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Archive for Baileys

Baileys Mocha Monkey - Irish Cream Cocktail

Baileys Mocha Monkey

By This cocktail is bananas. B-A-N-A...you get where this is going.
Baileys Velvet Mocha - Irish Cream Cocktail

Baileys Velvet Mocha

By Curl up in front of the fireplace with this mixture of hot chocolate and java.
Baileys Toasted Almond Brittle - Irish Cream Cocktail

Baileys Toasted Almond Brittle

By Enjoy a little crunch with the smooth taste of Baileys.
Baileys Irish Margarita - Irish Cream Cocktail

Baileys Irish Margarita

By South of the border…Irish-style.

Apple Irish Coffee

By You won’t find this caffeinated drink at Starbucks.
Baileys Chai Swizzle - Irish Cream Cocktail

Baileys Chai Swizzle

By Creamy and comforting, but exotically spiced.

Baileys Peppermint Cream

By Hot chocolate + minty liqueur + whipped cream = an adult dessert.
Baileys Cool Raspberry - Irish cream Cocktail

Baileys Cool Raspberry

By Chill out with this simple, rich and fruity drink.