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Archive for Kaitlyn Goalen

9 Essential Cocktails for the Fourth of July

By You want those drinks to sparkle too.

8 Essential Cocktails for Father’s Day

By Dad deserves to drink deliciously.

You Need Butter in Your Coffee Substitute

By Dandelion root coffee and butter add up to beautiful wintertime goodness.

An Intensely Green Smoothie

By Kale + pineapple + avocado = so strong!

Matcha + Tonic = So Much Healthy Goodness

By Green tea is all the rage right now. Time to throw it in a mocktail.

A Sweet and Salty Way to Refresh

By A date and a little spice are exactly what you need to smack your mouth awake.

Sam Ross Has Some Frank Opinions About Classic Cocktails

By The man knows. After all, he’s responsible for some of the most famous modern-day classics.

She’s the One Who Catches It All on Video

By Tess Mix has become the default videographer of the cocktail industry.

Three Extremely Useful Tricks I Learned From Writing a Cocktail Book

By The co-writer of Julie Reiner’s new book, The Craft Cocktail Party, came out the other side with even more cocktail know-how than when she started.

Willy Shine Knows How to Serve 90,000 People a Great Cocktail

By The master of the big-batch cocktail event spills his secrets.

Simon Ford Knows How to Start a Liquor Brand

By The co-founder of The 86 Co. knows about the challenges of starting a booze brand from scratch.

One Unusual Way to Put the Spotlight on Pineapple

By Pineapple syrup. Some citrus-y tang. A little dairy richness: You’ve got your new favorite mocktail.

Waiting Room

By For the cocktail lover on hiatus, the Waiting Room offers a sophisticated mocktail inspired by the soda fountain. Pineapple gomme syrup delivers a silky mouthfeel similar to that of booze, and acid phosphate provides all the acidic punch of citrus with none of the sugar.

Hemingway Daiquiri

By Ernest Hemingway is inspiration, not author, of the Hemingway Daiquiri. His request for a Daiquiri made with half the sugar and double the booze created an unbalanced drink: one that bartenders couldn’t help but right through the eventual addition of maraschino liqueur and grapefruit juice. To reinstate some of Hemingway’s influence, this recipe uses key lime juice and goes for a whir in the blender—as the earliest Daiquiris were served over crushed ice.

The Indispensables: Hemingway Daiquiri

By “The Indispensables” is Liquor.com’s series devoted to the classic cocktails drinkers of every skill need in their arsenal. Each installment features one signature recipe, assembled from intel by the best bartenders. “The Indispensables” may not save the world, but it’ll surely rescue your cocktail hour. Ernest Hemingway is inspiration, not author, of the cocktail that […]

Pomegranates Make Everything Better

By Vodka crans have met their non-boozy match, thanks to this pomegranate-rosemary mocktail.

Brillig Rosemary-Pomegranate Soda

By Swap that tired vodka-cranberry combo for a refreshing glass of this fizzy pomegranate mocktail instead.

Black Magic

By The hangover-smashing Black Magic cocktail combines beet juice with activated charcoal—the latest detox trend that claims to help dispel unwanted toxins. Don't be turned off by the jet-black hue, the charcoal itself is tasteless.

The Best Detox is This Black Magic

By Activated charcoal is the health-maniac set’s go-to cleansing ingredient. Time to put it to detoxing use in a healthful cocktail.

A Surprisingly Gin-Free Gin & Tonic

By For January, a booze-free spin on the traditional Gin and Tonic. (But you can add gin, if you want.)

David Wondrich Thinks Cocktail Books Need a Makeover

By Everyone’s favorite cocktail author knows what makes a great cocktail book—and he’s willing to share.

Julie Reiner Is Not Harsh, She’s Honest

By The co-owner of Flatiron Lounge and Clover Club knows what makes a good bartender—and bar.

The Indispensables: Moscow Mule

By The Mule is having a moment.
Bartender Hospitality Guide

Bartenders Only: Dale DeGroff on the Art of Hospitality

By King Cocktail gives his thoughts on hospitality in craft cocktail bars.
Los Angeles’s Faith & Flower knows how to flame on.

You Only Think You Know Absinthe

By These bars have gotten really fancy with the ways they’re serving absinthe.
Easy Spring Drink Tips

Want to Throw the Perfect Outdoor Party?

By The right music, setting and, yes, drinks are the keys to putting together an unforgettable spring party.
Banana Drink Recipes

Drink Me Now: Banana Cocktails

By Everyone’s favorite on-the-go snack has become the newest fruit to get top billing at some of the country’s best bars. Really. No monkeying around.