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Archive for Kara Newman

Espresso Martini

By It’ll wake you up, then eff you up.

This Is How You Recession-Proof a Bar

By Chris Elford of Seattle’s No Anchor explains.

Stick People: Selma Slabiak

By Edda Bar is home base for aquavit and hygge.

Why In-Flight Cocktail Kits Are Just Stupid

By This author’s ad-hoctail is a smarter, better plan for cocktails on the fly.

7 Ridiculously Easy Cocktails That Barely Require Measurements

By Time to meet the magic of equal-parts cocktails.


By Vermouth, sherry and the favor of the gods.

Corpse Reviver No. Blue

By A day-drinking favorite takes on an unusual hue.

The True Story of Bourbon’s Rise, Fall and Rebirth

By One book tells the history of the American spirit.

Bourbon Distiller Jim Rutledge Talks Life After Four Roses

By Decades of bourbon-making lead to great wisdom.

Look Inside the World’s Most Iconic Tiki Bar

By A new book about the Mai-Kai brings you in.


By Yellow Chartreuse is the last frontier of deliciousness.


By A tropical drink with gin, not rum? Believe it!

Coronation Cocktail No. 1

By Sherry, vermouth and a dash of royal glamour.


By Get to know this gin-kissed blackberry beauty.

Tommy’s Margarita

By Sample the drink that made Julio Bermejo a legend.


By Dry sherry gets propped up with vermouth and bitters.

The Entire History of the Modern Cocktail Movement in One Book

By Robert Simonson lays out the glass-raising of the last 30 years.

Mezcal Mule

By Try this smoky variation of the gingery refresher.

20th Century

By All aboard for this legendary gin libation!

You Should Be Drinking Walnuts from a Bottle

By Nocino is walnut liqueur. And it’s insanely delicious.

How to Mix Vodka Cocktails the Right Way

By There’s more to it than only making a Martini.

How to Make Whiskey Cocktails the Right Way

By Put four styles of whiskey to their best uses.