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Archive for Jacques Bezuidenhout

Hot Toddy

By Brrrrr, is it cold out here? Great for a warming up for the night or when you're feeling under the weather, you can use any kind of whiskey you like in this hot and comforting classic Hot Toddy recipe.

New York Sour

By Top a classic Whiskey Sour with red wine to get this delicious pre-Prohibition tipple. The mixture of sour, sweet and rich, red wine, makes for a wonderfully complex drink.

Forbidden Apple

By This twist on the classic Champagne Cocktail is spiked with apple brandy and orange liqueur.

Champagne Cocktail

By This simple classic cocktail is the best way to improve a flute of bubbly.
San Francisco Bar Guide | Comstock Saloon

One for the Road: San Francisco

By All-star bartender and Liquor.com advisory board member Jacques Bezuidenhout gives us a cocktail tour of his favorite watering holes in the Bay Area.

How to Mix: Whiskey & Chocolate

By Just in time for Halloween, all-star bartender and Liquor.com advisory board member Jacques Bezuidenhout explains how to pair these two treats.

Negroni Sbagliato

By Though its name means “incorrect Negroni,” this bubbly punch is the right drink for your next party.


By This savory concoction is the classic accompaniment to a shot of good tequila. It's a savory blend of citrus, peppers and hot sauce. Intrigued? Try the Sangrita recipe below.
Spiced Old Fashioned - Tequila Cocktail

Spiced Old Fashioned

By This spicy-sweet tequila drink is a newfangled take on a classic.
Partida Paloma - Tequila Cocktail

Partida Paloma

By You need authentic Mexican grapefruit soda to make an authentic version of the tequila classic.

La Perla

By This sophisticated sherry-and-tequila cocktail proves that the agave spirit can be elegant.
Bottle of Del Maguey Vida Mezcal

In Defense of Mezcal

By Top bartender and Liquor.com advisory board member Jacques Bezuidenhout makes the case for why you should be drinking the complex agave-based spirit.

Heated Affair

By This hot tequila-and-cider concoction will warm you head to toe.
Liquor Bottles - Clean Out Your Liquor Cabinet

Throw a Clean-Up Party

By Talented mixologist and Liquor.com advisor Jacques Bezuidenhout makes organizing your home bar a reason to celebrate.
Three Margaritas - Cinco de Mayo Cocktails

A Personal Twist on Cinco de Mayo

By Tequila expert and Liquor.com advisory board member Jacques Bezuidenhout reveals the secrets to creating your own signature Margarita.
Breakfast Margarita - Tequila Cocktail

Breakfast Margarita

By Start your day with this delicious orange-marmalade Margarita.