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Archive for Jonah Flicker

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Shandy Maker

By This beer cocktail adds a hoppy IPA to 100-proof bourbon, some citrus and the kicker: muddled fresh marjoram.

Crownberry Apple

By This whisky cocktail is pretty simple—sort of like an alcoholic version of Ocean Spray Cran-Apple.

Harper’s Bet

By This citrus-infused cocktail takes the idea of a Manhattan and builds upon the classic.

Keeneland Breeze

By Bourbon and orange don't usually go together, but this cocktail adds a splash of orange liqueur to bourbon and tops it off with ginger ale to counter the sweetness.

Northern Harvest Buck

By This take on the Whiskey Ginger (aka the Irish Buck) adds a squeeze of lime and some bitters, which complement the slightly spicy but smooth Crown Royal Northern Harvest rye.

Here’s How to Drink Whiskey When It’s Hot Out

By Looking for summer whiskey cocktails to help you beat the heat? We’ve rounded up six of our favorites to help.

What’s Going On with Irish Whiskey in Its Homeland?

By Dispatches from the spirit’s birthplace.