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Archive for Jan Newberry

Bar Food: A Coconut Cashew Recipe to Drive You Bananas

By A spiced honey glaze lifts these cashews to a new realm.

Bar Food: Popcorn Takes a Flavor Trip to Japan

By Butter is a given in the best popcorn. One restaurant does the kernels one better with a surprising Japanese ingredient.

Bar Food: This Salsa Is Absolutely Nuts

By Would you ever think of putting peanuts in your salsa? You should.

Bar Food: Kale Chips That Are As Good As Potato Chips

By With grated almonds and a kick of spice, these kale chips belong alongside your favorite cocktails and at your next party.

Bar Food: Time to Set Your Olives on Fire

By A little gin and a whole lotta fire make these simple olives a drink-friendly accessory.