craft beer from BrewDog, including a new brew specifically designed to taste better at altitude.

Boozy Christmas Ornaments Are Here To Win The Holiday Season

By The Lakes Distillery’s craft spirits ornaments are back on sale.

Jack Daniel’s Releasing Whiskey Advent Calendar

By This year’s selection of advent calendars are not playing around.

Baileys Advent Calendar Combines Alcohol And Chocolate

By If you’d prefer your alcohol and your chocolate in one advent calendar, Bailey’s just came to the rescue.

MillerCoors Donates 200K Cans of Water to Those Affected by Hurricane Florence

By MillerCoors announced they have donated 200,000 cans of water to victims of the storm.

Anheuser-Busch Halts Brewing to Send 300K Cans of Water to Hurricane Florence

By Brewers at Anheuser-Busch are sending 300,000 cans of water to victims of Hurricane Florence.

Travel Around The World Drinking Gin In New Dream Job

By Bombay Sapphire has teamed up with Mr. Fogg's to offer one lucky winner a chance to travel around the world for 80 days.

You Can Rent a Private Waterfall-Powered Pub on Airbnb

By Beer lovers can now book a private pub nestled into the Cornish countryside, finished with a waterfall-powered beer pump.

Aldi Is Selling Wine Advent Calendars In The U.S. This Year

By Aldi announced they'll debut their wine advent calendar in the U.S. for the first time this year.

Pumpkin Spiced Rum Is Available Now

By It comes in an aptly chosen pumpkin-shaped bottle and is available at stores now.

Wine Condoms Provide The Protection You Didn’t Know You Needed

By The latex “condom” reseals a wine bottle and promises 99.9 percent effectiveness in preventing spillage.

Heineken’s Newest Beer Will Get You High

By Hi-Fi Hops is an IPA-inspired "hoppy sparkling water” made with cannabis instead of alcohol.

Smögen Takes Back Record For The World’s Strongest Gin

By A Swedish gin brand just smashed a new record.
Fire Department Coffee Beans and bag

Tequila Coffee Exists To Make Your Mornings Much, Much Better

By The best part of waking up is tequila in your cup.

Fire Destroys 65K Liters of Rum in Jamaica

By A fire broke out in a sugar cane field yesterday in Trelawny, Jamaica, destroying more than 65,000 liters of rum.

Indian Whiskey Brand Is The Best Selling Whiskey In The World

By The best-selling whiskey in the world is not only one you’ve probably never tried, you’ve likely never even heard of it.

The Other Half of Barton Bourbon Warehouse Collapses

By The other half of the Barton 1792 Distillery warehouse came crashing down, damaging another 9,000 barrels.

Kentucky Bourbon Warehouse Collapses, Spilling 9,000 Barrels

By Part of a whiskey distillery in Kentucky collapsed Friday, sending thousands of barrels spilling into the surrounding area.

Zero Calorie Gin Is Here Just In Time For Summer

By British brand Whitley Neill has released three vaporized gins in London bars.

Finland Said It’s Totally Fine To Get Drunk In Our Underwear

By A Finnish term defined as “getting drunk in your underwear, with no intention of going out.”

Taco Bell Is Selling Frosé This Summer

By The popular fast food chain announced this week they’re testing a Berry Frosé Twisted Freeze at two Cantina locations.

You Can Now Buy Whiskey Deodorant

By Pit Liquor is an all-natural deodorant made from a mixture of high proof whiskey and vodka.

Boozy Freeze Pops Are Now Available At Costco

By An adult, vodka-soaked version of freeze pops are now available at Costco.

Macallan To Release 72-Year-Old Scotch This Summer

By The Scotch brand announced this week they’re releasing the oldest single malt they’ve ever debuted.

Beer Made From Sewage Water Debuts In Sweden

By The beer is called PU:REST and the goal is to raise awareness for sustainable, safe drinking water for all.

Twitter Claims This Bottled Sangria Is The New Four Loko

By People on social media are accusing Capriccio Bubbly Sangria of having magical ingredients.

A Genius Scientist May Have Just Created a Pill To Prevent Hangovers

By A California scientist is close to creating a pill that uses natural enzymes to help the body process alcohol faster.

Your Cocktail Comes With a Real Frostbitten Toe At This Canadian Bar

By Order the Sourtoe Cocktail at the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Canada and you’d better be ready to take the name seriously.

This Royal Wedding Pop-Up Bar Is The Next Best Thing To The Real Thing

By If you can’t make it to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding at St. George’s Chapel in May, just head to Washington D.C. instead.

Rosé Glitter Marshmallows Are About To Make Your S’mores Even More Instagram Worthy

By Time to pile on the summer trends because the warm weather is almost here. Rosé glitter marshmallows are no longer a millennial pink fantasy—they’re here to make your s’mores look Insta-worthy at every campfire you encounter in the coming months. XO Marshmallow uses rosé with flavors of cherry and raspberries to make the sweet treat and […]

Moscow Mule Beer Is Making All Your Summer Dreams Come True

By San Diego-based Ballast Point released Moscow Mule Ale this week, the brewery’s first nationally distributed cocktail-inspired beer.

When You Can’t Choose Between Beer and Wine, This Hybrid Is For You

By The best days are the ones where the toughest decision you have to make is what to drink. But the next time you’re waffling between beer and wine, just choose Dogfish Head’s new Mixed Media ale and call it a day. The ferment is 51 percent grains and 49 percent late-harvest viognier grapes, making the […]

2 Rare Whiskies Just Sold for $1.2M

By A pair of 1926 Macallan whiskies sold this week for a record $1.2 million, making each bottle the most expensive bottle ever sold.

Boxed Whiskey, Vodka and Tequila Are Here Just In Time For Summer

By You can now purchase boxed whiskey, vodka and tequila in several states from Black Box, the producer of award-winning wines sold in a box.

First Hotel In the Middle of an Agave Field Opens

By You can now spend the night inside a giant barrel right in the middle of Casa Cofradia’s agave fields in Tequila, experiencing everything the tequila heaven has to offer.

French Fries Are The Perfect Pairing For Champagne

By What if the perfect champagne pairing was actually America’s favorite junk food?

Even the Pope Loves Pappy Van Winkle

By When Father Jim Sichko visited the Pope in Rome this month he brought one of the most coveted bottles of liquor out there—the rare, 23-year-old Pappy Van Winkle.

Think You’re a Whiskey Expert? Glenlivet is Challenging You to The Test

By Glenlivet Code is a new, limited edition single malt debuted with absolutely no information about its casks or flavor profile.

Bud Light Just Debuted Bud Light Orange

By This week Anheuser-Busch announced the launch of Bud Light Orange, a light lager brewed with real orange peels.

Gordon’s Is Recruiting Gin Tasters

By Gordon’s gin is looking for tasters to lend their thoughts on three new summer 2018 flavors.

Frozen Palomas May Be Coming To Chipotle

By Just in time for summer, Chipotle may release a new frozen cocktail.

Peep-Infused Beer Is Here

By It’s officially Peep season—the one time of year anyone pretends to like the adorable marshmallow creations that are more fun to microwave than eat. And that means people are doing more weird stuff to the sticky, seasonal creatures. Collective Brewing Project, the same mad scientists that brought us ramen beer last year, is releasing a […]

Beer Foam Art Is About To Blow Up Your Instagram Feed

By Beer Ripples is a 3D printing machine for beer, making art within 11 seconds with “malt-based ink.”

Bon Jovi Is Releasing His Own Rosé—And It’s Already Sold Out

By The Livin’ on a Prayer singer announced he’ll debut his own rosé wine this year—and it’s so popular it’s already sold out to distributors.

If You Love Gin & Tonics and Coffee, Starbucks Just Made Your Dreams Come True

By The sparkling, non-alcoholic beverage is served as a twist on a gin and tonic.

Should This Sexual Harassment PSA Be Shown At Every Bar in America?

By A male bartender trains a new female colleague behind the stick, explaining to her the different types of harassment she can expect while on the job.

Applebee’s Is At It Again With $2 Vodka Lemonades All March Long

By Vodka lemonades made with Absolut will be available all month long for $2.

Gin & Tonic Easter Eggs Are About To Become Your New Favorite Spring Treat

By Treat Kitchen recently debuted its gin and tonic easter egg—a white chocolate egg flavored with the classic gin cocktail.

German Olympic Athletes Are Drinking Beer During the Winter Games

By Krombacher brewery delivered 3,500 liters of beer to the athletes' village in Pyeongchang so German olympians can drink their special non-alcoholic, isotonic brew.

Want to Live to 90? Drinking Alcohol Works Better Than Exercise.

By New research shows that if you want to live into your 90s, moderate alcohol consumption actually beats exercise.

Margarita Bath Bombs Are Here to Take Your Self-Care to a Whole New Level

By Just in time for National Margarita Day, Patrón has introduced a line of Margarita-flavored bath bombs.

Gin & Tonic Marmalade Is Here To Save Your Breakfast From Boring

By London-based online retailer Firebox is taking marmalade to the next level with its gin and tonic spread.

New Study: Craft Beer Might Actually Be Healthier For You Than Red Wine

By New research shows that the B3 vitamin found in brewers yeast can lower cardiovascular disease risk, lower cholesterol and reduces atherosclerosis.
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