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6 Spirits Flavored Like Things You Probably Wouldn’t Eat

By Grass. Scorpions. The color purple. You probably wouldn’t (or couldn’t) eat these things. But would you drink them?

3 Things You Should Never Do When It Comes to Bourbon

By They’re not what you expect. Guaranteed.

Watch What Craziness Happens When People Try Bitter Drinks

By On their own, bitter liqueurs can be hard to stomach. What about in a really balanced cocktail?

5 Ways to Add Persimmons to Your Classic Cocktails

By For a new twist on an old favorite, add fall fruit to tried-and-true libations.

Arak! The Amazing Levantine Spirit is What Your Cocktail is Missing

By Arak comes straight from the Levant to give your cocktails an anise-forward kick.

5 Unbelievably Fun Cocktails for True Candy Lovers

By Trick-or-treating may be out of the question now, but there’s still a fun way to get that candy fix, no matter if you prefer Tootsie Rolls or Twizzlers.

Did You Know That Booze Can Be Made From Honey?

By No need to save the honey for your English muffins and tea. This bee-friendly booze is the next buzzy thing.

Why You Should Be Drinking Korean Soju Right Now

By This rice-based elixir is the world’s best selling booze—but that’s not the only reason you should try it.

Pay Tribute to Bartending Legend Sasha Petraske

By The team at Milk & Honey is planning a worldwide toast to Petraske on Monday, August 31.

Drink Me Now: Pineapples

By The spiky, frond-y pineapple is having a moment. Time to drink in the season’s most popular golden fruit.

The 5 Drinking Blogs You Should Be Reading Now

By If you want to bone up on your booze know-how, these bloggers will show you how.

There is a Delicious Cocktail for Every Taste

By Are you a fan of sweet, salty, bitter, sour or umami? These cocktails will help you figure that out.

Summer’s Best New Cocktail and Spirits Books

By You’ll want to add these to your list of summer reads.

Everything You Need to Know About the History of Tequila

By This agave spirit is North America’s oldest distilled spirit. Here’s what it’s been up to since 1000 B.C.

6 Wacky Spirits You Only Wish Were Available in the U.S.

By These bizarre drinks are staples abroad, but have never seen the light of day in the States.

Summer Infusions You Can’t Help But Love

By Looking for your next boozy experiment? Try one of these fruit-based infusions to add a bit of summer to your glass.

Visit Wine Country—Without Going Anywhere

By A new Google Maps feature lets you tour more than 80 California vineyards and breweries.

There Is More Than One Kind of Fernet In the World

By This herbal liqueur is a favorite among bartenders and a great addition to cocktails—but there’s not just one player in the game anymore.

Would You Wash Your Hair with Beer?

By The correct answer is: Hell yes.

5 Essential Life Hacks for the Modern Drinker

By Do you know what to do when there’s no corkscrew on hand? Or how to remove a pesky red wine stain?

New Breaking Bad Vodka Launches in U.S.

By Would you drink Heisenberg Blue Ice Vodka?

Happy Father’s Day: The 5 Best Whiskey Gifts for Your Dad

By Still need the perfect gift for your dad? These whiskey products will sure wow him.

6 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Tiki Cocktails

By Gain a new appreciation for your favorite tropical drinks.

Who Needs Juniper When You Have…Ants?

By Ever get the heebie jeebies when an ant crawls into your Gin & Tonic during a picnic? This new gin encourages you to embrace that added “essence.” (Protein, right?) Anty Gin, which is currently being sold for £210 (about $329) a bottle, is the product of a collaboration between The Cambridge Distillery and the Nordic […]

All the Essential Barware You Need at Home

By What do you need to make perfect cocktails at home? Check out these 11 essentials, illustrated for easy reference.

Why You Should Be Drinking Session IPAs Right Now

By Mild session beers meet hoppy IPAs to create an amazingly easy-to-drink refresher. Get a few recommendations on which ones to sip all summer long.

Drink Me Now: Go Green With Pistachios

By There’s a new way to go green that’s sweeping the nation. Pistachios are finding their way into cocktail glasses from New York to San Francisco.

Why Aren’t You Playing Quidditch Pong Right Now?

By Yes, this is a real game. And, yes, it is magical.

The History of Moonshine, as Told by the Internet

By From illicit distilling in the backwoods of the South to large-scale productions that have popularized the spirit, learn all you need to know about white lightning (aka hooch).
Boilermaker - Whiskey Cocktail

Would You Drink Beer Made From Recycled Sewage Water?

By A water resources firm and home brewers in Oregon want to make this a thing.

The Fascinating Truth About Old Tom Gin

By This oft misunderstood spirit comes in many forms. Historian David Wondrich helps clear up the mystery behind what, exactly, Old Tom is. And why you should be drinking it right now.

Bourbon Burglars Indicted in $100,000 Heist

By If you like good bourbon, you’ve likely heard about the recent major thefts of two of the most sought after brands in the country: Wild Turkey and Pappy Van Winkle. Yesterday, a grand jury in Frankfort, Ky., indicted nine people in connection with a bourbon-theft ring that’s allegedly responsible for stealing nearly $100,000 worth of […]

Drink Me Now: Corn is the Surprising New Ingredient

By These drinks are corny in the best way: Find out how bartenders are using the sweet, juicy vegetable in cocktails.

Hendrick’s Announces Voyage By Giant Flying Cucumber

By It’s no joke: This airborne cuke has embarked on its boozy cross-country flight—and you can join in.

The Turbulent History of Gin, As Told By the Internet

By Do you know where this herbaceous spirit comes from? Here are the highlights of the beguiling spirit’s lengthy existence.

The Origin of “Cocktail” Is Not What You Think

By Cocktail historian David Wondrich has an insightful and, um, rather interesting idea about where the word comes from.

Coffee Could Reduce Liver Cancer Risk Caused by Drinking

By A cup of joe a day helps keep the liver cancer away.

The Complete Evolution of Drinking on Mad Men

By The 1950s and 60s were a boozy time—especially at this debaucherous ad agency.

James Beard Foundation Announces 2015 Award Nominees

By The list includes master mixologists Dale DeGroff, Dave Arnold, Alex Day, David Kaplan and more.
How much should I tip for drinks | Tipping Guide

New Texas Bar to Give Bartenders Royalties

By Every time someone orders an original recipe, the creator of the drink will get one percent of the sale price.

10 of the Most Famous Whiskey Drinkers in History and Today

By These stars know how to make any day better—with a swig of whiskey.

Remember Palcohol? It Now Has Full Federal Approval

By The FDA says the powdered alcohol is a go.

5 of the Most Complicated Cocktails on the Internet

By Feel confident making three-, four- and five-ingredient drinks at home? Step it up with these ultra-intricate drinks.

Drink to the Oscars with Inspired Celebrity Cocktails

By Brian Van Flandern’s new book, Celebrity Cocktails, celebrates stars who loved a good drink—many of whom have at least one Academy Award.

Ever Make Your Own Bitters? You Should

By Not sure what all the fuss is about? This all-purpose guide to making and bottling homemade bitters will show you.

Make/Do: Oleo Saccharum is The Miracle Method for Getting The Most Out of Your Citrus

By Oleo saccharum is the secret, old-time combination of sugar and citrus rind that your cocktails have been waiting for.

10 Really Surprising Ways to Exploit Vodka

By Vodka haters, take heed: Your least favorite “flavorless, odorless” spirit can be plenty useful in ways that don’t even involve drinking.

Bloody Sherry

By This cocktail combines blood orange and lemon oleo saccharum with gin and a little sherry to cut the sweetness.

Sour, Take 2

By Make a homemade sour mix with oleo saccharum and lemon juice to give this drink the punch it deserves.

5 Interesting Ways to Use Blood Orange in Unique Cocktails

By This devilishly colored citrus fruit is in season—and should also be in your drinks.

How to Cocktail Before, During and After a Holiday Feast

By Not sure which cocktails to drink with each course of a big meal? This strategic plan guarantees every step of every holiday feast flows with boozy ease.

Make Your Own All-Purpose Holiday Liqueur

By Whether you’re into homemade holiday gifts or want the perfect conversation starter for you next holiday party, this liqueur recipe has you covered.

Make Your Own Boozy Pumpkin Seeds

By Add a little zing to your favorite autumn snack with this simple, flavor-packed recipe.

It’s Your Responsibility

By Here’s why top San Francisco bartender Jacques Bezuidenhout thinks labels—both big and small—don’t matter.

Make Your Own Herb-Infused Simple Syrups

By Looking for a way to use up your excess supplies of summer herbs? Turn them into super-fresh simple syrups to add a hint of garden to your glass.
Home Bar Tips

How to Start a Home Bar With Only Four Bottles

By Looking to get into home cocktailing? Here’s how to capitalize on as few bottles as possible, with a little help from David and Lesley Jacobs Solmonson, authors of The 12 Bottle Bar.

Make 5 (Easy) Fancy Garnishes That Are Ridiculously Simple

By Put your drinks through finishing school with one of these showy (but simple!) garnishes from famed San Francisco tiki bar Smuggler’s Cove.
Dennis Rodman's Bad Boy Vodka

6 Celebs You’d Never Imagine Would Have Their Own Booze Brand

By These famous faces don’t just promote liquor brands, they own one.

The 7 Most Awesome Shots Ever Taken in Movies

By Ever downed a shooter with a scorpion staring you in the face? Or downed a spittoon of wine? Check out the 7 shots in film that trump all others.

Actual Proof That (Some) Celebrities Know How to Drink

By Lifestyles of the rich and famous don’t always account for taste. Here are a few famous faces that appreciate a well-made cocktail—and aren’t afraid to show it.
Big Brands vs Small Brands

Don’t Knock the Big Guys

By Master distiller Allen Katz’s take on why some big brands get a bad rap.
Take a sip everytime you see this guy on the small screen.

Get Drunk on Saturday Night Live

By No matter if you’re watching a rerun from the 70s or last season, this drinking game will make your SNL viewing much more entertaining.

The 5 Best Drinking Moments on Sex and the City

By Your favorite group of metropolitan ladies know how to throw back a drink.

This is How to Make Brandied Cherries

By Your home bar is about to get a lot more delicious with these two brandied cherry recipes from top Portland, Ore. bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler.

Highlight Reel: May 2014

By Check out five of our favorite cocktail stories from May, including the six best cocktail apps for your smartphone and the best places to drink in Nashville.
New Spirits and Drinking News

Drink Smart: Powdered Alcohol’s Big Dilemma & More Boozy News

By Drink Smart: Powdered Alcohol's Big Dilemma & More Boozy News
Easy Cinco de Mayo drinks

5 Last-Minute Cinco de Mayo Drinks

By The 5 best Cinco de Mayo drinks, from morning to night.
Cocktail and Drinking News

Drink Smart: This Month’s Juiciest News

By From Starbucks’ new happy hour menu to a bizarre rendering of what the Crystal Head Vodka bottle would look like with a face, be sure you’re in the know.
Elderflower Recipes | Elderflower Drinks

Learn from Your Elders

By Get the scoop on this wildly popular flavoring for liqueurs and cocktail syrups and find out how to use them.
The best gin cocktails for spring.

5 Essential Springtime Gin Cocktails

By Spring is here, and that means it’s time to break out the gin. Try one of these cool and refreshing cocktails as you wait for the flowers to bloom.

10 Best James Bond Drinking Moments

By Britain’s most celebrated secret agent has enjoyed dozens of on-screen cocktails, but here are the 10 that are our favorite.