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Gin Fizz - Gin Cocktail

Gin Fizz

By Love the Tom Collins? Try its frothy, bubbly cousin, the Gin Fizz. The secret to creating the perfect creaminess and froth is to shake, shake, shake—and then shake some more.
Hard Water Presbyterian - Bourbon Cocktail

Hard Water Presbyterian

By A slightly spicier version of the classic Presbyterian, this bourbon drink has a real ginger kick.
Whiskey Smash - Bourbon Cocktail

Whiskey Smash

By Like Mint Juleps? You’ll love the Whiskey Smash, a citrusy 19th-century cooler. It was created by legendary bartender Dale DeGroff at the Rainbow Room in New York. DeGroff calls the citrus-and-mint combination the perfect cocktail for those who say they'll never drink whiskey.
Bourbon Lift - Bourbon Cocktail

Bourbon Lift

By The cocktail equivalent of a New York egg cream, this rich and fizzy bourbon drink is absolutely delicious.


By One of America’s earliest cocktails, the Sazerac is a homegrown New Orleans specialty. Peychaud’s Bitters are a key element and were created by Antoine Peychaud, a French Quarter pharmacist, who invented the cocktail in the 1830s. The Sazerac was originally made with cognac, but an insect epidemic destroyed many French vineyards and resulted in the lasting switch to rye whiskey.