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Love Whiskey? Try This Rum.

By The rum for whiskey lovers.

This Bar Has 100 Cocktails on Its Happy Hour Menu. Is It the World’s Craziest Happy Hour Menu?

By Most happy-hour menus trot out a handful of drinks to lure people through the door during those quiet moments before the real drinking starts. But at NYC’s Suffolk Arms, the oversize laminated menu contains more than a hundred different cocktails. And yes, they’re all marked down until the clock chimes 7 p.m. Proprietor Giuseppe González […]

This Bartender’s Exit Strategy: Open a Rum Distillery

By How Todd Thrasher went about it and what he learned while doing so.

This Is How You Build a Great Modern Dive Bar

By Lessons from the Best Intentions duo in Chicago.

Amer Is the Kindest, Gentlest, Most French Beverage

By Barely bitter is the name of the game.

What Happens When a Bar Has 1,000 Bottles

By Talking shop with the barman at Library of Distilled Spirits.

5 Rules for Drinking Tequila

By Do you know it like you think you do?

Finding the Best Kind of Joy in Making Rum

By Talking rum with Appleton’s blender.

5 Rules for Drinking Mezcal

By Smoke is good. Treat it right.

Angus Winchester on Finally Opening His Own Bar

By It’s all about the right opportunity.

Over Winter? Head Here to Drink in Some Warmth.

By Six spots across the South for winter drinking.

5 Amazing Fresh Juice Cocktails. With Recipes

By Drink and be healthy at the same time.

The Drink That Invented Eggnog

By It’s older. It may even be better.

This Is Every (Maybe) Crazy Thing You Should Drink in 2017

By Or how to drink adventurously thanks to this exciting book.

Every Trend You Need to Know for 2017

By Twelve months of keeping watch is ahead.

7 Foolproof Takes on the Highball

By Love a highball? Here are more ways to make one.

8 Trends That Defined Drinking in 2016

By Did you experience them all?

How to Run a Stirred-Only Drink Program

By Old-school elegance is the name of the game.

This One Simple Trick Is the Easiest Way to Clarify Fruit Juice

By HInt: You might use it already when waking up.

7 Bourbons That Are Pushing the Envelope

By History can still play with the future.

There’s a Right and Wrong Way to Serve Draft Cocktails

By Darren Grenia of Brooklyn’s Yours Sincerely lays it all out.

3 New Hemp-Infused Vodkas for the Weed Lovers

By The cannabis trend keeps on chugging.

This Is the Summertime Whiskey You Need in Your Glass Now

By It’s Japanese. And it proves whiskey isn’t just for winter.

6 Great New Mezcals to Drink Right Now

By The smoke is where it’s at.

Yes There Is a Way to Make Soju Cocktails Delicious

By And New York’s Oiji has nailed it.

Martin Cate of World Famous Smuggler’s Cove Talks All Things Tiki

By The bar owner and new author knows his way around the Tiki world.

A Tiki Bar That’s Gone Totally Vegan

By New York City’s Mother of Pearl is now 100 percent free of all things animal.

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Mint Julep

By It’s a simple drink. But also a complicated one.

5 Floral Spirits You Should Be Drinking This Spring

By Because it’s what you want to do this time of year.

Root Beer With Booze? Yes Please!

By Move over, cider. There’s a new trend in root beer.

4 Baseball Themed Bottles for Opening Day Parties

By Why not have the bottle match the bat?

How to Make an Actually Delicious Green Old Fashioned

By Get festive while still keeping this classic tasty.

Is It Still Whiskey If It’s Made in Mexico?

By Pierde Almas is known for its mezcal. But its corn whiskey could gain new fans.

11 Absolutely Mouthwatering Pineapple Cocktails

By This tropical fruit is peaking now, so these bars added booze to it.

Everything You Didn’t Know About the Spritz

By It’s not just made with Aperol. Those bubbles go with a lot of things.

See the Surprising Places You Can Discover Cocktail Ingredients

By A new book covers how foraging has hit the drink world.

8 Over-the-Top Fat-Washed Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now

By Because why not merge the bottle and the kitchen?

This is the Fanciest Vodka Bar You’ve Never Heard Of

By Candles. Infused vodkas. Swanktown in the middle of New York City.

One Genius Trick That Will Change Your Cocktail Game

By It involves making a base with a bunch of boozes.

11 Amazing Scotch Cocktails to Celebrate the Scotchiest of Holidays

By Burns Night is the Scottish holiday on January 25. Start pouring.

These Are the Beautiful Bottles You Will Want to Give as Gifts

By The booze inside is good. But the bottles are what makes these gifts shine.

The 11 New Holiday Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now: December

By The holidays only happen once a year. Start slugging them back while you still can.

You Need These Holiday Entertaining Tips From New York’s Buzziest Holiday Spot

By The masters of Manhattan’s Miracle on 9th Street pop-up know how to deal with the holiday crazies.

What Does Your Bourbon Actually Taste Like?

By There’s a wealth of flavors that come bursting out of those bottles. Time to nail them.

The Ultimate Bourbon Cocktail You’ve Never Heard Of

By A hint: It flies. And it’s made of paper.

10 New Bourbon Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now

By There’s a whole lot of exciting things happening with bourbon and glasses across the United States.

10 American Bars and Restaurants with Amazing Bourbon Collections

By These are the places to visit if you love the brown stuff in all its varied glory.

No, Not All Bourbon is From Kentucky

By These seven bottles prove how well bourbon can be made far outside bourbon country.

6 Great Kentucky Bourbons You Probably Don’t Know

By Straight from the heart of bourbon country come these immensely drinkable bottles.

6 of the Coolest Vodka Bottles in Existence

By You got your beauty outside as well as inside.

The 11 New Vodka Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now

By These are the vodka drinks to drink now, from Miami to Maine.

Bobby Heugel and the Power of Good Vodka

By The Houston barman thinks vodka more than has a place in any great bar.

8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Vodka Could Be Made From

By There’s honey and corn and rye and even whey: So many kinds of vodka in the world.
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