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Archive for Andrea Hey

Applebee’s Is Serving $1 Jolly Rancher Cocktails All December

By For the Christmas season, Applebee’s has teamed up with Jolly Rancher.

$14.4M of Fake Wine Discovered in China

By The wine was counterfeited to look like two popular brands.

Margaritaville Water Park Set to Open Next Year

By Margaritaville, the world-famous franchise, is opening yet another location in the Sunshine State.

Wine-Spiked Cold Brew Coffee Is Here to Make Mornings Great

By Cafe Agave just announced the launch of four flavors of Spiked Cold Brew Coffee.

Fever-Tree Releases the Ultimate Gin & Tonic Advent Calendar

By The calendar features 24 doors that conceal bottles of gin and cans of Fever-Tree tonic water.

Rare Wine Sells for $558K, Smashing World Record

By Two bottles of wine shattered the world record for the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold.

Elon Musk Is Entering the Booze Industry, Trademarks ‘Teslaquila’

By A Tesla-branded tequila aptly called ‘Teslaquila' may become a reality.

Wine Lovers, We Found Your Perfect Advent Calendar

By Booze-filled advent calendars have hit peak popularity.

This Coors Light Ski Jacket Can Store a 12-Pack

By The limited edition jacket comes equipped with 11 pockets that function as beer koozies.

Dunkin’ Debuts Beer in Collaboration With Harpoon

By Dunkin' announced it has released a coffee porter in collaboration with Harpoon Brewery.

30K Liters of Prosecco Lost After Tank Explosion

By A winery in Italy lost approximately 30,000 liters of prosecco last week.

Rare Bottle of The Macallan Whisky Sells for Record $1.1M

By A bottle of 60-year-old The Macallan Valerio Adami 1926 sold at auction for a staggering $1.1 million.

Applebee’s Is Serving $1 Zombies All October

By There’s a new Applebee’s drink of the month, and it’s only $1.

Johnnie Walker Releases 9 ‘Game of Thrones’–Inspired Scotches

By A line of limited-edition “Game of Thrones”–inspired scotch has been announced.

Heaven Hill 6-Year Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon Discontinued

By Find this longtime-favorite bargain bourbon before it’s gone.

Play the ‘Hocus Pocus’ Drinking Game

By In honor of the 25th Anniversary of the Disney film 'Hocus Pocus,' we’ve created a drinking game for you and your friends to play while watching.

U2’s Bono Enters The World of Whiskey Distilling

By He has emerged as one of the named investors in a recently proposed Irish whiskey distillery.

UFC World Champion Conor McGregor Announces Whiskey Brand

By McGregor's Irish Whiskey is a blend of triple distilled grain and single malt spirits.

Grape Heist Results In Loss of Majority of Vineyard’s Crop

By An overnight grape heist resulted in a devastating loss for Firefly Hill Vineyards in Elliston, Virginia.

Jameson Releases Triple-Distilled, Cold Brew Whiskey

By Jameson announced a limited release of Jameson Cold Brew.

First Ever Hello Kitty Cafe To Serve Cat Cocktails

By The first-ever Hello Kitty Grand Cafe is set to open in the United States.

Metallica Releases American Whiskey

By Metallica announced the release of their new whiskey this week.

Disneyland To Sell Alcohol For First Time Ever

By For the first time ever, Disneyland will sell alcoholic beverages.

China Drinks More Budweiser Than America

By Beer drinkers in China are now consuming more Budweiser than any other country in the world.

Rare 50-Year-Old Japanese Whisky Just Sold for $343K

By Japan’s oldest whisky distillery sold a 50-year-old bottle for a staggering $343,000.

Study Reveals Vodka Red Bull Proven To Start Fights

By A new study reveals the mixture of vodka and Red Bull heightens the risk of violent behaviors.

Californians Rejoice. In-N-Out Flavored Beer Is a Thing.

By A San Francisco brewery tried to release In-N-Out flavored beer, but were quickly met with a cease and desist.

Drink During Sunday Mass at This California Church

By They are not only brewing beer, but also serving it during Sunday services.

50-Year-Old Scotch Whisky Is Back From The Balvenie

By The Balvenie is releasing another batch of their highly sought-after, 50-year-old scotch whisky.

You Can Now Buy Beer With Your Fingerprint

By Booze and technology are inexplicably linked.

Get $1 Tequila Shots for National Tequila Day

By Bars around the country are offering shots of tequila for $1 on National Tequila Day.

Pickle Beer Released For Boston Pickle Fair

By A brewery in Massachusetts released a new beer called Sam-Sam the Pickle Man.

A Rosé Mansion Opened In NYC and It’s Perfect for Instagram

By Visitors can wander through the mansion while sipping rosé from around the world, all the while learning the history, science and economics of the trendy pink drink.

Angry Orchard Debuts Rosé Hard Cider Ice Cream

By An ice cream company has teamed up with Angry Orchard to bring us a perfect treat for cooling down in the summer heat.

There’s a Giant Merlot Wine Bath At a Japanese Theme Park & Spa

By This Japanese theme park spa allows guests to splash around in a giant merlot wine bath.

New Research Shows Alcohol Consumption Benefits the Heart

By New research conducted in Brazil suggests moderate alcohol consumption benefits the heart.

Amazon Now Carries Robot Bartenders

By This Keurig-like cocktail maker wants you to rethink how you drink. 

Craft Breweries Across The Nation Debuting Limited Edition Beer To Benefit ACLU

By Craft breweries across the nation have joined forces by debuting a limited edition beer to benefit the ACLU.

Bathing In Wine May Be The Answer to Premature Aging

By A London spa has introduced a new form of wine therapy to England.

Jim Beam Will Send You and Your Dad to Kentucky for $25

By For just $25 you could present your dad with the ultimate weekend getaway.