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Gin & Juice

By Mix up this Gin & Juice recipe when you've got your mind on your money and your money on your mind.

Espresso Martini

By It’ll wake you up, then eff you up.

Sex on the Beach

By Warning: this drink is not the for the faint of heart. Sex on the Beach boasts one of the most provocative names for a cocktail. Fruit-filled and perfect for enjoying a night in the tropics, its no wonder why this cocktail has stayed around for so long.


By According to Gary Regan’s research, the original Cosmopolitan was created by a South Beach bartender named Cheryl Cook. Eager to invent a new cocktail for the Martini glass, Cheryl riffed on the classic Kamikaze using a newly introduced citrus-flavored vodka plus a splash of cranberry juice. The rest is rose-hued history.


By It's easy to see why the dark rum-based Daiquiri is a classic. The perfectly balanced combination of sweet, sour and spirit is refreshing and tangy, but also quite simple to make at home. Try making the recipe below and add this fool-proof drink to your bartending arsenal.

Aperol Spritz

By The coral-hued Aperol Spritz is one of the most popular aperitifs in Italy, and for good reason. Low in alcohol, aromatic with citrus and slightly bitter, Aperol pairs seamlessly with chilled Prosecco to whet the appetite. Meeting friends for an after work Spritz is a long-established Italian tradition—and one that’s easily replicated anywhere.

Bloody Mary

By While the origin of this popular brunch cocktail is debatable, the Bloody Mary's staying power leaves no question. The Bloody Mary is a vodka-soaked nutritional breakfast and hangover cure all in one. What else can you want?

Miguel Salehi’s Woodford Reserve Manhattan Experience Had a Storybook Ending

By The 2017 Master of the Manhattan looks back at the competition

Frozen Sangria

By Wine, fruit and booze—what’s not to love?

Blackberry Wine Slushy

By Now you have the perfect use for that bit of leftover wine.
Moscow Mule Cocktail

Moscow Mule

By Check out this organic take on the legendary vodka-based Moscow Mule. Born in the 1950s heyday of vodka, the Moscow Mule combines ginger beer, lime juice and the clear spirit. Refreshing and easy to make, this drink is perfect for any time of day.

Mai Tai

By In Tahitian, “Mai Tai” means “The best—out of this world,” as exclaimed by the first person to taste Trader Vic’s original version. The iconic tiki drink was created to showcase the flavor of good quality rum, and should never be neon-colored or overly sweet. A proper Mai Tai is a deep amber hue and allows the rum to shine through.

Tequila Sunrise

By Liquor.com’s recipe


By What's the perfect way to capture summer all year long? A well-mixed Mojito, of course. A decedent of the Cuban cocktail El Draque, this five ingredient highball is a favorite of many, including Ernest Hemingway.

Years of Tequila Experience and Passion Led to The Tahona Society

Brought to you by The Tahona Society by Altos and Liquor.com

By Bartenders from across the country have fine-tuned their best tequila cocktails and submitted them to The Tahona Society. They’ve taken those cocktails and gone head-to-head with fellow bartenders in Austin, Los Angeles and New York, all with the hope of emerging victorious and earning a free ticket to Los Altos, Mexico. But Los Altos isn’t […]

Boozy Hot Chocolate

By Add your favorite spirit for a personalized sweet treat.

7 Best High-Roller American Whiskeys

By America’s doing it right.

5 Best High-Roller Scotches

By Blow it out with these primo scotches.

10 Best Scotches Under $100

By That extra money goes a mighty long way.

6 Best World Whisk(e)ys Under $50

By Drink the best of the brown stuff from around the globe.

9 Best Bourbons Under $50

By These bottles give you real bourbon bang for your buck.

7 Best Rums Under $50

By Good rum at the right prices.

6 Best Mezcals Under $60

By Where there’s smoke, there’s deliciousness.

6 Best High-Roller World Whisk(e)ys

By Show off with the globe’s finest, priciest whiskeys.

11 Best Gins at Any Price

By A gin gift for everyone on your list.

6 Best High-Roller Rums

By Splurge a little, oh, rum lover.
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