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Archive for Kelly Magyarics

Why You Should Use Verjus in Your Cocktails

By Verjus isn’t quite wine, yet it also isn’t grape juice as we know it. When winemakers have excess grapes on the vine that aren’t going to ripen in time for harvest, or when they want to reduce yields so the resulting grapes produce more concentrated juice, they pick the unripe fruit and immediately press it. […]

This Simple Barista Tool Can Work Miracles for Your Cocktail Program

By The whipped cream dispenser isn’t just for your coffee or dessert.

Relax with These 6 Boozy Spa Treatments

By A tequila-infused foot rub? Yes, please.

Why Do Companies Trademark Cocktails? The Truth Behind the Copyrights.

By When you ask for a Jack & Coke, it’s pretty clear what the bartender is going to slide across the bartop. But it gets a tad murkier when your order is a Manhattan, Old Fashioned or Vodka Martini. Let’s face it: A G&T made with London dry gin and tonic dispensed from a gun tastes […]

A Viking Bar? In Cleveland? Yes. And More Yes.

By Everyone needs a cool place to drink.

Home Bar Basics: Garnishing Tools

By Put the finishing touches on your drink.

The Best Frozen Cocktails in All of the United States? Possible.

By New Orleans’ Manolito is unlike any other bar in the country.

How Do You Follow Up a Successful Speakeasy? Turn the Lights Up Bright.

By A D.C. bartender has a plan for the speakeasy genre.

A Psychoanalyst Is Taking a Shot with Kentucky Bourbon

By Kaveh Zamanian has plans for Rabbit Hole bourbon.

Home Bar Basics: What Cocktail Jigger Is Best for You?

By The ins-and-outs of the measuring master.

Why This Bar Uses Salt in Some of Its Drinks

By How and why this Dallas bar has a thing for salt.

Maggie Campbell Is the Unsung Savior of American Rum

By The Privateer head distiller is making waves.

How to Drink in the Bahamas

By The ins and outs of living it up in the Caribbean island.

Washington, DC, Is Having a Rum Moment. Here’s Everything You Need to Know About It.

By The nation’s capital has gone a little crazy for rum recently.
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