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Archive for Hayden Laimer

Ready-to-Drink Alcoholic Iced Coffee Just Hit the Market thanks to RumChata

By More than 60 percent of U.S. adults said they drink some form of coffee at least once a day, according to Gallup. What could make this essential morning routine even better? Booze. RumChata just launched the first and only premium ready-to-drink alcoholic iced coffee, FrappaChata. The product consists of RumChata’s award-winning cream liqueur combined with […]

Boozy Jelly is Here to Upgrade Your PB&J

By It’s time to rummage through the fridge and throw out the boring grape jelly hiding behind the milk, because there’s a new jelly in town. And rumor has it it’s rosé flavored. Drunk Jelly, a company based in California, just debuted a rosé flavor, joining its already existing lineup of pinot grigio, merlot and pinot […]

Grandparents Drinking Moonshine For the First Time Are Hilarious

By Our grandparents are full of wisdom, what with their years of experience and storied histories. Many of them may have even lived through Prohibition, an era that called for some pretty inventive ways to create and distribute booze. One such way was the production of moonshine, a high-proof distilled spirit that was most often clear, […]

This Baseball Team Is Now Brewing Its Own Beer

By For more than a century, beer and baseball have been a dynamic duo representing summertime in America. And while not much has changed with America’s pastime, Major League Baseball stadiums are always looking to bring in more fans. Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers, will debut a signature beer on August 10, the Beerded […]

Häagen-Dazs Just Gave Ice Cream a Boozy Upgrade

By This summer might be all about boozy popsicles and alcohol-infused gummy bears, but spiked ice cream is a classic combination we love trying whenever we can. This week Häagen-Dazs debuted a line of spirit-inspired ice cream we can’t wait to get our hands on. According to its website, the release includes five flavors: Rum Vanilla […]

A New Game of Thrones Beer Is Coming

By Our prolonged journey to season seven of Game of Thrones has finally reached its final days with a return to HBO this week. While fanatics across the realm have been waiting patiently, a New York brewery has brought the taste of winter back—literally. Ommegang announced its ninth GoT-inspired beer last week, coming to its lineup […]

From Gummy Bears to Alfredo Pasta, Rosé is Everywhere This Summer

By Ah, what a time to be alive—that is, if you’re obsessed with rosé. If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re deep in the rosé invasion and have been for quite some time now. Within the last year, the world has served up rosé gummy bears, rosé-infused chocolate bars and even an award-winning bottle of the […]

100-Year-Old Says Wine Is Her Secret to a Long Life

By For centuries, explorers traveled the world searching for the Fountain of Youth. But a 100-year-old in Bangor, Maine, said she has found the true secret to longevity: wine. Florence Bearse, who recently celebrated her 100th birthday, was not timid in her interview with WCSH 6 in crediting wine as her secret for youthfulness. “I like […]

Ramen Beer Just Made All Our College Dreams Come True

By Nothing says college more than cracking open a cheap beer while microwaving a Cup Noodles. But did it ever cross your mind that combining these two university favorites would be a great idea? One brewery in Fort Worth, Texas, thinks so. The Collective Brewing Project has a creative history of making sour and wacky flavored […]

This Cocktail Menu Pays Tribute to Your Favorite Childhood Movie

By Nostalgia levels have hit an ultimate high with the release of a cocktail menu inspired by the ’90s childhood classic The Sandlot. Everyone remembers the heroics of Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez and his PF Flyers, and the endless savagery of Ham’s insults, and now you can enjoy all of these memories in the form of booze. […]

An ex-Tesla Engineer May Have Found the Cure to Hangovers

By Since the dawn of booze, mankind has been harshly plagued with hangovers. But a 26-year-old believes he just found the ultimate cure. After former Tesla engineer Sisun Lee took a trip to South Korea, where he imbibed quite a bit with friends, he discovered a void in America’s hangover cures. In South Korea, hangover drinks […]

Drinking This Classic Cocktail May Be the Cure For Allergy Season

By Anybody that struggles with allergies knows how hopeless it can feel to endure the endless battle against itchy eyes, stuffy noses and an eternal cough. But a recent study suggests a solution we’re definitely on board with: crafting a Gin & Tonic. Asthma UK’s study found that clear spirits, like gin and vodka, are relatively […]

The ‘Game of Thrones’ Pop-Up Bar May Be the Bar of the Summer

By Our long, courageous quest of reaching season seven is nearly over. But just in time for the release, a “Game of Thrones” pop-up bar has opened in the Seven Kingdoms—or for you non-GOT nerds, Washington, D.C. Over the last year, Washington, D.C.’s Drink Company has rolled out popular pop-up bars (PUBs) with themes from Super Mario […]

George Clooney’s Tequila Company Sells For $1 Billion

By Cheers, George Clooney. Just when you thought you couldn’t envy someone’s life more, he turns around and sells his tequila company for up to $1 billion. Yesterday, Diageo—the global leader in spirits that owns popular brands such as Captain Morgan, Crown Royal, Smirnoff and Johnnie Walker—will acquire Casamigos for $700 million, with the potential of […]

Burger King’s Lucky Charm Shake—Adultified

By Cereal lovers, rejoice. A few months ago, Burger King released a Froot Loops Shake that really shook up the fast food industry. But for you real avid cereal lovers out there, there’s even more magical news coming. This week, the fast food chain has launched a Lucky Charms Shake at participating locations, and it looks […]

Jell-O Shots Just Got A Much Needed Upgrade

By Jell-O shot? No thanks. We’ll take a Jell-O glass, filled with a boozy frozen drink. From booze-infused candies to shot glasses made out of bacon and chocolate, our world is no stranger to outrageous ideas. But just when you thought you’d seen it all, The Fat Monk in New York City decided that on June […]

Fireball Gummy Bears Arrive Just In Time For Summer

By This summer trend just got a little hotter. For the last several weeks, Sugarfina has been causing chaos in the candy industry with its new lines of tequila and bourbon gummy bears. But just as you were getting comfortable with these boozy options, VineGelee on Etsy decided to turn up the heat with its very […]

Celebrate Negroni Week With the Most Expensive Negroni Ever

By There’s no better way to celebrate Negroni Week than to kick back, relax and enjoy a $1,000 version of the classic Italian cocktail. Yes, you read that right. Advertisement Through June 11, Lot 45 in New York City is offering customers The $1,000 Negroni. The luxurious version of the drink combines Gran Patrón Platinum tequila […]

Tipsy Peacock Breaks $500 Worth of Booze

By There is a lot of risk in owning a liquor store. Burglary, robbery, breakage…run-ins with angry peacocks? A female peacock made her way through a family-owned Los Angeles liquor store this week, destroying $500 worth of alcohol as it explored the aisles. Advertisement Store manager Rani Ghanem said he had no idea the majestic bird […]

These Are the Drunkest Cities in America

By Known mostly for cheese and Aaron Rodgers, Wisconsin can now add another accolade to its list of achievements: drinking. 24/7 Wall St. released a study this week naming Green Bay, Wis., the drunkest city in America. With around 27 percent of adults reporting they had binge-drank in the last 30 days, this number was 18 […]

These Geniuses Are Building a 4-Mile Beer Tunnel

By Hauling a 160-pound keg for miles is a grueling task, even for the mightiest of individuals. But when faced with the possibility of no beer at all, partygoers at a German Music Festival found another way. The folks at The Wacken Open Air music festival have designed a plan to build a four-mile, underground pipeline […]