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Archive for Liquor.com

Upgrade Your Oreos with Boozy Fillings

By They're fun and sweet and boozy—great for parties, the cookie equivalent of Jell-O Shots.

Whitechapel Owners Planning Sex and the City Bar in Vegas

By The themed spot will feature flavored vodkas and the world's best Cosmo.

Hot Corn and Bacon Beer Cheese Dip Is Amazing

By Three kinds of cheese make it creamy, and IPA makes it boozy!

Raise a Glass to Robert Hulseman, Creator of the Red Solo Cup

By Pour one out for a man you loved but whose name you never knew.

Magic Cotton Candy Daiquiri

By This cocktail is pure boozy magic. Watch the fluff of sugar disappear before your very eyes!

Bourbon Sweet Tea

By Spoil yourself with a boozy taste of Southern hospitality.

New Tecate Ad Mocks Trump’s Border Wall

By A new TV commercial makes fun of the candidate's proposed border wall.

The 6 Best LaCroix Cocktails for Fall

By There's no reason to leave your obsession behind just because the seasons are changing.

Can Dos Equis Replace the Most Interesting Man?

By We don't always report on beer commercials. But when we do, it's for this guy.

‘Harry Potter’ Butterbeer

By No need to a trip to Three Broomsticks! Harry Potter's favorite boozy beverage is easy to make at home. Grown-up wizards and adult muggles can make this famously boozy Diagon Alley treat right in their own cauldron. (No spells required.)

Watch Kristen Stewart Beat Jimmy Fallon at Tipsy Twister

By The Twilight actress downs six boozy gelatin shots but still wins the game as Fallon tumbles to the mat.

Pokémon Go Bar Crawls Take Over America

By From Oregon to New York, Pokémon Go "trainers" are banding together to hunt elusive prey and drink local beer.

Red, White and Booze Popsicles

By Trust us, these vodka pops are the bomb.

The Champagne Ice Cubes Your Mimosa Needs

By Save leftover bubbly to create Mimosas, Bellinis and other Champagne cocktails instantly.

Move Over, Red and White. Now There’s Blue Wine.

By An irreverent group of Basque winemakers has introduced a Smurf-blue wine called Gik.

Politicians are Trying to Stop Sunday Brunch

By New York restaurants want to sell booze on Sunday mornings, but one assemblyman is vehemently opposed.

Drunk Raccoon Ransacks Booze Warehouse

By Go home, Rascal, you're drunk.

This Hangar One Vodka is Made from San Francisco Fog

By Move over, potatoes. Hangar One's new bottle is full of moisture and magic.

Team Negroni Rides for Breast Cancer Relief

By United States Bartenders' Guild cyclists are raising funds to support courageous colleagues.

Budweiser is Changing its Name to ‘America’

By The King of Beers has a new tagline: "E Pluribus Unum."

Rob Cooper, St-Germain Inventor, Dies at 39

By The man behind the ubiquitous elderflower liqueur leaves a unique legacy.

Will You Bid at the Most Interesting Man’s Estate Auction?

By Dos Equis is auctioning off some of his most iconic treasures for charity.

The 5 Best Cocktail Bars at Disneyland Resort

By Where to find the best grown-up drinks at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Watch This Guy Shotgun a Beer Out of a Salmon

By Is this the most bro-tastic video you've ever seen?

Starbucks Is Putting the Bar in Barista

By More than 300 locations offer the Starbucks Evening menu with local beers and wines by the glass.

Would You Try a Hamburger-Flavored Gin?

By It's entering a market already flooded with oddities like electricity-flavored vodka and PB&J whiskey.

Pimm’s O’Clock: Booze Brand Sponsors Big Ben Restoration

By "Pimm's O'Clock is a national catchphrase, so the opportunity for us to sponsor Britain's most famous clock was too good to pass up."

The 5 Best Cadbury Creme Egg Cocktails

By The surest sign of spring is on the horizon: The annual blossoming of the Easter candy cocktails.

How to Host a Craft Beer Easter Egg Hunt

By Candy is dandy, but this bunny brought beer.

Munchie Mash: Beer Truck Collides with Doritos Truck

By "Neither driver was hurt, but you had Doritos and Busch beer all over I-95."

Best Internship Ever: Drink Beer, Travel the World, Get Paid $12K

By If your idea of fun is spending your days drinking beer without getting fired, your dream job awaits.

Cadbury Creme Egg Shots Are Real And You Can Make Them

By Baileys Irish Cream liqueur, crème de cacao, and heavy cream inside de-creamed Cadbury eggs and hollow chocolate bunnies.

Donald Trump, Teetotaling Booze Mogul

By He made vodka and sells wine but boasts he's never had a glass of alcohol in his life.

The Man Behind “The Most Interesting Man in the World”

By The Former Dos Equis Spokesman Opens Up About His Role

ALERT: Corona Recalls Beer Due to Glass Particles

By Some bottles have broken glass inside! Check if yours are being recalled.

A Sad “Adios” to the Most Interesting Man

By We don't always cry when we're writing the news. But when we do, it's for this guy.

Raise a Glass in Memory of Dick Bradsell

By Cocktailians mourn the creator of the Espresso Martini and the Bramble.

Celebrate with These 5 White Russian Inspired Desserts

By Kahlua adds a kick to brownies, milkshakes, cupcakes and more.

Drunk Monkey Threatens Bar with a Knife

By Go home, monkey, you're drunk.

2016 James Beard Awards: Bar Nominees Announced

By Are these 20 bars the best in the nation?

Sex, Booze and Meat: What You’re Giving Up for Lent

By Abstaining from alcohol for 40 days? You're not alone.

Study Shows Booze Boosts Immunity Better Than Vaccines Alone

By You might actually be better off skipping a flu shot and heading straight to the bar.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Flavored Bourbon Is a Real Thing

By You can now have your lunchbox favorite at happy hour.

Freakshakes: The Aussie Trend You Can’t Resist

By These Instagram-worthy milkshakes from Down Under bring all the boys to the yard.

Learn To Make The Inside-Out Ice Sphere Cocktail

By You shatter the ice sphere with a hammer to get to the cocktail inside.

Will Budweiser’s Screw-Up Ruin Super Bowl Parties?

By It's Panthers vs Broncos, but the real loser's Bud Light.

5 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About the White Russian

By This well-known blend of vodka, coffee liqueur and heavy cream is full of surprises.

Chocolate Beats Codeine for Stopping Coughs

By The best cure for a cough may actually come from cocoa.

Drunk Squirrel Goes Nuts, Trashes Bar

By Go home, squirrel. You're drunk.

North Korea Claims It’s Invented Hangover-Free Booze

By North Korea's Koryo Liquor is being touted as the world's first hangover-free alcohol.

Ultimate Party Trick: Sabering Champagne with an iPhone

By What’s more impressive than opening a bottle of bubbly with a long ceremonial saber? How about sabering a bottle of Champagne with nothing more than the iPhone in your pocket. A new video by Business Insider breaks down the process into four simple steps: Find the seam of the bottle. Hold the bottle at a […]