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Archive for Bulleit

Bulleit Rye's Up - Rye Whiskey Cocktail

Rye’s Up

By Spicy rye whiskey gets a little sweet in this Manhattan-esque drink.
Bulleit Rye Swizzle - Rye Whiskey Cocktail

Bulleit Rye Swizzle

By Spicy ginger syrup takes center stage in the delicious Bulleit Rye Swizzle.
Bulleit Sazerac - Whiskey Cocktail

Bulleit Sazerac

By Sambuca instead of the traditional absinthe makes this an Italian twist on the New Orleans favorite.
Bulleit Perfect Manhattan - Whiskey Cocktail

Bulleit Perfect Manhattan

By Bulleit’s unorthodox twist on the old-school Manhattan? The use of both dry and sweet vermouth, in addition to a dash of potent blood orange bitters in place of the usual Angostura. The result is a doubly aromatic, complex take on the classic.

Bulleit Rye Smash

By Cool down with this simple and classic whiskey drink.

Bulleit Mint Julep

By Spicy rye whiskey gives the Southern classic a bit more edge.